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Ancestors and Kin: Davis, Hicks, Kennedy

Published 1991 by Mary Kennedy Reynolds

I found this book through a cousin and it was a veritable treasure trove of information for my genealogical research, as well as an interesting insight into the lives of ancestors. I wanted to purchase a copy for my own library, but all had sold out. I asked the author, Mary Kennedy Reynolds, if she had an unbound copy and would allow me to post it to the Internet since it would be of great use to many researchers with links to the families of Clarke County, Alabama or their ancestors. Mary graciously agreed, and the following pages are the result. Physical copies of the book are in some libraries, among them Birmingham, AL, Montgomery, AL, and the LDS Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City, UT. Note: Mary has also published several additional booklets (including one titled THE HISTORY OF CANE CREEK METHODIST CHURCH, which she and a cousin passed out at one of the Homecoming Days at the church) as well as a similar book about her husband's family lines, titled DESCENDANTS OF BENJAMIN REYNOLDS AND RICHARD REYNOLDS OF SOUTH CAROLINA. She is currently compiling the family line (STEELE) of her maternal grandmother, Carl Steele, and is also working on the FAILE line (Carl Steele married Alfred Washington Faile) as well as a booklet on the BARNES family line.

Since I processed the pages through an OCR program, only the text portion of the book is included and there may be artifacts - e.g. a lower-case "c" may appear as upper-case "C"; an upper-case "O" may appear as lower-case "o" and the numeral "5" may appear as the letter "S". Please keep this in mind as you peruse the information. Another artifact is that sometimes the tabs are not consistent, so please follow outline descendant reports carefully. A big plus is that the text of the entire document is now searchable and there are hyperlinks to the various sections of the book.

Please note that there is no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained within these pages. You may copy information found in these pages for personal use only and to share with other researchers or genealogical organizations. None of the information contained herein may be sold in whole or in part.

Table of Contents

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Section A

Davis Family Lines

Chapter I: Davis Family of Halifax Co., NC

Chapter II: William Davis

Chapter III: Enoch Davis, Sr.

Chapter IV: John Davis

Chapter V: Susan Davis

Chapter VI: Thomas Davis

Chapter VII: Eliza Ann Davis

Chapter VIII: Johnson Davis

Chapter IX: Enoch Davis, Jr.

Chapter X: Moses Davis

Chapter XI: Samuel Davis

Chapter XII: Arthur M. Davis

Chapter XIII: Sarah M. Davis

1 - 2

16 - 24

25 - 33

38 - 58

59B - 124

127B - 128

129 - 129C

130 - 259

259B - 314C


316 - 352

354B - 414A

415 - 419A 

Section B

Chapter I: Jeter, Dudley, Harris, Nance

419D - 430


Chapter II: Hicks: Henry, Samuel, Sr., Absalom, & Bishop

433A - 443

Chapter III: Hicks: Martha, Anderson, Mary "Polly", James Madison, Josiah Rux, & Jeter

447A - 496B

Chapter IV: Hicks: Willis Bishop, Martha Ann Catherine, Angeline Jeter, William Nielsey, & Robert Nance

496C - 509A

Chapter V: Benjamin Franklin Hicks

509B - 530A

Chapter VI: Mary Calviss Hicks

531 - 550A

Chapter VII: Nancy Talbert Hicks

551 - 562C

Chapter VIII: James Bishop Hicks

563 - 574A

Chapter IX: Fabius Haywood Hicks

575 - 580A

Chapter X: Josiah Rux Hicks

581 - 586D

Chapter XI: Julia Ann Hicks

587 - 604A

Chapter XII: Hicks: Allie Dolisky & Samuel Jeter

604B - 608

Chapter XIII: Hicks: Barbara Elizabeth, Robert Daniel, & Henry Harrison

609B - 615A

Chapter XIV: Emma Delila Hicks

616 - 622A

Section C

Chapter I: Kennedys in Cumberland Co., NC; Kennedys in Monroe Co., AL

622C -  634A

Chapter II: Neal Kennedy

634B - 641A

Chapter III: Mary Elizabeth Kennedy

642 - 680A

Chapter IV: Catherine Angeline Kennedy

680B - 696A

Chapter V: Nancy Caroline Kennedy

697 - 733A

Chapter VI: William Bishop Kennedy

733B - 780A

Chapter VII: Margaret Isabelle Kennedy

780B - 794A

Chapter VIII: Fabius Neal Kennedy

795 - 810C

Chapter IX: Martha Jane Kennedy

811 - 820A

Chapter X: Lettie Ann Kennedy

820B - 839A

Chapter XI: Henrietta Amanda Kennedy

840 - 843A

Chapter XII: Thomas Jefferson Kennedy

844 - 859A


Church histories


Pleasant Hill Church History

Historical Sketch: Salem Baptist Church



884 - 885

Surname Index

 A - J (Abston - Julian)

K - Z (Kamaka - Zwolak)

906 - 920

920 - 933 

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Ancestors and Kin: © Copyright by Mary Kennedy Reynolds, 1991

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