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Hector Frazier (1847-1875)

Washington Standard, 24 Apr 1875, page 2, column 4 —
Peter Delaney shot a man named Frazier, while at a game of cards, in the saloon, at the coal-mine landing, Lake Washington, on the 10th inst., inflicting a dangerous wound. Delaney has been held to answer in $10,000 bonds.

At about 8:30 in the morning of April 10th, 1875, Peter Delaney chased Hector Frazier around a building near the Seattle Coal mine and shot him in the small of the back. For almost two weeks, doctors tried to save him, but Hector died on the 23rd. George N. McConaha, the prosecuting attorney for the 3rd district of Washington Territory, immediately asked coroner Dr. Gideon A. Weed to perform a Post Mortem and Inquest. At 3:30 p.m. the next day, Dr. Weed wrote the order.

Captain Norman Penfield saw the shooting from his office and went outside as Delaney was being disarmed by a man named Kinstler. Penfield made a citizens arrest and took Delaney to Seattle and turned him over to the sheriff. Two other men, Casper and Wilson separately saw part of the chase and shooting.

Dr. John Baker conducted the post mortem. He found that the bullet had entered the lower right back fracturing the seventh, eighth, and ninth ribs. The bullet lodged in the chest cavity. "Death ultimately was caused by misflomation of the pleura and effusion into the cavity of the chest."

On August 23rd, McConaha indicted Peter Delaney with first degree murder, who "unlawfully, feloniously, purposely and of deliberate and premeditated malice, did discharge and shoot off" his gun wounding and ultimately killing Hector Frazier.

Delaney was convicted of murder in the second degree.

In the 1880 census, a Peter Delaney is found in Thurston County at the Territorial Prison. He was 56 years of age and born in Ireland.

Hector was the brother of William Frazier of Portland, Oregon.