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I have been collecting pictures of school and church groups in Clarke County for a long time and think they may be of interest to my readers.

Also included in this section is a history of the Pleasant Hill Methodist Church, as well as one of Old Salem Baptist ChurCh.You will note that many of the charter members of both churches will be found in this book of Davis, Hicks and Kennedy family members.

I have also included a picture of students from the school in Lower Peach Tree, which I was unable to identify for a long time. One day I happened to show the picture to Maud Kirk Garrick and she immediately recognized that it was the school group from Peach Tree. Her mother was one of the students and she was able to identify several others.

There are probably dozens of other pictures of school and church groups tucked away in some old dresser drawer or old trunk. One of the things of which I am most proud in this book, is the old photos which have been preserved for posterity.

The thing for which I am LEAST proud, are the inevitable errors which I know are in my book, in spite of numerous proof-readings on my part. Hopefully, my readers will conclude that the good out-weighs the bad.






There is a small church located al)out 10 miles East of Thomasville on the Old Lower Peachtree and Thomasville Road that has an interesting history behind it. The church is known as Pleasant Hill Methodist Church and it is located in a cornmunity of the same name.

Pleasant Hill Church was started in 1868 in a brush arbor and was first called "Old Bushaby" ChurCh.This site is about 3 miles south of the present church building.

In about 1869, a small log church was built that served both as a church and a school. The seats in the building were of thick slabs handhewn from logs. The support for the seats were wooden pegs.

Later the church was moved to the present site and it also served as a church and a school until it was torn down in 1891. About this time a Mr. Lumpkin Williams Sr. operated a sawmill near the church and he furnished the lumber for the church and the benches that are still in use today. The present church and cemetery land was donated I)y Mr. Judge Kirk.

The church was officially dedicated and named Pleasant Hill on November 8, 1891. The name Pleasant Hill was in honor of Mr. Pleasant Drinkard, father of Mr. George Drinkard.

The present church served as a school house until a school was constructed nearby. The school building has been torn down for many years.

Rev. C. C. Ellis was appointed as first pastor of Pleasant Hill in December, 1865. According to church records, there were 17 charter members in 1865. The charter members were: Enoch Davis, W. M. Davis, Joseph M. Kirk, W. C. Clark, J. L. Drinkard, J. D. Clark, Joe Rutledge, Sr., Joe Rutledge, Jr., LaFayette Rutledge, C. F. Smith, F. N. Walker, A. J. McCurdy, W. T. Clark, A. Clark, Johnathan P. Clark, C. W. Duke, and W. R. Thomas.

By 1890 there were 149 members and 12 pastors had served at Pleasant Hill. The present pastor of the church is Rev. Curtis Ford, he is the fifty-seventh pastor of the churCh.Rev. Ford has been serving the church since 1960,

After the church was dedicated in 1865, Sunday School was held every Sunday and preaching once a month Quarterly meetings were held on Saturdays several times a year, protracted meetings were held for several days with dinner on the ground each day.

Rev. Bob Jones who founded Bob Jones University was pastor part of the year 1898 in which Rev. Robert Haskew was converted during the revival which was held by, Rev. Jones. Haskew went on to several large churches.

There are 89 known graves in Pleasant Hill Cemetery,

Pleasant Hill has an annual Homecoming on the second Sunday in October of each year. People from several states usually attend this Homecoming.






The Salem Baptist Church was organized September 18, 1832, by a presbytery consisting of Rev. Hiram Creighton and Rev. George Williams. Rev. George Williams was chosen pastor and Evin Huggins was clerk. The extent of their service cannot be ascertained as all records were lost prior to 1855.

The Church was a member of the Bethel Association from its organization until 1833 when as a Constituent she went into the organization of the South Bethel Association, holding membership with that body until October 1900 when the name was changed to the Clarke County Association of which she is a member at present.

The Charter members of the Church were: Bishop Hicks, Neal Kennedy, David Larrimore, Wm. L. Garrick, Jack Benson, Thomas Bradford, Jim Bradford, J. R. Hicks, Marion D. Bradford and Enoch Cobb.

The first Church was a log structure, was built on a site just across the road from the Salem Cemetery. This land was donated to the Church by Mr. Neal Kennedy and the first $10.00 for for building expenses was paid by him. This building was used until 1889 when it was replaced by a larger and better frame building using as much of the old house as possible. This building filled the needs of a rapidly growing Church membership until the early 1900's when it was seen that a bigger and better church was needed for this area. Mr. W. L. Garrick donated the land just on top of the hill from the old Church and the present Church building, which was finished in 1907, is a creditable memorial to the Charter members of the first Church and to those who have been faithful workers through the the years, still stands on this site.

The descendants of these Charter members are still faithful workers in Salem Church and we always associate these names: Hicks, Kennedy, Larrimore, Tharp, Paul, McKinley, Courtney, McHaney, Nettles, Clark, Garrick, Benson, Bradford, Haskew, Gates, Duke, Wilson, Cobb, Fendley and many others, with the founders and forefathers of the Salem Baptist Church.

Following is a summary of the Pastoral services of Ministers as accurately as can be obtained from the Church records.

1. Rev. William Hill 1866-1868

2. Rev. John C. Foster 1868-1869

3. Rev. Lewis Lee DeWitt 1869-1871

4. Rev. Joseph H. Fendley 1871-1888

5. Rev. Huger Adams 1888-1889

6. Rev. J. H. Fendley 1889-1890





7. Rev. Robert J. DeWitt 1890-1893

8. Rev. R. K. Benson 1893-1900

9. Rev. C. H. Morgan 1900-1904

10. Rev. J. H. Creighton 1905-1905

11. Rev. W. H. DeWitt 1905-1906

12. Rev. Wm. Kerridge 1906-1909

13. Rev. J. H. Creighton 1909-1912

14. Rev. C. W. Morgan 1912-1913

15. Rev. C. W. Cook 1913-1917

16. Rev. B. S. Vaughn 1917-1918

17. Rev. J. H. Riffe 1918-1919

18. Rev. J. H. Pool 1919-1921

19. Rev. W. H. Cornell 1921-1923

20. Rev. W. B. Harrell 1924-1927

21. Rev. B. M. Barnett 1927-1931

22. Rev. J. C. Stocks 1932-1933

23. Rev. C. J. White 1934-1934

24. Rev. E. 0. Jackson 1935-1943

25. Rev. Ed Bryan 1945-1946

26. Rev. A. S. Bentley 1946-1951

27. Rev. J. Bennett Murphy 1952-


The following brethren have served as Deacons:

Moody Bettis, William Larrimore, Neal Kennedy, A. J. Benson, Dr. J. R. Nettles, J. J. Haskew, J. T. Bradford, T. W. Bradford, C. H. Larrimore, R. K. Benson, T. A. Larrimore, J. L. Larrimore, B. A. Garrick, N. T. Larrimore, J. A. Benson, D.W. Garrick, J. E. Bradford, S. T. McKinley, J. S. Rutledge, D.L. Hicks, C. E. Benson and W. E. McHaney.


The following brethren have served as Clerks;

Evin Huggins, Edmond Larrimore (1858-1866), Enoch S. Cobb, John W. Wilson (1876-1888), R. K. Benson, J. J. Vickers, R. L. Kennedy, J. E. Bradford, W. B. Garrick, S. T. McKinley, C. E. Benson, W. C. Garrick, W. E. McHaney, Miss Mary Garrick.

Note by R. L.:

It is assumed that the above was written about 1951, since that is the last date shown for a pastor.



Note: On this page and following pages there were a number of pictures; which are excluded from this online document since only text was processed. The text of those pages is included since it may have some information of use to searchers.

The picture of variously aged people, was probably made beside what may the old Cane Creek School at Chance. The building does not look like the old Cane Creek Methodist Church ' but the people were probably members of that churCh.Perhaps they were having their annual "dinner on the ground" meeting.

When the picture was loaned to me, for use in this book, I was told that I would probably not be able to identify many of those pictured. However, with an enlargement made, and the use of a good magnifying glass, it was surprising how many people I recognized. It helped, also, to already have on hand other pictures that had been previously identified. In most cases, the people were wearing the same clothes in both photos. The problem is, they are not standing in definite rows!

Ernestine Kennedy Rotch and Martha Kennedy Echols, said that the little barefoot girl wearing a white dress (not the one with the dark sash), between the two kneeling boys on the front row is Lola Kennedy, daughter of Thomas Jefferson Kennedy and Lula Octavia Davis. Lola was born April 13, 1897 and died on December 10, 1901. The photo was obviously made during warm weather, since she is not wearing shoes, and she looks to be about three years old. Therefore, I have concluded that the pictures was taken in 1900.


Ellen (Davis) Thomas may be the woman in the dark dress standing on the front row between the girls in white.

Amanda Elizabeth (Culpepper) Steele, is on the second row behind the two girls in white next to Aunt Ellen. Mandy Bet is wearing the same hat that she wore in another photo I have of her, Uncle Leslie Steele, Rob Walker and Cassie Campbell, who became the wife of Dexter Wright.

William Perry Leslie Steele is on the far right of the photo, on the third row. He has a mustache and maybe a short beard, with a large hat on his shoulder.

Cassie Campbell is in the group of girls wearing white dresses, on the front row. She is the one wearing the dark sash.

William Bishop Kennedy is the gray-haired man with the beard, standing on the right of the left doorway.

Lou Emma (Davis) Kennedy, wife of W. B. Kennedy, may be the woman in white wearing a dark hat, standing on the second row just to Aunt Ellen's right.





John Fisher Kennedy, (son of W. B. and Emma Kennedy) is standing to the right of and just below the man in the center of the picture who has on a hat which is turned up in front.

Clara B. Kennedy is the woman in white without a hat, standing to the left of the man wearing the turned up hat.

Elbert Fisher Davis is the third man from the right of W. B. Kennedy.

Willie Arthur Davis (son of Elbert Fisher Davis) is kneeling down on the front row, fifth boy from the right. He is wearing a dark suit with a large white ruffled collar and a dark bow.

Blanche Davis (daughter of Elbert Fisher Davis) may be the little girl on the front row to the left of Willie Arthur Davis, her brother. She is wearing a white dress with a dark sash.

James Henry Thomas (husband of Ellen John Davis), is standing on the second row, right of center, to the left of the man holding up a baby.

William Russin Thomas (brother of James Henry Thomas) is to the right of the man holding up the baby.

Thomas Jefferson Kennedy (brother of W. B. Kennedy) is second from the right of Wm. Russin Thomas. His coat is open and he has on a patterned tie.

Eddie Kennedy (son of Thos. Jeff. Kennedy) is the boy kneeling, just to the left of his father, and just back of his little sister.

Lola Kennedy, little barefooted girl in a white dress, holding out her hands. Ernestine and Martha Helen say that this is the way she was always identified.

Samuel Johnson Davis may be the man holding the baby (below the left doorway).

Amanda (Kennedy) Davis, wife of above Samuel Johnson Davis, may be the young woman wearing the BIG white hat, just to the left of Samuel. Below Amanda is a woman in a dark dress, no hat, with her hair severely pulled back.

Emma Jane (Coleman) Hicks, second wife of Benjamin Franklin Hicks - other photos I have of her look like the person which I described above - the woman below Amanda, wearing a dark dress, with her hair severely pulled back.





Martha Zeola Kennedy, daughter of W. B. and Lou Emma Kennedymay be the young girl in the center of the picture, on about the second row, just to the right and below Clara Kennedy. She is wearing a white dress and a small, perky straw hat.

Lula (Davis) Kennedy, wife of Thos. Jeff. Kennedy, may be the woman in the figured dress, wearing a fancy hat, just below and the left of Clara Kennedy,

Just above Lula (Davis) Kennedy is either Lillie Wilson or Edna Wilson. She is wearing a sailor-type hat with a dark band on it and she has a dark bow at the neck of her blouse.

Thomas Gross Wilson, brother to Lillie and Edna) is kneeling on the front row, far right. He has on a light suit with a big ruffled collar.

Belle Steele, niece of W. P. Steele, is the third little barefoot girl on the front row, third from the right. Belle told me this in 1990, as we sat looking at this picture.

Jimmie Davis, son of Elbert Fisher Davis, is standing on the right in the doorway on the right.

Third from the left of Jimmie Davis has GOT to be-Dexter Wright, because he looks exactly like Harold Wright, Dexter's son. I distinctly remember how Harold looked when we were in school together in Chance.

Jehu Wright, kneeling on front row, to the right of Eddie Kennedy. He is wearing a doublt-breasted light suit.

Fabius Neal Kennedy, standing on the left side of the man wearing the large hat (on the back of his head), on the right side of the picture - second row from the top.

Grady Lamar Kennedy (son of Fabius Neal Kennedy), kneeling on the left side of the boy in white, far right side of the picture, front row.





1900 photo - Cane Creek Church or School

BACK ROW, left to right: FRONT ROW, Left to right

Walter Davis Boy

Man Rob Walker

Man Boy

Man Willie Davis

Man Boy

Clara B. Kennedy Boy

Jimmie Davis Gross Wilson

Lizzie Davis Alphonzo Steele

John F. Kennedy Jehu Wright



Lillie Wilson



Alice Thomas





MIDDLE ROW, Left to right:

Eddie Kennedy


Robert Allen Kennedy,




Cassie Campbell

Lily 0. Kennedy,






Blanche Davis


Gertrude Davis



Viola Kennedy






This is a picture of Lillie Kennedy's one-room school at Cane Creek. I have tried to locate another copy, since this was so badly torn, but have been unsuccessful. However, I decided to include it in the book, since the majority of the students are related to me, including the teacher, "Cousin Lillie".


I do not know who the tall young man is on the back row. On his right is Susan Viola Kennedy (my father's sister); next, Emma Adele Thomas and Maggie Hall (married Marvin Davis).


Next row: the tall girl wearing the striped dress with the white insert, is Belle Steele (daughter of Jesse Steele and Mary Ann Wright). To her right is Rufus Faile, my mother's brother. The tall girl on Rufus' right is Blanche Davis, wearing a jumper. The boy on Blanche's right is Jack Jordan, according to myaunt, Elsie Faile, the girl on HIS right.


Next row: the small dark girl on the left, in the striped dress is Lucy Barnes; next, Manah Dozier. The blond boy is Davis Thomas; the dark girl on his right is Ada Dell Barnes, sister to Lucy. Next is Leo Kennedy, my father, and on his right is Grey Kennedy, his sister, who would become the wife of Manah Dozier.


Front row, left to right: Fletcher Thomas (brother to Davis and Emma); Eula Thomas, their sister; Wash Barnes; Leslie Elma Faile, who would become the wife of Leo Kennedy, and of course, my mother; the boy with the big white collar might be Ed King Barnes, brother to Wash; last, Lula Barnes, sister to Wash and Ed King.





The photograph on the facing page is believed to be of Cane Creek School, Chance, Clarke County, Alabama.

ROW ONE (front)





Howard Lindsey Kennedy

Belle Steele


John Davis Thomas

Howard Fletcher Thomas


William Claude Davis

Lula Wright (married Joe Langley)





Thomas Gross Wilson

Emma Adele Thomas




Alphonzo Steele

Ruby Lee Thomas (Rob Walker)

Robert C. Walker

Lily 0. Kennedy

Jehu Wright




ROW FOUR (back)

Robert Allen Kennedy

Carl Wright (married a Poole)


Octavia Wright (married a Smith)

Washington Edgar Davis


Marvin Pine Davis

Lola Edna Wilson

Strother Ed Kennedy

Cassie Campbell (Dexter Wright)




Facing page: This building is the old Cane Creek school house, or one of them. With no fire protection back during that time, and with the structure made entirely of wood, schools probably were prone to burn down. I suppose the ladder leaning against the roof was for fire protection. If the building caught on fire, someone could climb up there and try to put out the fire.

The two boys in the middle window are unknown.

The group in the next window are: Manah Dozier, left; Rufus Faile, and unidentified girl.

Seated on the top step, left to right: Elma Faile, Mamie Kennedy (I think) and Eula Thomas (probably).

Seated on the lower step, left to right: two unidentified girls and Eloise Faile (right).

Girl in front window, unidentified.

Standing in the doorway, left to right: Elsie Faile, Grey Kennedy, unidentified girl.

Woman standing by the steps is probably the teacher.






Lower Peach Tree School Group

c.1904 or 1905


Rob Walker is on the front row, wearing a white shirt, kneeling between two boys on the left, almost hidden.

Henrietta Irby is wearing a white dress and is directly behind Rob Walker.

Bea Gibson is to the right of Henrietta - she is a blonde and is wearing white.

Blanche Davis is wearing a dark jumper with a long sleeved white blouse. She is standing on the second row, right of the center of the picture.

Mattie Estelle Davis is the small girl in white, seated on the front row, third from the right.

Vivian Dozier is on the end of the third row, right; her hair is parted in the middle and she is wearing white.

Lily Kennedy is third from the left of Vivian Dozier. She is in white, with a small black bow at her throat.

Lula Wright (?) is on the back row, right. The man wearing a hat is on her right.

Billy King is on the back row, right, just behind the man with receding hairline.






I believe this photograph was made at the side of the Cane

Creek Methodist Church.

Front Row, sitting:

(girl) (girl)


Middle Row, kneeling:

Manah Dozier, Rufus Faile,

(boy) (boy)

Leo Kennedy,

(girl) (girl

Eula Thomas

Back Row, standing:

(boy) (girl) (boy)

(girl) (boy) (girl)

(boy) (girl) (girl)

Willie Faile





From 1933 until 1939, I attended school in a two-room school house in Chance, Alabama. The picture below was made probably when I was ten years old.

Back row, left to right: Two unidentified boys,,(I think they hid on purpose), Mary Ellen Poole, Alma Grey Williams, Frank Langley.

Middle row, left to right: Langley girl, Mary Kennedy (me),

Christine Larrimore, Mamie Lou Wright, Bertha Grey Langley,

Martha Helen Kennedy.

Front row, left to right: Shelton Larrimore, Robert Barnes, Thomas Bryant Kennedy, Kirklin Dozier, Elvin Barnes, Bernard Wright.





Pictured below are the pupils in the "big room" of the tworoom school house.

Back row, left to right: Doris Wright and Grey Williams.

Middle row, left to right: Clarice Dozier, Barbara Larrimore, Lilliam Wright, Gloria Wright, Cossie Lee Wright, Miriam Kennedy (my sister).

Front row, left to right: Harold Wright, Lamar Rotch (teacher), Fred King Wright, Buster Walker, Kenneth Dozier.







This is way Cane Creek School looked when I attended from 1932 to 1939. As you can see by the sign in front, after the school was closed, it was used for a community center. Today, 1991, the building is almost rotted down.





Cane Creek Methodist Church

As it looks today, 1991








Annual Homecomings are held at Cane Creek Methodist Church on the

fourth Sunday of September.





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