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Martha "Patsy" Hicks, oldest child of Bishop Hicks and wife Caty Jeter, was born in 1786. She married Benjamin Allen who was born in 1774. Benjamin was the son of George Allen who was born in 1743 and died in 1835. No further information.



Anderson Hicks, second child of Bishop Hicks and his wife, Caty Jeter, was born in 1788. He married Jane Crenshaw in Wake County, NC on October 26, 1820. Anderson, along with his two brothers, Willis Bishop Hicks and Josiah Hicks, and their sister, Mary "Polly" Hicks Allen with her husband and children, left North Carolina and migrated to Georgia during the winter of 1825-26. Anderson left Georgia and moved to Clarke County, AL in 1832 or 1833. Rev. T. H. Ball, in his Clarke County Alabama and Its Surroundings, stated that Anderson died shortly after arriving in Alabama. This was apparently so, because when the 1840 Clarke County, AL was taken, Jane was head of the household.

Jane Crenshaw Hicks, widow, age 30-40; one male, age 5-10 (Robert Covington Hicks); Two males, age 10-15 (Wm. C. H. Hicks and James J. Hicks); one female, age 5-10 (Mary A. Hicks); one female, age 10-15 (Louisa J. Hicks); and two females age 15-20 (Catherine Hicks and Sarah E. Hicks).

Anderson Hicks and Jane Crenshaw had seven children who lived to be grown. They are listed as follows:

      1. Sarah E. Hicks 5. Louisa Jane Hicks

      2. Martha Ann Catherine Hicks 6. Mary Ann Hicks

      3. William C. Harrison Hicks 7. Robert Covington Hicks

      4. James Jeter "Swampy" Hicks

    1. Sarah E. Hicks, oldest child of Anderson Hicks and Jane Crenshaw, married Oran Bowles (Bouler, Bowler) in Clarke County on December 9, 1841. It is not known when they left Alabama, but by the time of the 1860 Census in Mississippi, they were listed in that state in Division 4. Oran Bowles, age 62; Sarah Bowles, b. NC

    There were other Bowles in the same community who may be the sons of Oran and Sarah: James Bowles, age 32; Joseph, age 34; R. W. Bowles, age 25; W. w. Bowles, age 30.






    2. Martha Ann Catherine Hicks, second child of Anderson Hicks and Jane Crenshaw, was born in 1823. This second daughter of theirs is not to be confused with the Martha Ann Catherine Hicks who married Neal Kennedy.

    Anderson and Jane's daughter married Thomas R. Kennedy on January 19, 1846. The Clarke County Alabama Marriage Records give her name as Mary M. Hicks, but John T. Odom says this is in error.

    Thomas R. Kennedy may be a brother to Neal Kennedy. At any rate, Thomas was first married to Angeline Jeter Hicks, sister to Neal's wife (see Willis Bishop Hicks), on June 25, 1841. She apparently died early in their marriage, and may have left a daughter, named Angeline. Odom believes that the sixteen year old daughter listed in the home of Thomas and Catherine in 1860, is by the first wife.

    The 1860 Clarke County, Mississippi Census listed the the family as follows, in Dwelling No. 776, page 115.

      T. R. Kennedy age 50 B. NC

      Catherine 40 "

      Angeline 16 AL

      M. T. (f) 14

      M. C. (f) 12

      W. T. (m) 7 MS

      N. A. (m) 4

      Henrietta 2

As stated above, John T. Odom believes that the first child listed in the 1860 Census was the daughter of Thomas Kennedy and his first wife, Angeline Jeter Hicks. It is also possible that Catherine is the mother and they named the child for the first wife - a common practice in those days.

The 1880 Clarke County, MS Census, Division 4, p. 18, listed the family as follows:

      T. R. Kennedy, age 70 He and parents born in NC

      Catherine 54 She and parents born in NC

      M. J. (M) 36 B. MS, parents in NC

      Wm. T. (m) 27 " "

      Neal A. (M) 25 " "

      Henrietta 22 " "

      Sarah V. 19 " "

Perhaps the Bowles family and the Kennedy family migrated to Mississippi together, since the wives were sisters.





    3. William C. Harrison Hicks, third child and first son of Jane and Anderson Hicks, was born in 1825. He married Nancy Ann Celia Mathews, March 2, 1848 in Clarke County, Alabama.

    Nancy was the daughter of Josiah Allen Mathews and Lucy Martin, Josiah being the son of Lewis Mathews and Nancy Allen. Nancy Allen was the daughter of Josiah Allen and his second wife, Elizabeth DeLoach.

    Nancy Allen was a sister to Drury Allen, Sr. (1777-1857) who migrated to Clarke County, Alabama in 1811 or 1812.

    Marilyn Man Cox, Ozona, Texas, is a descendant of Nancy Mathews and William C. H. Hicks, and she says that the father of Nancy was Josiah H. Mathews.

    The 1850 Clarke County,AL Census listed the W. C. Hicks family as follows:

      W. C. Hicks age 24 B. GA

      Nancy 19 SC

      Josiah 1 AL

    The 1860 Clarke County Census, Grove Hill District, listed the family as follows:

      Wm. C. Hicks, farmer Age 34 $700 $500 B. GA

      Nancy A. C. Hicks 30 SC

      Josiah A. Hicks 12 AL

      Lucy J. Hicks 10 "

      Sarah E. Hicks 5

      Joshua L. Hicks 3

      William P. Hicks 4 mos.

    William and Nancy Hicks had another son, Robert Covington Hicks, born in 1862, as will be seen by the 1870 Clarke County Census. Also, since Nancy was listed as head of the household that year, William had apparently died. (I later determined that William died May 17, 1863, age 39.

Nancy Hicks Age 39 B. SC

Sarah C. 14 AL

Joshua 12

William P. 10

Robert C. 7

In 1990, I read in the Clarke County Historical Society (Alabama) Quarterly, two letters from Robert Covington Hicks, submitted by F. L. Mathews of Grove Hill. The original letters are in the possession of Marilyn M. Cox, Ozona, Texas. I called Mr. Mathews to get the address of





Mrs. Cox but he did not have it. After determining by an Atlas that Ozona is a small town, I wrote Mrs. Cox and she was as delighted to hear from me as I was to find at last, a descendant of Robert Covington Hicks. I had a copy of his Obituary, which ran in the Clarke County Democrat, and I knew that there had to be descendants.

Marilyn has written a book about her grandfather, which is entitled "An Open Book", The Life of a Turn-of-the Century, Small Town Preacher. Her book gives interesting details of the life of this family.

In the winter of 1877, Nancy Mathews, along with Robert Covington "Cub", son Bill and his wife, Nancy's sister Amanda and husband Josiah Green with their son Walter, set out for Texas. Lucy J. Hicks (Nancy's daughter) and her husband William Morgan and son Josh were already in Texas. They settled in Hopkins County, near Sulphur Springs.

On May 4, 1891, Nancy Mathews Hicks left Sulphur Springs for a visit with her son "Cub" in Fort Worth. She died suddenly, as her daughter-in-law, Della and she sat at the supper table. Her son had left for the church, where he was holding a revival. Nancy was buried in Ft. Worth.

      A. Josiah Anderson Hicks, oldest child of William C.Harrison Hicks and Nancy Ann Celia Mathews, was born in Clarke County, AL in 1852 and died there in 1871.

      B. Lucy J. Hicks, second child and first daughter of W.C. Harrison Hicks and his wife, was born in 1854, Clarke County. She married there on June 16, 1878, William Morgan. Lucy died January 30, 1929 and was buried at Como, Hopkins County, Texas.

      C. Sarah "Sallie" E. Hicks, third child of W.C.H. Hicks and his wife, was born in Clarke County in 1855. She married there on November 26, 1877, Daniel Morgan. She died March 27, 1919 near Sulphur Springs, Texas.

      D. William R. Hicks, fourth child of W. C. H. and Nancy was born in 1859 or 1860 in Clarke County. He married

      in Dallas, Texas, Seletha McCorkle. William died in 1900 in Waco, Texas

      E. Joshua L. Hicks, fifth child of W. C. H. and Nancy was born in Clarke County in 1857. He married Mollie Harrison. Josh died October 29, 1921.






      F. Robert Covington Hicks, sixth and last child of W. C. and Nancy Hicks, was born in Clarke Co. AL August 18 1862. He moved to Texas when he was fifteen years old and settled in Hopkins County.

      R. C. Hicks married Della Curtis of Denton, Texas on November 18, 1891. He was a prominent Methodist minister, serving the Texas Conference for almost forty years. He died on January 29, 1929, survived by his wife and six children (see attached obituary).

        a. Virginia Hicks, born in Roanoke, Denton County, TX on September 3, 1892. Died in Paris, Lamar County TX on March 12, 1956. Buried in Denton, TX. Never married.

        b. Ruth Hicks, born May 27, 1896, Blossom, Texas. She married on March 12, 1919, Lloyd Mathews DeShong. Ruth died July 12, 1956. Three children.

          (1) Virginia Ruth DeShong, born February 12, 1923 in Paris, Texas. Married Edward George Herrman on May 27, 1950. Five children:

            (A) Beverly Dell Herrman,born April 16,1951. Married Terry Neil Todd on May 27, 1972.

                (a) John Edward Todd, born May 28,1976.

                (b) Steven Curtis Todd, born December 15, 1978.

            (B) Cynthia Ruth Herrman, born Dec. 8, 1952.

            (C) David Curtis Herrman, born December 24, 1953. Married Michelle Hoggatt March, 1973. Two children:

                (a) Emily Michelle Herrman, born March 25, 1979.

                (b) Kary Lois Herrman, born September 15, 1981.

            David and Michelle divorced in 1982 and he married Annette Fanning May 28, 1988.

            (D) Emily Irene Herrman, born August 27,1955 and married Jeffrey Charles Brown June 1, 1974. They were divorced in 1987 and Emily married Tommy Baker September 12, 1987.






            (E) Lloyd Edward Herrman, born December 26, 1957.

        Edward Herrman died July 23, 1975 and Virginia married Gail Robert Chaney on March 11, 1978.

        (2) Cora Dell DeShong, second daughter of Ruth Hicks and Lloyd DeShong, was born in Paris Texas also, on October 16, 1926. Married Connie Gene Hartwelll on June 28, 1947, Paris, Texas. She died in May of 1971 and is buried there. Four children:

          (A) Richard Lloyd Hartwell, born September 11, 1948. Married Pam Leiurance September of 1984.

          (B) Kenneth David Hartwell, born and died March 28, 1950.

          (C) Steven Rayne Hartwell, born September 26, 1952.

          (D) Martha Dell Hartwell, born December 14, 1954. Married Larry Hall on June 16, 1978 in Dallas, TX. Three children.

              (a) Ashley Michelle Hall, born July 29, 1980.

              (b) Stacey Elizabeth Hall, born December 13, 1982.

              (c) Jonathan Hall, born May 4, 1984.


        (3) Beverly DeShong, third daughter of Ruth and Lloyd DeShong, was born in Greenville TX on January 11, 1928. She married morelle K. Ratcliffe on March 17, 1951, in Paris, TX. Two children:

            (a) Sam DeShong Ratcliffe, born March 29 1952. Married Cristi Hardeman June 18, 1983 in Dallas, TX.

            (b) Robert Wright Ratcliffe, born August 22, 1954. Married Deborah Dairon on November 26, 1983 in Dallas.







              .i Ryan Christopher Ratcliffe, born in Greenville, TX on August 17, 1988.

      c. Robert Emory Hicks, third child and first son of Robert Covington Hicks and Della Curtis, was born in Blossom, TX on December 2, 1897. He married Ida Belle Hagendoorn on January 20, 1921. Robert died in Ft. Worth on December 20, 1950 and buried in Ft. Worth. Two children:

          (1) Frances Hicks, born May 25, 1926. Married William Townsend.

          (2) Miriam Hicks, born in 1931. Married Tyler Tandler.

      d. Cora Hicks, fourth child and third daughter of Robert Covington Hicks and Della Curtis, was born in Roxton, TX on May 1, 1900. She married John Barrington Look on June 21, 1922 in Roanoke, Denton County, TX. Cora died in Paris, TX on August 29, 1967 and was buried in Dallas. One child:

          (1) John Barrington Look, Jr., born in Houston December 23, 1925. Married Francis David on April 28, 1950; divorced.

              (A) Francis Look, born October 7, 1951. She married Donald Conrad on June 12, 1970.

                  (a) Laura Conrad Look, born December 6, 1974.

              (B) David Barrington Look, born January 24 1955. He married Elizabeth Robinson Coates on June 27, 1986. Two children:

                  (a) Katherine Elizabeth Look, born April 7, 1988.

                  (b) Robinson Barrington Look, born on October 21, 1989.

      e. James William Curtis Hicks, fifth child and 2nd son of Robert Covington Hicks and Della Curtis, was born in Comerce, TX on June 15, 1903. Married Evelyn Smith on June 14, 1925. William died in Weslaco, TX on June 28, 1970 and was buried July 1, 1970 in Wolfe City, TX.







      f. Mary Hicks, fourth daughter and last child of R. C. Hicks and Della Curtis, was born in Commerce, TX on September 8, 1905. Married Sam Anthony Man on December 27, 1923 in Van Alystine, TX. Mary died January 12, 1978 in Ozona, Crockett CO TX and was buried in Wichita Falls. TX. They had two daughters, born in Wichita Falls:

          (1) Marilyn Man, born October 17, 1926. Married Lemuel Bascomb Cox, III (Bud), May 4, 1946. Three children:

            (A) Mary Lynn Cox, born in San Angelo, TX on November 15, 1947. Married on July 31, 1971 in Ozona,TX Jay Curtis Evans. Two children, born in Austin, TX.

              (a) Jed Cox Evans, born October 31, 1974.

              (b) Jamie Noel Evans, born December 14, 1977.

            (B) George Bascomb Cox, born in San Angelo August 8, 1949. Married on August 18, 1977, Jackie Bob Riggs. One child:

                (a) Kelsey Cox, born June 3, 1980 in San Angelo.

            (C) Della Louise Cox, born in Ozona November 21, 1954. Married first on Janu1y 1971, Norris Haire. Three children:

              (a) Christina Louise Haire, born on March 21, 1973 in Big Lake, TX. Died March 25, 1990 in ozona.

              (b) Leesa Lee Haire, born on June 24, 1975 in ozona.

              (c) Norris Lynne Haire, born January 20, 1978, San Antonio, TX.

            Della Louise Cox Haire married second on January 31, 1986, Gary Don Whitley.

          (2) Martha Lou Man, second daughter of Mary Hicks and Sam Anthony Man, was born August 31,1931.







Rev. R. C. Hicks dies at Denton, Texas

Below we publish notice of the death of Rev. R. C. Hicks as it appeared in the Texas papers. Deceased was born in Clarke County August 18, 1862. His parents were William Harrison Hicks and Nancy Mathews Hicks. He moved to Texas at the age of 15 and settled in Hopkins County. In 1892 he married Miss Della Curtiss of Denton, Texas, who with six children, survive him. He is survived in this county by scores of relatives and friends who learn of his demise with deep sorrow.



Denton, Texas, Jan. 29. - The Rev. R. C. Hicks, treasurer of the board of Missions of the North Texas conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and a prominent member of the conference for almost forty years, died at his home here Tuesday following an illness of several months. His health had been failing rapidly since last summer when he was ill from typhoid fever. He was 66 years old.

Funeral services are to be held at the First Methodist Church at 10:30 a. m. Thursday morning with the Rev. W. L. Tittle, pastor, and the Rev. G. C. French, presiding elder of the Denton District, in charge. They will be assisted by the Rev. R. G. Mood, presiding elder of the McKinney district; J. A. Old, pastor of the McKinny Methodist Church, and Dr. 0. T. Cooper, presiding elder of the Dallas District.

The Rev. Mr. Hicks was admitted to the North Texas conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, at Greenville in 1889 and with the exception of two years when he was in Texas conference he had served in the North Texas division. He had served actively as a member of the mission board and as commissioner for his conference on the Wesley Foundation, a commission for the establishment and maintaining of Bible Chairs in various colleges and universities of the State. His last pastorate was at Whitesboro where he was located until the meeting of the North Texas conference here last fall when he took the relation of a superannuated preacher. He was for four years presiding elder of the Sulphur Springs district and held pastorates in Greenville, Paris, Commerce, Decatur, Clarksville and other cities in the conference.

Surviving are his wife and six children: Miss Virginia Hicks and Curtiss Hicks of Denton, Mrs. L. M. DeShong of Greenville, Robert Hicks of Atlanta, GA., Mrs. J. B. Look of Bremen, Germany and Mrs. S. A. Mann of Wichitaw Falls.





Pall bearers, clerical members of the board of missions, will be Rev. S. M. Black of Dallas, the Rev. S. A. Barnes of Dallas, the Rev. F. A. Crutchfield of Denison, the Rev. S. S. McKinney of Wichitaw Falls, the Rev. K. R. Isbell of Winnsboro, the Rev. 0. P. Kiker of Iowa Park, the Rev. J. W. Slagle of Dallas and the Rev. B. B. Hall of Lancaster.


The above obituary was reprinted in the Clarke County Democrat.






    4. James Jeter "Swampy" Hicks, fourth child and second son of Jane and Anderson Hicks, was born in 1827. He married on November 5, 1861, Amanda Caroline Morgan in Clarke Co. AL. Amanda was the daughter of James Morgan and Lucinda Caroline Wilkerson, who were married March 24, 1828, Wilcox County. James and Amanda had only one child.

    "Swampy" Hicks died during the War Between the States. In a letter to R. C. Hicks, Sulphur Springs, TX, written on February 8, 1916, Josiah Rux Hicks stated, "Swampy died in the hospital in Georgia during the War (see attached copy of the letter).

        A. James Jeter Hicks, Jr. only child of "Swampy" and his wife, Amanda.

    5. Louisa Jane Hicks, fifth child and third daughter of Anderson Hicks and Jane Crenshaw, was born in 1829. She never married.

The 1860 Clarke County Census, Dwelling No. 1570, listed Louisa, age 31, as head of her household. In the home with her was her sister, Mary Ann Hicks, insane.

The 1880 Clarke County Census listed Louisa, age 50, in the home of Rev. Jesse P. Chapman, Dwelling No. 105, the Clarksville Precinct No. 14. Rev. Chapman was 48 years old, and also in the home was Mrs. Mary F. Chapman, presumedly his wife.

    Louisa was assisting with the household chores. Apparently her sister, Mary Ann, was deceased by 1880.

    6. Mary Ann Hicks, sixth child and fourth daughter of Anderson and Jane Hicks, was born in 1831. She never married and was listed on the Clarke County Census Records as "insane". We would not call her that today. Mary Ann would be "mentally ill" and no doubt could be helped. Evidently she did not live beyond 1880, as her sister Louise was by that time living in the Chapman household.

    7. Robert Covington Hicks, last child of Anderson Hicks and Jane Crenshaw, was born in 1833. He married Mary E. Wells in Clarke County, AL on January 9, 1860.

    Robert was another one of the Hicks who served during the War Between the States. He was killed during that war. The letter mentioned above, from Josiah Rux Hicks to Robert Covington Hicks, Sulphur Springs, Texas, confirms that "Robert died in the war".







Mary "Polly" Hicks, third child and second daughter of Bishop Hicks and Caty Jeter, was born in 1788. She married in Wake County, NC on October 12, 1807, William Allen, born in 1781. William was a brother of Benjamin Allen who married Martha "Patsy" Hicks, first daughter of Bishop Hicks and Caty Jeter.

John Thomas Odom, a descendant in this Hicks/Allen line, said that after February 10, 1826, the William Allen family left Wake County, NC and moved to Fayette (later Campbell) County GA before March 22, 1826.

According to Deed Cook 7, Wake Co. NC, on February 10, 1826, William Allen of Wake Co. NC granted 50 acres of land to Lewis Jones of Wake County.

on March 22, 1826, William Allen of Fayette Co. GA appeared before William Richards, Justice of Peace of that county, and appointed Peter Wynn of Wake Co. NC his lawful attorney, to sell 50 acres of land on Horse Creek, Wake Co. NC, said land belonging to William Allen, and being a part of the tract of land which was sold to Lewis Jones on February 10, 1826.

Mary Hicks and William Allen had five daughters and four sons, all born in Newlight District, Wake County, NC.

1. Cyrus Allen 6. Candis Allen

2. Stith Lee Allen 7. Julia Ann Allen

3. Mary Allen 8. William Benjamin Allen

4. Milton Allen 9. Narcissa M. Allen

5. Elizabeth Allen


The William Allen family and the Cyrus Allen family (William's son) were listed on p.199 of the 1830 Campbell Co. Georgia Census:

William Allen, his wife Mary and children: Stith, Milton, Mary, William, Elizabeth, Candis, Julia and Narcissa.

Cyrus Allen, his wife Elizabeth, and infant daughter, Mary E. Allen.

During the time that the Allens lived in Georgia, they resided near Deep Creek, Woodruff's,Fayette District of Campbell Co. This is evidenced by Deed Book A, Campbell County






(now Fulton) and the Cherokee Land Lottery of 1832. On November 29, 1834, William witnessed a deed signed by John F. Wood as grantor to Cyrus Allen, grantee. Soon after this transaction the William Allen family migrated to Alabama. They resided briefly in Wilcox County before settling in Clarke County sometime during 1835.

William Allen was a resident of Clarke County, AL for the remainder of his life, his occupation being primarily that of farming. He died in June of 1849 and according to estate records he was residing in Township 9 Range 4 East, northeast of Dickinson, at the time of his death. His widow, In 1852 Mrs. Mary Allen was awarded a dower of 40 acres of land which had belonged to her late husband.

The final settlement of the Estate of William Allen, dated May 22, 1852, named his children as well as his daughters' husbands (see attached copy of document).

      Cyrus Allen

      Candis Larrimore, wife of Edmond Larrimore William B. Allen

      Stith L. Allen

      Mary Harvey, widow of James Harvey

      Elizabeth Allen, wife of Drury Allen, Jr.

      Julia Ann Hicks, wife of B. F. Hicks

      Narcissa M. Allen, wife of Robert Allen

Since the name of his son Milton Allen was omitted in the estate settlement, he must have been deceased.

According to the 1880 Federal Death Census, Gates Beat, Clarke County, Alabama, Mrs. Mary Allen, widow of William Allen, died in January of 1880, at the age of 92, in the home of her daughter, Julia Ann Hicks. Julia Ann's father-in-law, Willis Bishop Hicks, was of course, Mary "Polly" Hicks Allenis brother.

    1. Cyrus Allen, oldest son of Mary Hicks and William Allen, was born in 1808, Newlight District, Wake County, North

    Carolina : He moved with his family to Fayette County, Georgia in 1826, where he married Elizabeth Jennings on

    March 30, 1829. She was the daughter of Anthony and Ellen Jennings and was born in Surry County, North Carolina

    It is not known when Cyrus and his family moved to Clarke Co. AL but they were listed in the 1840 Census. They may have come with his parents in 1835. Cyrus was a farmer, as well as being a public official. He served as Justice of Peace and Tax Collector. He was a Captain and Adjutant of the 30th Militia Regiment in Clarke County.





    Cyrus died in December of 1865, and according to Census Records of 1870 and 1880 his widow remained a resident of Clarke County.

      A. Mary E. Allen, oldest child of Cyrus Allen and Elizabeth Jennings, was born near Deep Creek, Fayette District of Campbell Co. (now Fulton) GA. She married William George Fountain on September 20, 1848, as recorded in Clarke Co. AL Marriage Records. They had at least one child.

        a. Virginia Fountain; married David Carter.

        There are two Carter graves in the Grove Hill Cemetery which fit this couple name and age-wise.

        David Carter,1848-1888 Virginia E. Carter,1852-1938

      B. William George Allen, second child and only son of Cyrus and Elizabeth Allen, was born in Georgia. Married Mary Robinson on November 24, 1852, according to Mar.Records of Clarke County, AL. one known child:

        a. William George Allen, Jr.

      C. Martha Senith Allen, third child and second daughter of Cyrus and Elizabeth Allen, was born in GA also. She married Franklin Benjamin Whatley. In T.H. Ball's book, Clarke County Alabama and Its Surroundings, he says that F.B.Whatley, grandson of Elder W.Whatley, married the youngest child of Cyrus Allen, Esq., and had five sons and four daughters.

      Martha S. Whatley, widow of F. B. Whatley, Pvt., CO.J, 4th Cavalry,applied for a pension because of his serin the War Between the States. He died in June, 1896. Her address was P. O., Whatley.

    2. Stith "Seth" Lee Allen, second child of Mary Hicks and William Allen, was born in NC in 1810. He married Mary, last name unknown, probably in Georgia. They were listed on the 1840, 1850 and 1860 Census Records of Campbell Co. GA. His mother's Dower Petition dated 1852, Clarke CO.AL listed him as residing in Georgia. Mary and Stith Lee Allen had at least six children.

      A. Lucretia J.Allen D. Hiram W. Allen

      B. Candis Allen E. James M. Allen

      C. William P. Allen F. Barbara B. Allen



    3. Mary Allen, third child and first daughter of Mary Hicks and William Allen, was born in NC in 1812. She married James Harvey on July 21, 1836, according to Clarke County Alabama Marriage Records. They had four children:

        A. John Milton Harvey; married Martha E. Morgan December 13, 1868, according to Clarke County Marriage Records. Civil War Pension Records in Clarke County show that Mrs. M. E. Harvey, widow of J. M. Harvey, Pvt., Co J, 5th Regiment, applied for a pension. Harvey died April 25, 1865. Her address was P. 0. Box, Atkinson.

        B. George William Harvey

        C. Mary Elizabeth Harvey; married Charles H. Gilmore on September 30, 1865.

        D. Sarah Josephine Harvey; married John S. Wood on March 24, 1866.

    4. Milton Allen, fourth child and third son of Mary Hicks and William Allen, was born in NC in 1814. He never married. It is believed that he was a teacher.

    5. Elizabeth Allen, fifth child and second daughter of Mary Hicks and William Allen, was born in North Carolina in 1816. She was first married to John Wood, by whom she had:

        A. Milton H. Wood; married Elizabeth Gilmore February 2, 1858.

        B. Mary Wood; married Robert Moseley on July 3, 1862.

        C. John S. Wood; married Sarah Josephine Harvey March 24, 1866. She was the daughter of Elizabeth's sister Mary.

    Elizabeth Allen Wood married second on April 12, 1841, Drury Allen, Sr. He was a first cousin to Robert Allen, Sr. whose son married Elizabeth's sister Narcissa.

    Elizabeth and Drury Allen had the following children:

        A. Robert Allen

        B. Henry Cyrus Allen; married Martha S. Robinson on December 11, 1867.

        C. Benjamin Franklin Allen; married Miss D. J. Boutwell on January 8. 1866.





        D. Eli Reeves Allen

        E. George William Allen; married Sarah E. Jordan November 8, 1869.

        F. Sarah J. Allen

        G. Lucy Candis Allen

    6. Candis Allen, sixth child and third daughter of Mary Hicks and William Allen, was born October 21, 1818. She married Edmond P. Larrimore, born February 6, 1814, the son of William M. and Hexey Larrimore. The wedding took place on August 18, 1838, as recorded in the Clarke Co. Alabama Marriage Records.

    John T. Odom said that Candis and Edmond had 12 children; Sybil Larrimore Bradford gave me a list of 14 children, with their dates of birth. Sybil is a great granddaughter of Candis and Edmond, so I will use her list, with apologies to Odom!

      A. Mary E. Larrimore, born February 17, 1838. There is a February 4, 1847 Clarke County Marriage Record for Mary E. Larrimore and Thomas C. Calk. Obviously this is not our Mary E. on October 12,1856, Clarke County Marriage Records,there is a Mary E. Larrimore and Wm. T. Benson. Sybil Larrimore Bradford thought Mary E. Larrimore married a Beck.

      B. William A. Larrimore, born February 15, 1839; died in 1861, during the War Between the States.

      C. John L. Larrimore, born May 18, 1840. Married Catherine Angeline Kennedy on February 13, 1870 (see the chapter on Catherine Angeline Kennedy in the Kennedy Section of this book).

      D. Sidney R. Larrimore, born November 18, 1841. He also served in the Confederate States Army and was killed in the Civil War.

      E. Sarah A. Larrimore, born June 6, 1843; died in 1889. Married Paul S. Fendley on March 1, 1866 at E. Larrimorel S. Clarke County Civil War Pension Records show that a P. S. Fendley, Pvt. Co. D, 38th Regiment, enlisted April 12, 1862, Grove Hill, and was discharged May 20, 1865. He was wounded in Atlanta and applied for a pension when he was 57. He was living in Fulton, Clarke County, at that time. Sarah and Paul had at least one child.







        a. Cyrus E. Fendley, born in 1876; died in 1951. He married Annie Thompson and had three children.

          (1) Ruby Fendley; married Acie Newton.

          (2) Beatrice Fendley; married a Furr.

          (3) Will Fendley; married Kate Henley.

      F. Edmond Pinckney Larrimore, Jr., born on January 23, 1845 (his tombstone in Old Salem Cemetery reads January 19, 1845) and died March 13, 1912. He married Lucy Ann Wilson, daughter of Robert T. Wilson and Rebecca Eliza Prim. Lucy Ann was born November 19,1845 and died June 20, 1915. She is also buried at old Salem. Edmond and Lucy Ann had at least six children, as follows. They are not necessarily listed in order of their births.

        a. Thomas Arthur Larrimore, born December 20, 1872; died April 9, 1939. He is buried at Old Salem Cemetery.

        Arthur married first, Nancy Leona Vickers, daughter of William Vickers. I assume that William is the son of Nancy Talbert Hicks and George Vickers, Nancy being the daughter of Willis Bishop Hicks. Nancy was born in 1873; died in 1897. Nancy and Arthur had twins who died at birth.

        Arthur married second, Nancy Ann Thomas (see Wm. Russin Thomas chapter in Davis Section of this book).

        b. Candis Elizabeth Larrimore; married Johnnie Haskew (see Willis Bishop Hicks).

        c. Robert Larrimore; married Laura Haskew (see chapter on Willis Bishop Hicks).

        d. Ellen Larrimore; never married.

        e. Annie Larrimore; married Frank Haskew (see chapter on Willis Bishop Hicks).





        f. John Wilson Larrimore, son of Edmond Pinkney Larrimore and Lucy Ann Wilson, was born October 10, 1881; died November 21, 1945. John married Clydie Bertha Garrick on February 18, 1903, daughter of Manuel Sylvester Garrick and Lucy Elizabeth Bradford. Clydie was born December 15, 1882 and died March 12, 1974. She and John are buried at Dickinson, Clarke Co. AL.

Lucy Elizabeth Bradford was the daughter of James T. Bradford and Mary E. Walker. Lucy's sister, Virginia Victoria Bradford, married Rip K. Benson (see chapter on Mary Calviss Hicks, daughter of Willis Bishop Hicks).

Two of Lucy's brothers married into the Davis family. James Marcellus Bradford married Mary Lavinia Thomas (see chapter on Susan McCoy Thomas Steele in Davis Section) and Zebedee Bradford married Mary Ellen Davis (see chapter on Enoch Davis, Jr., also in the Davis Section).

Clydie Garrick's brother, William Carey Garrick married Mary Bernice Kennedy (see chapter on R. L. Kennedy in the Kennedy Section) and her brother Clarence Garrick married Mattie Estelle Davis (see Johnson Davis chapter in Davis Section).

Johnnie and Clydie had the following ten children, all born in Dickinson:

      (1) Johnnie Grey Larrimore, born February 8, 1904. He married Bryce Miller Jeffrey on June 5,1927. She was born May 8, 1912, the daughter of Covington Rush Jeffrey and Lucy Irene Canterbury. Bryce's sister Coralie Irene Jeffrey married Daniel Gregg Mayer, brother to Dr. K. A. Mayer, Lower Peach Tree(see chapter on Josiah Rux Hicks Hicks and Priscilla J. Jones).

      Johnnie Grey died May 25, 1987. He and Bryce had four children, all born in Dickinson except the third child, Len.

        (A) Jeffrey Grey Larrimore, born September 5, 1930. married Carolyn Robinson and has four children.

          (a) Theresia Anette Larrimore, born





          January 20, 1952 in Auburn, AL. Married John Ortha McInnis, II.

            .i John Otha McInnis, III, born March 8, 1976.

            .ii Jeffrey Lee McInnis, born on March 5, 1978.

          (b) Keith Robin Larrimore, born in Jackson, AL March 23, 1954. Married Kathy Henry.

            .i Steven Elias Larrimore, born June 10, 1987.

            .ii Jon Grey Larrimore, born on September 16, 1982.

          (c) David Jeffrey Larrimore, born at Marysville, CA January 20, 1952. His wife's name is Susan.

            .i Ashley Lee Larrimore,born on April 18, 1980.

            ii David Jeffrey Larrimore, Jr. November 10, 1983; died on January 17, 1984.

            .iii Heath Joseph Larrimore, born December 28, 1984.

          (d) Lee Covington Larrimore, born at Jackson, AL on July 5, 1963. He married Debbie Lancaster.

            .i Kristin Leigh Larrimore,born June 9, 1988.


      (B) Patricia Ann Larrimore, second child of Johnnie Grey and Bryce, was born December 29, 1933. Married June 18, 1955, Karl Winston Crosby.

          (a) Karla Ann Crosby, born at Tampa, FL February 2, 1957. Married to Ron Sampiero.

            .i Joshua Evan Sampiero, born May 25, 1982.





            ii Daniel David Sampiero, born December 6, 1984.

          (b) Elizabeth Dianne Crosby, born at Tampa, March 22, 1959. Married first, Mike Brown.

            .i Scott David Brown,born October 1, 1974.

            .ii Christopher Michael Brown, born October 5, 1983.

          Elizabeth married second, Blaine T. Hinds, born February 6, 1951.

          (c) John Jeffrey Crosby, born October 11, 1962, Lakeworth, FL.

          (d) Nancy Ruth Crosby, born August 2 1964, Lakeworth.


      (C) Lennox Wilson Larrimore, born October 1, 1938, Toulminville, Mobile Co. AL. Married Judith Elaine Rutledge on November 27, 1969. Judy is the daughter of Kirksey Eugene Rutledge and Frankie Walters (see chapter on James Bishop Hicks and also chapter on Barbara Elizabeth Hicks).

      Len and Judy live in Thomasville and have four children. He has a medical practice and she is a nurse.

        (a) Jonathan Wilson Larrimore, born June 28, 1971.

        (b) Jason Kirkland Larrimore, born July 2, 1973. He married Yvette Boudreaux.

        (c) Jennifer Lynn Larrimore, born on October 13, 1975.





        (d) James Wallace Larrimore, Jr.

        (e) Stacey Christeen Larrimore

       James Wallace Larrimore, Sr. died June 17, 1977.

          (2) Sandra Kay Larrimore, born at Dickinson November 121, 1942. Married November 4, 1961, Rayford Jerry Weaver.

      (4) Barnette Buren Larrimore, born May 6, 1911 and died March 23, 1981;buried at Robertsdale, AL. Married Mary Charles Cox on May 29, 1937. She was born in Clanton, Chilton Co. AL on May 11, 1916, the daughter of Charles Brainard Cox and Mary Estelle Young.

          (A) Jean Young Larrimore, born in Clanton on August 29, 1938. Married Ronald Rather Friday on August 15, 1959.

            (a) Lisa Dianne Friday, born October 13, 1960.

            (b) Ronald David Friday, born July 2 1966.

            (c) Mary CLaire Friday, born December 27, 1970.

          (B) Diana Claire Larrimore, born November 26, 1942 in Decatur, Morgan Co. AL. Married Danny Richard Breeden on November 28, 1965.

              (a) Jerry Richard Breeden, born May 4, 1965.

              (b) Kelly Deanne Breeden,born March 1, 1968.

              (c) John Wilson Breeden, born March 13, 1970.

          (C) Charles Richard Larrimore, born in Mobile on July 25, 1945. He married Sandra Carole Lanicek on February 5, 1966.

            (a) Jan Leigh Larrimore, born Octo-





            ber 26, 1967.

              (b) Charles David Larrimore, born March 10, 1970.


      (5) Lucie Marjorie Larrimore, born August 22, 1913. She first married Willie Irby Wilson and second, Grant Gillis.

          (A) Carol Wilson; married Dick Chaney and lives in Whatley.

      (6) Infant boy, born October 29, 1915; died November 5, 1915.

      (7) Cecile Clyde Larrimore, born June 11, 1917. Married Joseph Noel Day, born at Gosport AL on September 26, 1917, the son of Grover Cleveland Day and Gladys Pickens.

          (A) Joseph Noel Day, Jr., born in Selma,Al on October 3, 1946. Married on November 24, 1972, Dianne Downey.

            (a) Candice Nicole Day, born December 23, 1974, Grove Hill.

              (b) Rebecca Danielle Day, born June 14, 1976, Grove Hill.

            (c) Joseph Noel Day, III, born April 1. 1984.

          (B) John Franklin Day, born in Grove Hill February 28, 1949. Married Mary Ellen Mays on June 25, 1989.

      (8) Irma Louise Larrimore, born on January 22, 1921. She married first, William Cleveland Brady, Jr. who is deceased. Irma and Bill had four children, all born in Grove Hill, AL.

          (A) William Cleveland Brady, III, born on October 12, 1950; married Elizabeth Satterwhite. Two children:

              (a) William Cleveland Brady, IV.

              (b) Celia Brady






          (B) Walter Mark Brady, born August 17, 1952. He is divorced from the mother of his three children.

            (a) Laura Brady

            (b) Brian Brady

            (c) Julia Brady

          (C) Paul Hampton Brady, born July 22, 1957. He is married to Beverly,last name unknown. They have no issue but Beverly has a son named Joey.

          (D) Samuel Larrimore Brady, born September 26, 1959. Wife's name unknown.

            (a) Alyson Brady

      Irma married second, Rudolph Carlson, brother to Dorothy Carlson who married Howard Wilson Davis (see chapter on Martha Jane Kennedy in the Kennedy Section of this book).

      (9) Roy W. Larrimore,born May 12,1923. Married on December 23,1952, Ramona Rodgers, born November 9. 1928 in Selma, the daughter of Chester Dismukes Rodgers and Esther Nelson. Roy and Ramona live in Thomasville where he has a medical practice.

        (A) Roy Wayne Larrimore, born in Birmingham on February 23, 1956; died May 13 1960; buried in Dickinson Cemetery.

        (B) Mona Denise Larrimore, born December 22, 1958 in Thomasville. Married in January of 1981, Gary Dean Brookshire and has two children. Mona and Gary reside in Houston, Texas.

            (a) Benjamin Asher Brookshire, born in Houston December 19, 1984.

            (b) Jesse Ryan Brookshire, born in Houston on June 15, 1988.

          (C) Nancy Elaine Larrimore, born on February 27, 1961, Jackson, AL. She married Robert C. Jones, PHD on May 16,







          1987. They reside in Lake Charles, LA.

          (D) David Bruce Larrimore, born in Selma on May 17, 1968. Married on June 16, 1990, Melissa Morris.


        (10) Herbert Larrimore, born August 10, 1925. Married Helen Wilson and lives in Panama City, FL.

      G. Laura Candis Larrimore, born January 23, 1847; died on July 17, 1910. Married to LaFayette Rutledge on December 25, 1873 at the home of E. P. Larrimore. LaFayette had previously been married to Nancy B. Clarke on April 11, 1867 at the home of Henry Duke. LaFayette and his first wife had a daughter, Ella, who married Coley Etheridge.

        a. John Simuel Rutledge, born November 18, 1878; died on December 12, 1952. Married Mattie Benson, daughter of Rip Benson and Virginia Bradford (see chapter on Mary Calviss Hicks and James A. Benson).

        b. Mal Eugene Rutledge; married Christiana Hicks, daughter of Ambrose Bryant Hicks and Mary Eve Gates (see chapter on James Bishop Hicks).

        c. Ed Rutledge; married Delia Hicks, sister to above Christiana Hicks (see chapter on James B. Hicks).

        d. Cass Rutledge; never married. Buried at Liberty Cemetery, near Dickinson.

        e. Matt Rutledge; never married. Buried at Liberty Cemetery, near Dickinson.

        f. Liza Rutledge; married Dolphis Drinkard. Buried at Liberty Cemetery also.

            (1) Dolphis Drinkard, Jr.

            (2) Harvel Drinkard

            (3) Turins Drinkard

            (4) Anna Lee Drinkard






            (5) William Drinkard

            (6) Clyce Drinkard

        g. Emma Jane Rutledge; married Henry Homer Haskew (see chapter on Julia Ann Hicks).

        h. Lemuel B. Rutledge, born July 4, 1882; died November 12, 1886. Buried at Old Salem Cemetery.


      H. James Simeon Larrimore, born May 2, 1850.

      I. George W. Larrimore, born July 25, 1852.

      J. Cyrus Larrimore, born Novemer 2, 1853. He died in 1935. Married Eliza E. Wilson on November 1, 1877 at at the home of R.T. Wilson. Eliza was a sister to the above Lucy Ann Wilson.

      There is a tombstone in Old Salem Cemetery for Eliza E. Larrimore, wife of Cyrus A., born May 9, 1851; died March 9, 1916. There is also a tombstone for a child of theirs who was not listed by Sibyl Larrimore Bradford.

        a. Raymond Larrimore; married Zelda Cassidy.

        b. Milton Thomas Larrimore; married Mabel Lee Kennedy (see chapter on Robert Lee Kennedy in Kennedy Section of this book).

        c. Pearl Larrimore; married Lee Cassidy.

        d. Cora V. Larrimore; married Willie Haskew (see chapter on Julia Ann Hicks and James J. Haskew).

        e. Jesse P. Larrimore, born September 9, 1881; died October 6, 1884.

      K. Nathaniel G. Larrimore, born October 29 (or 19th),1865; died April 21, 1927. Buried at Old Salem Cemetery. Married Lucy Duke Garrick, widow of James Garrick (son of William Lewis Garrick and Martha Elizabeth Haskew). Lucy had two children by James:

        a. Leonard Garrick; married Ruth Doyle

        b. Daisy Garrick






      Nathaniel "Dock" Larrimore and Lucy had four children:

        a. Albert Larrimore

        b. Jeff Larrimore

        c. Bobbie Lee Larrimore

        d. Leila Bell Larrimore

      L. Lemuel A. Larimore, born February 2, 1858; died September 27, 1938. Married Lula DeLoach (see John Davis chapter in the Davis Section of this book).

      M. Robert Larrimore, born November 3, 1859.

      N. Jeff Davis Larrimore, born November 7, 1861 (tombstone reads 11-9-1861); died November 20, 1887. Buried in Old Salem Cemetery.


    7. Julia Ann Allen, seventh child and fourth daughter of Mary "Polly" Hicks and William Allen, was born in North Carolina in 1820. She married Benjamin Franklin Hicks, son of Willis Bishop Hicks and his first wife, Dorothy B. Nance (see chapter on B. F. Hicks for a complete account of this family).

    8. William Benjamin Allen, eighth child and fourth son of Mary "Polly" Hicks and William Allen, was born ca 1823 in North Carolina. No further information on this son except that he resided with his mother after the death of his father in 1849.

    9. Narcissa M. Allen, ninth child and fifth daughter of Mary "Polly" Hicks and William Allen, was born in North Carolina in 1825. She was married to Robert Allen, Jr., son of Robert and Nancy Allen, on September 9, 1864, according to Clarke County Marriage Records. Odom says they married in 1841 but Barefield's Clarke County, Alabama Records - 1814-1885 definitely say 1864.

    Robert Allen, Jr. was born near Richland Creek, Edgefield District (later Saluda County) South Carolina. He migrated with his parents to Montgomery County, Alabama in 1824. His father died in 1829 and his mother remarried in 1833.

    Robert Allen, Jr. had seven sister and three brothers and one of his nieces, Eliza Brown Allen, married Thomas Hill






    Watt, who served as Governor of Alabama during 1863-65.

    According to Alabama Military Register of Commissioned Officers, 1832-44, Robert Allen, Jr. was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the 30th Regiment, Clarke County Militia on May 22, 1841. He served for at least two years. During The War Between the States he enlisted as a private in the Suggsville Grays and died in 1862.

      The five children of Narcissa M. Allen and Robert Allen, Jr. are as follows:

      A. Julia M. Allen

      B. Emily Candis Allen; married Sidney D. Porter February 6, 1865. Clarke County Marriage Records list her as

      E. A. Allen but the date and the groom's name is the same.

      C. James Cyrus Allen; married Martha Ann Odom January 21, 1868.

      D. William George Allen

      E. Martha Caroline Allen; married John Allen Odom, son of John G. and Caroline Allen Odom, on January 21, 1868 in Suggsville, Alabama.

      Richard Allen Odom, brother of John G. Odom, was the superintendent of the State Salt Works in Clarke Co. for about eighteen months during the War Between the States. Their parents were John and Elizabeth Gussie Odom, originally from Fairfield County, South Carolina.

      Martha Caroline Allen and John Allen Odom had at least one son:

        a. John Thomas Odom, born in 1876; died in 1949. Married Florence Annie Miller, born in 1898 and they had at least one son:

            (1) JOHN THOMAS ODOM, JR., the man who provided me with a wealth of information on so many of the families in in this book: Allens, Dudleys, Jeters, Harrises, Hicks, Mayers and Nances.







James Madison Hicks, fourth child and second son of Bishop Hicks and Caty Jeter, was born in Wake County, North Carolina in 1790, according to John T. Odom. So, he was not the oldest son after all. James married Elizabeth Gill in Wake Co. North Carolina on December 16, 1812 and they had at least seven children.

    1. Latha Lucy Hicks; married Wyatt Mangum January 21, 1836 in Wake County, North Carolina.

      A. Elizabeth Mangum; married Clinton Rogers and had a son.

          a. James F. Rogers

    2. James Anderson Hicks; married Sarah Sneed in Wake CO. NC on November 19, 1840. James died in 1863, and since he and his wife Sarah had no issue, she inherited one-half of his estate, with his brothers and sisters inheriting the remainder.

    It was from the estate papers of James Anderson Hicks that John Odom learned the names of James' brothers and sisters.

    3. Aradney Annie Hicks; married William H. Ward on April 22, 1841 in Wake County, NC.

    A. John C. Ward B. James A. Ward

    4. Laura Cassandra Hicks; married John W. Estes October 13, 1842, Granville Co. NC.

      A. Mary A. Estes; married Clinton Emery.

      B. Laura H. Estes

    5. Alfred Burton Hicks; married Rowan Bailey March 28, 1843 in Wake Co. NC.

    6. Fabian Lucius Hicks; married Hadvega Anderwald (born in Poland) on May 1, 1858, Bandera Co.Texas.

    7. Mary Elizabeth Hicks; married David W. Allen in Wake Co. NC on March 28, 1868.







Josiah Rux Hicks, fifth child and third son of Bishop Hicks and Caty Jeter, was born in Ragland District, Granville County North Carolina on September 21, 1792.

Josiah married Priscilla J. Jones on January 29, 1819 in Wake Co. North Carolina. She was born March 31, 1801 in Wake Co., North Carolina, the daughter of Lucy Ann Waller and Henry Gray Jones of Southhampton County, Virginia.

Priscilla's brother, Henry Covington Jones, who was born in Wake County also, married Sarah "Sallie" Davis, daughter of Enoch Davis, Sr (see chapter on Sarah Davis in the Davis Section of this book).

Priscilla Jones' sister, Julia Ann Jones, married Solomon Wilder Portis, and their daughter, Lucy Ann Portis, married Malachi Stabler. Malachi had a sister, Ellen Janie Stabler, who was married to Thomas A. Cook November 16, 1872. In 1878 Thomas and Ellen had a son, Thomas Malachi Cook, who was married to Addie Belle Clark (see chapter on Lettie Ann Kennedy and Abasalom Clark in Kennedy Section of this book).

Also, Thomas A. Cook had a brother, Samuel Bernard Alexander Cook, who married Ada Byron Davis (see chapter on Johnson Davis in Davis Section of this book).

When Priscilla's father, Henry Gray Jones, died his widow, Lucy Ann Waller Jones, relinquished the right to be the Administrator of her husband's estate. This duty was granted by the Court in February of 1819 to Josiah Hicks, Henry and Lucy's son-in-law. Josiah's securities were his brother, James Madison Hicks, and his brother-in-law, William Allen, husband of Mary Polly" Hicks.

Josiah and Priscilla moved their family to Clarke County, AL in 1827 and he died there October 21, 1836. Priscilla died February 27, 1851. They are buried in Spinks Cemetery, Grove Hill, Alabama.

Josiah and Priscilla lived in the Lower Peach Tree Precinct of Wilcox County and they had the following eight children:

1. Joseph Oscar Hicks 5. David Payne Hicks

2. Martha Ann Hicks 6. Cassandra A. Hicks

3. Henry Gray Hicks 7. Emma Delia Hicks

4. Catherine Hicks 8. Aradney Elmira Hicks




    1. Joseph Oscar Hicks, oldest child of Josiah Rux Hicks and Priscilla J. Jones, was born March 22,1822 in North Carolina. He married Letitia Shaw in 1848. Letitia was born February 9, 1828 and died in Clarke Co. December 4, 1884 Joseph died November 5, 1892, and he and Lettie are buried in the Grove Hill Cemetery.

    The 1860 Clarke Co. Census listed the family as follows:

      Joseph O. Hicks, age 38 Per.Pro. $6000 B. NC

      Letitia 32 "

      Priscilla J. 7 B. Monroe Co.

      Lamartine 0. 11 B. Wilcox Co.

      Joseph W. 9 "

      James L. 6 "

      Aradney A. 3 B. Clarke Co.

      Rolla 0. 2 "

      David 3 mos. "

    The 1870 Clarke County Census listed the family thus:

      J. O. Hicks age 50 R.E. $1200 P.P. $800

      Lettie 45

      Lamartine 22

      Joseph 20

      Isadore 18

      Leopold 16

      Henry 14

      Lettie 12

      Julia 6

      A. Lamartine O. (probably Oscar) Hicks may have been the oldest child of Joseph Oscar Hicks and his wife, Lettie. He was born in Wilcox County on August 28, 1849 and died on July 18, 1921. He married Mary K. Chapman in Jackson, AL on November 14, 1878. She was December 21, 1859 and died February 20, 1934; buried in a Jackson Cemetery, as is Lamartine.

      Lamartine and his family lived in Jackson, where he had a medical practice. He and Mary had at least four children. All of them died early in life. Up to this time (1991) I have been unable to locate any other children.

          a. Lamartine Hicks, born in 1884; died February 8, 1892.

          b. Kossuth Mayer Hicks, born May 29, 1886; died on July 21, 1888. Buried in cemetery at Jackson.






          c. Monroe Hicks, born in August of 1888; died in October of 1892.

          d. Archibald Hicks, born in 1890; died October 5, 1892.

      How sad for Lamartine and Mary to lose four young children. The first, third and fourth children all died the same year. The third and fourth died the same month.

      B. Joseph W. Hicks, second son of J. O. and Lettie Hicks, was born in 1850. In Rev. T. H. Ball's book, Clarke County Alabama and Its Surroundings, he stated that J. W. Hicks of Peach Tree, a merchant, was one of the sons of J. Oscar Hicks. John Thomas Odom says J. W. Hicks married Lucy Bettie Gregg on April 17, 1878 at the home of Kossuth Mayer. The wedding is recorded in the Marriage Records of Clarke County.

      Bettie was the daughter of 0. T. P. Gregg and the granddaughter of Robert H. Gregg. Therefore, Lucy Bettie was a cousin of Alice Powe, who was married to Kossuth Mayer, Sr.

      Joseph and Bettie had at least two children:

          a. Joe Hicks

          b. Fannie Hicks; married Ben D. Stabler. An account of their wedding, which took place on February 3, 1899, is attached.

      The 1900 Clarke County Census listed Bettie Hicks,age 45, born December 1854, and a son Joseph 0. Hicks,age 17, born May 1883, living in the home with her. This could be Lucy Bettie Gregg Hicks and her son Joseph, as their ages fit.

      C. Isadore Hicks, third child and first daughter of J. Oscar and Lettie Hicks, was born in 1852 and died on

      June 2, 1894. She lived most of her life in Lower Peach Tree. Never married.

      D. Priscilla J. Hicks, fourth child and second daughter of J. Oscar and Lettie Hicks, was born in 1853 according to the 1860 Census. She was not listed in the 1870 Census, so was evidently deceased by that time. However, she would have been seventeen years old in 1870, so she could have been married and out of the home.






      E. James Leopold Hicks, fifth child and third son of J. O. and Lettie Hicks, was born in 1854, according to the 1860 and 1870 Census. However, his tombstone in the Spinks Cemetery, Grove Hill, gives his birth as July 2, 1851. He died October 5, 1872.

      F. Henry Hicks, sixth child and fourth son of J. 0. and Lettie Hicks, born in 1856, according to the 1870 Census. Where was he when the 1860 Census was taken? Perhaps he is the same person as Albert H. Hicks that Rev. Ball speaks of in his book - he said J. Oscar had a son named Albert H. Hicks.

      G. Aradney A. Hicks, seventh child and third daughter of J. 0. and Lettie Hicks, was born in 1857, according to the 1860 Census. Rev.Ball stated in his book that J. Oscar Hicks had a daughter named Annie. Is that the same person as Aradney A. Hicks? Where was she at the time of the 1870 Census? Could she be the the same person as Lettie in that census?

      H. Rolla 0. Hicks, eighth child and fifth son of J. 0. and Lettie Hicks, was born in 1858. Apparently he is the same son of J. 0. that Rev. Ball speaks of in his book - Raleigh 0. Hicks.

      I. David P. Hicks, ninth child and sixth son of J. Oscar and Lettie Hicks, was born in 1859. He was listed by Rev. T. H. Ball as one of J. Oscar Hicks' sons.

      The following Hicks family in the Clarke County 1900 Census may be for the above David P. Hicks family, as the names of the children are the ones in this family.

      David P. Hicks age 40 B. April 1860

      Mary G. 26 Jan. 1874

      Lettie R. 5 Oct. 1894

      Oscar A. 3 Mar. 1897

      Joe D. 9 mos. Aug. 1899

      J. Julia Hicks, tenth child and fourth daughter of J. 0. and Lettie Hicks, was born in 1864, according to the 1870 Clarke County Census. No further information.

      K. Cassandra M. E. Hicks, eleventh child and fifth daughter of J. Oscar and Lettie Hicks, was born on February 26, 1866 and died on June 21, 1888. She is buried in the Grove Hill Cemetery. Cassandra never married.





    2. Martha Ann Hicks, second child and first daughter of Josiah Rux Hicks and Priscilla J. Jones, was born in 1824. Martha married Jacob Mayer on May 30, 1849 in Wilcox County. 0. H. Gregg was the Security and W.E. Powe, J. P., officiated at the wedding.

    Jacob Mayer was born in Bavaria, Germany, and at the time of the 1860 Wilcox County Census, his real estate was valued at $12,000 and his personal property over $51,000. He must have been a shrewd business man, because just ten years prior to that, his real estate was valued at only $ 700.00.

    Martha Ann Hicks and Jacob Mayer had four children:

      A. Kossuth Aaron Mayer, born March 10, 1850; died May 18, 1909; buried in Lower Peach Tree Cemetery, Wilcox County. Kossuth married Alice Gregg Powe on October 14, 1874 at the home of her parents, Jane M. Gregg and William E. Powe. The marriage was recorded in Wilcox County Marriage Records, Vol. 7, p.256. A. C. Hundley was the minister. Alice's maternal grandfather was Robert H. Gregg. Alice was born in 1850 and died in 1936; She was buried beside her husband.

    The 1880 Wilcox County Census listed the family as follows:

      Kossuth Aaron Mayer age 30

      Alice Mayer 30

      Jacob William "Willie" 4

      Infant son

      Bettie Hicks 17

    The 1900 Wilcox County Census listed the family thus:

      Kossuth A. Mayer, merchant, age 50, born March 1850

      Alice G. Mayer 49 Sept. 1850

      K. A. Mayer, Jr. physician 23 Sept. 1877

      Mabel Mayer music teacher 19 Jan. 1881

      Daniel Gregg Mayer student 16 Dec. 1883

        a. Jacob William Mayer, first son of Kossuth and Alice Mayer, was born in 1875 and died in 1915. Buried in Lower Peach Tree Cemetery. The 1910 Census listed Jacob, age 34, Lula E., age 31, and daughter Kossuth L. Mayer, four months old. John Odom thinks Lula E. might be a granddaughter of Solomon Wilder Portis and Julia Ann Jones.







      b. Kossuth Aaron Mayer, Jr., second son of Kossuth and Alice, was born September 8, 1877 and died March 3, 1949. Married Janie Hope Curtis, born September 20, 1885; died October 14, 1963. Janie and Dr. Mayer are buried in Lower Peach Tree Cemetery. No issue.

      Janie Curtis was the daughter of Dr. Alphonso B. Curtis and Leonora C. Hope. Janie's paternal grandfather was Dr. Christopher Columbus Curtis. Dr. C. C. Curtis' first wife (mother of Alphonso) was Julia E. England. After the death of Julia, Dr. C. C. Curtis married Viola S. Powe, sister of Alice Gregg Powe Mayer.

      Dr. C. C. Curtis' father was James Hinton Curtis and his mother was Sarah Bittle Jones, according to Doris Thomason Parker, Montgomery. Sarah was a sister of Priscilla J. Jones (wife of Josiah Rux Hicks) and Julia Ann Jones (wife of Solomon Wilder Portis).

      It is interesting how the same families in certain communities inter-married, almost as if they wanted to keep within the same families.

      Kossuth Aaron Mayer Jr. was a well-known physician in the counties of Clarke and Wilcox, and maybe in Monroe as well. He delivered hundreds of babies in that area - probably thousands - including my sister Miriam. He would have delivered me but I was born in January and the creeks were up!! We were living in Chance and the unpaved roads into that community were impassable during seasons of rain. So Dr. Mayer told Mother to get "Aunt Polly", one of the local midwives, to bring me into this world.

      Dr. Mayer had a host of friends, among whom was my father, Leo Hobson Kennedy. Since discovering that Dr. Mayer's grandmother was a Hicks, I have wondered if he and Daddy knew they were distantly related. Probably not.

      A copy of a tribute to Dr. Mayer is attached, as well as a tribute to his father Kossuth Aaron Mayer, Sr.







        c. Daniel Gregg Mayer, third son of Kossuth Aaron Mayer, Sr. and his wife, Alice Gregg Powe, was born in 1883 and died in 1935. He married Coralie Irene Jeffrey in Lower Peach Tree on June 30,1913 according Wilcox County Marriage Records. The wedding was recorded on page 359, Book 1908-10.

        Coralie was the daughter of Lucy i.Canterbury and Covington Ruth Jeffrey. Her sister, Bryce Miller Jeffrey, was married to Johnnie Grey Larrimore, grandson of E. P. Larrimore (see chapter on Mary "Polly" Hicks and William Allen).

        Coralie was born in 1893 and died in 1935. She and Dannie are buried in the Lower Peach Tree Cemetery. They had two daughters.

            (1) Dannie Irene Mayer

            (2) Coralie Mayer

        d. Mabel Mayer, only daughter of Kossuth, Sr. and Alice was born c.1885. Married first on December 4, 1901 to Dr. Charles H. Moore, born on January 26, 1880. He died August 13, 1902, eight months after their wedding. Dr. Moore was buried in the Lower Peach Tree Cemetery. one child:

          (1) Charles Ione Moore, born in 1902.

        Mabel married second, T. P. Johnston.

      B. Dannie C. J. Mayer, first daughter of Jacob Mayer and his first wife, Martha Ann Hicks, was born March 26 1858; died October 10, 1918; buried in Lower Peach Tree Cemetery. Married M. W. Aldridge on March 29, 1890. Four children:

        a. Jacob Frederick Aldridge; married Hattie Powe.

        b. Mayer Westbrook Aldridge;married Annie Mae Shook.

        C. Fannie Aldridge; never married.

        d. Marietta Mayer; married William Morris Ezelle.

      C. Fannie Priscilla Mayer, daughter of Jacob Mayer and his first wife, Martha Ann Hicks, married John Marshall Wilson. The wedding took place November 31, 1877, as recorded in Vol. 9, p.432, Wilcox County Marriage Records. George F. Ellis was the minister. Fannie and John had six children:






          a. John M. Wilson, physician in Mobile. Wife's name was Margaret.

          b. Lewis F. Wilson, dentist in Mobile. Wife's name was Nora.

          C. Annie Marshall Wilson; married Quincy W. Tucker.

          d. Pearlee Wilson; married Dr. Cobb Nichols.

          e. Kossie Wilson; married Richard J. Chapman.

          f. Helen Wilson; married K. C. Winter, Mobile.

        D. Lucy Mayer, fourth child of Martha Ann Hicks and Jacob Mayer, died early in life.

Martha Ann Hicks, first wife of Jacob Mayer, died in October of 1862 and was buried in Lower Peach Tree Cemetery.

    6. Cassandra A. Hicks, sixth child and third daughter of Josiah Rux Hicks and Priscilla J. Jones, was born March 15, 1834. Three months after the death of Martha Ann, Cassandra married Jacob Mayer. The wedding took place in Wilcox County on January 4, 1863, with M. M. Nettles, Justice of Peace, officiating. The wedding was recorded on p.52 of Vol. 6, Wilcox County Marriage Records.

    There is a tombstone in the Lower Peach Tree Cemetery for a young girl who could have been the first child born to Jacob and Cassandra. It was quite common for a man and his second wife to name their first daughter for the first wife, particularly if the two wives happened to be sisters.

      D. Martha Ann Mayer; born March 25, 1867; died September 7, 1874.

      E. Julia Ann Mayer, daughter of Jacob Mayer and Cassandra A. Hicks, was born December 22, 1868; died April 7, 1931. Married in Suggsville, Clarke County, March 19, 1905, Augustine L. Slaughter, born April 21, 1857. He died January 9, 1943 and was buried in Lower Peach Tree Cemetery, as is Julia Ann. Two sons:

          a. Jacob Lewis Slaughter, born ca. 1906; died February of 1991.

          b. Augustine J. Slaughter, b. ca. 1908.






    Cassandra A. Hicks Mayer died February 10, 1873 and was buried in Lower Peach Tree Cemetery.

    8. Aradney Elmira Hicks, eighth child and fifth daughter of Josiah Rux Hicks and Priscilla J. Jones, was born September 22, 1936. She became Jacob Mayer's third wife on November 28, 1875, with David Paine, Justice of Peace, officiating. The wedding was recorded on p. 311, Vol. 7, Wilcox County Marriage Records.

    Aradney and Jacob Mayer had no issue, but he had four surviving children from his first two wives. The oldest, Kossuth Mayer, Sr. had been married approximately a year by the time his father married for the third time. Dannie Mayer, daughter of Jacob and Martha Ann, did not marry until 1890, when she was 32 years old. Fannie Priscilla, last child of Jacob and Martha Ann, was probably in her teens when her father married her Aunt Aradney. Julia Ann, daughter of Jacob and Cassandra, was only seven when Jacob married Aradney.

    Jacob Mayer and Aradney were married a little over sixteen years when he died on August 6, 1891. Aradney lived fifteen years after Jacob's death, dying on October 7, 1906. She was buried in the same plot as her two sisters and Jacob, in the Lower Peach Tree Cemetery.

    Note: You will have noticed that only four of Josiah and Priscilla Hicks' children are in this section. I chose to begin with the oldest - Joseph Oscar Hicks - and then continue with the three daughters of Josiah and Priscilla who were all married to Jacob Mayer: Martha Ann, Cassandra and Aradney Hicks.

    The remaining four children of Josiah and Priscilla are as follows:

      3. Henry Gray Hicks, third child and second son of Josiah Rux Hicks and Priscilla J. Jones, was born in 1830, according to his tombstone. There is some confusion as to his middle name - one source believes that it is "Golden" of "Goulden". I am of the opinion that it is "Gray", for the simple reason that Priscilla's father was named Henry Gray Jones. I have not seen Henry Gray Hicks' tombstone, so I cannot verify what it says.

      Henry married Mary Cornelia Finch on December 14, 1856, according to Wilcox County Marriage Records.

      The 1860 Clarke County Census listed the family as follows:






      Henry G. Hicks, age 34 R.E.$2400 P.P.$1270 B.NC

      Cornelia M. 20 AL

      Martha C. 2 "

      John 4 mos. "

      The 1870 Clarke County Census listed the same parents, but Martha C. and John were not in the home.

        H. G. Hicks age 35

        Cornelia 25

        Rux 12

        Bettie 10

        Cattie 4

        Julia 2

    By the time of the 1900 Census in Clarke County, Rufus was head of the household in Gates Beat.

      Rufus Hicks, b. June 1876 age 23, b. AL

      Minnie b. June 1879 (sister) 20

      John b. Jan. 1881 (brother) 19

      Henry G. b. Apr. 1826 (father) 74

      Mary C. b. Feb. 1834 (mother) 66

Hardly any of the above information in the 1900 Census agrees with any previous data on this family. Henry G.'s tombstone has his date of birth as 1830, yet it is given as 1826 above.

The descendants of Henry G. Hicks to which I have spoken are unable to give me much information about him and his children, so what appears below may be incorrect, except for the data on Bettie Hicks and William Howard Williamson and their descendants.

      A. Martha C. Hicks; born in 1858, according to the 1860 Clarke County Census.

      B. John Hicks; born in 1860, according to the 1860 Census.

      C. Rux Hicks; born in 1858, according to the 1870 Census record.

      D. Bettie Hicks, born in 1860. Married William Howard Williamson in Clarke County on January 21, 1883. one daughter and seven sons:

        a. Howard Williamson, born in Clarke Co. March 27, 1887; died in Selma May 29, 1942; buried in New Live Oak Cemetery, Selma. Howard marrried Marietta Powell, born January 20,1893; died August 22






        1975. She was the daughter of James Tolliver Powell and Mary Annie Breithaupt.

        Marietta was married second to William B. Wielechowsky, born in 1891; died in 1981; buried in New Live Oak Cemetery, as is Marietta.

        Howard and Marietta had a son and a daughter.

        (1) Howard Foster Williamson, born May 25, 1921 in Selma. He married Clarkie Elizabeth Dale in Oak Hill, Wilcox County, AL June 11,1947. Betty was born July 1, 1926, the daughter of John Laurie Dale and Susie Myrtle Rogers.

            (A) Howard Foster Williamson Jr. MD, born September 9, 1949. Married Judy Counts Agee on Augut 12, 1969. Two children.

                (a) Howard Foster Williamson, III, born in Birmingham May 24, 1975.

                (b) Laurie Dale Williamson, born July 12, 1980.

            (B) John Dale Williamson, born May 14,1954. Married Annie Burton Seigler Aug.3,1974.

                (a) Elizabeth Anne Williamson

        (2) Mary Elizabeth Williamson, born in Selma on April 22, 1925. Married first on November 25 1945 to Charles Carl Wielechowsky, born January 6, 1922; died March 12, 1954; buried in New Live Oak Cemetery,Selma. Charlie was the son of William B. Wielechowsky, Marietta's second husband.

          (A) Charles Carl Wielechowsky, Jr., born in Selma June 7, 1947. Married Linda Ruth Reeves in Birmingham December 26, 1968, the daughter of Dr.Thomas Joseph Reeves and Eleanor Nash. Chuck and Linda live in Houston, TX where he is a Geologist Associate and Linda teaches school.

              (a) Lindsay Elizabeth Wielechowsky,born in Houston March 10, 1978.

              (b) Thomas Reeves Wielechowsky, born in Houston on May 25, 1983.






      Libber married again on November 15, 1958, Hugh Allen Wall, born in Birmingham on April 27, 1927, the son of Robert Bruce Wall and Thelma Louise Moore. No issue from this second marriage.

      Mary Elizabeth Williamson Wielechowsky Wall told me that her father, Howard Williamson, had five brothers besides John. Their names were Rux,Jim, Gray, Bill and Connie.

      b. John Beatrice Williamson, second son of Bettie Hicks and William Howard Williamson, was born at Peacock, Clarke County, AL. Married Ollie Fleming on October 13, 1888. Ollie was the daughter of Gus Fleming and Mary Ann Phillips. Ollie died January 2, 1984 (her tombstone says January 3rd) and is buried in New Live Oak Cemetery, Selma.

      John and Ollie had three daughters, all born in Clarke County.

          (1) Inez Williamson, born December 3, 1911. She married Johnny Dobbs and had two sons.

            (A) William Drayton Dobbs; married Von Gray.

              (a) Drayton Dobbs

              (b) Amy Dobbs

              (c) Emily Dobbs

            (B) Glenn Dobbs


          (2) Marchel Williamson, born at Peacock February 17, 1916. She married Wilfred Jasper "Jack" Young, born at Plantersville, Dallas County, on November 22, 1910, the son of Frank Daniels Young and Sallie Perry. No issue. Jack died June 26, 1991 and was buried in New Live Oak Cemetery, Selma, AL.

          (3) ionny Williamson, born at Fulton on July 26, 1920. Married James Richard Minton, born at Greenville, Ohio on April 2, 1914, the son of Ernest Leon Minton and olive Rhoades. Jim died in Selma on February 21, 1990; buried in Selma. Three children:

              (A) James Richard Minton, Jr., born Marianna, Fl July 22, 1944. Married Dorothy






                Payne September, 1964. Two children:

                    (a) Dawn Marie Minton, born November 13 1965.

                    (b) James Jeffrey Minton, born January 6, 1970.

              (B) Robert Allen Minton, born in Oil City, PA on May 4, 1947. Married Linda January 10, 1970.

                  (a) James Trevor Minton, born March 28, 1976.

              (C) David Leon Minton, born August 19,1959.

        c. Rux Williamson, third son of Bettie Hicks and William Howard Williamson; married Susie Thomas on January 28, 1912, according to the Clarke Co. Marriage Records.

        d. Jim Williamson, fourth son of Bettie Hicks and William Howard Williamson.

        e. Gray Williamson, fifth son of Bettie Hicks and William Howard Williamson.

        f. Bill Williamson, sixth son of Bettie Hicks and William Howard Williamson.

        g. Connie Lee Williamson, seventh son of Bettie and William Howard Williamson; married Susie Mae Rogers, according to Clarke County Marriage Records of October 19, 1913.

        h. Bettie Williamson, only daughter of Bettie and William Howard Williamson; married Carroll W. Fleming February 10, 1916.

      E. Cattie Hicks, daughter of Henry Gray Hicks and Mary Cornelia Finch, was born in 1864.

      F. Julia Hicks, daughter of Henry Gray Hicks and Mary Cornelia Finch, was born in 1868.

      G. Rufus Hicks, son of Henry Gray Hicks and Mary Cornelia Finch, was born in 1876.

      H. Minnie Hicks, daughter of Henry Gray Hicks and his wife, Mary Cornelia Finch, was born in 1879.







      I. John Hicks, son of Henry Gray Hicks and Mary Cornelia Finch, was born in 1881.

    Henry Gray Hicks and Mary Cornelia Finch are buried in the Methodist Church Cemetery at Pleasant Hill in Clarke County. His tombstone reads: "Born in 1830, Died in 1906".

    4. Catherine Hicks, fourth child and second daughter of Josiah and Priscilla Hicks, was born February 25, 1830. She married William J. Hamilton on January 23, 1854, as recorded in the Clarke County Marriage Records.

There is a Clarke County Marriage Record on October 15, 1841, for a William J. Hamilton to Margaret A. Gordon. Catherine may have been William's second wife.

        A. Isabella Hamilton, born cl856.

        B. Ida Alice Hamilton, born cl858. At the time of the 1870 Clarke County Census, Ida, age 12, was living in the home of her father, William J. Hamilton.

        In 1880 Ida, age 22, was living in the home of her aunt and uncle, Aradney E. Hicks and Jacob Mayer.

        In 1990 Ida was still in the home of her aunt and and uncle, where she was teaching "home school".

        On October 20, 1901, Ida Alice Hamilton was married Dr. Charles Isaac Dahlberg, widower. He was originally married to Lillie Cleveland on June 16, 1887. Ida and Dr. Dahlberg were married at the home of her Aunt Aradney Mayer and after their marriage they resided in Suggsville.

        Mary Margaret Creagh Wood's records show that Lillie Cleveland was the great-granddaughter of Enoch Davis, Sr (see chapter on Eliza A.Davis in the Davis Section of this book).

      Catherine Hicks Hamilton died at her home near Grove Hill on May 6, 1859, after a long illness. She was 29 years, two months and nine days old.

      After Catherine's death her husband apparently married for the third time. There is a Clarke County Marriage Record for William J. Hamilton and Sarah C. White for February 11, 1864. Sarah was the daughter of Marion White.






    5. David Parham Hicks, fifth child and third son of Josiah Rux Hicks and Priscilla Jones, was born April 26, 1832; died January 24, 1904. Married Mary Elizabeth Jones in Wilcox County on December 8, 1860. She was born December 3, 1839 and died December 31, 1912.

    Mary Elizabeth Jones was the daughter of David Parham Jones and Martha Pugh, David being another one of the children of Henry Gray Jones and Lucy Ann Waller.

    David's brother, Joseph Oscar Hicks, also had a son named David P. Hicks. John T. Odom thinks this David's middle name was Payne.

    The David Hicks family listed in the 1870 Wilcox County Census appears to be this fifth child of Josiah and Priscilla, as the age of David fits that of David P. Hicks who is buried in the Lower Peach Tree Cemetery. The age of the wife does not fit, which is not too unusual. Also, David and Mary had a child named Walter, whose age fits their child Walter, also buried at Lower Peach Tree.

    David Hicks, farmer age 38 B. AL

    Mary 25 "

    Walter 2 "

    Fredonia 1 "

    The family resided in the Lower Peach Tree Precinct. The following account of their children is from the records of Bryce Miller Jeffrey Larrimore and David Cromwell Hicks.

      A. Allen Octavius Hicks, first child of David Parham Hicks and Mary Elizaeth Jones, was born September 12, 1862; died July 3, 1866, so that is why he was not listed in the 1870 Census. Without access to private family records, we would not know about some of these children. He wasburied in Asbury Cemetery near Lower Peach Tree.

      B. Lucy Catherine "Kitty" Hicks, born April 17, 1865 and died August 4, 1866; buried in Asbury Cemetery.

      C. Walter Gregg Hicks, third child of David Parham Hicks and Mary E. Jones, was born March 1, 1868; died January 21. 1883. Buried in Lower Peach Tree Cemetery, which is the same as Asbury.

      D. Fredonia Hicks, second child of David and his wife, was born in 1869. No further information.

      E. Cora Adelia Hicks, born March 3, 1870; died May 8,







        1920. Married R.L. Campbell on December 21, 1892. He died July 30, 1943.

            a. Edwin King Campbell, born October 24, 1893.

            b. John Duncan Campbell, born December 24, 1894.

            c. Cora Lee Campbell, born November 19, 1896.

            d. Anne Mary Campbell, born Decembe 11, 1898.

            e. Rosa Nell Campbell, born Decemberll, 1898.

            f. David Barnes Campbell, twin, born July 27, 1904.

            g. Robert Donald Campbell, twin,born July 27, 1904.

      F. David Henry Hicks, born October 14, 1871; died September 23, 1878. Buried at Lower Peach Tree.

      G. John Paul Hicks, born March 14, 1873; died July 12, 1933. Buried at Lower Peach Tree.

      H. James Oscar Hicks, born June 15, 1874; died January 9 1964; buried at Liberty Cemetery, Wilcox Co. Married Margaret Susan Privett, daughter of Green Privett and Hattie Leona Davis (see chapter on Johnson Davis in Davis Section of this book).

      I. Josiah Barnes Hicks, born June 30, 1877; died September 15, 1902. Buried at Lower Peach Tree.

      J. Mary Baye Hicks, born April 19, 1879; died April 19, 1952. Buried at Lower Peach Tree.

      K. Anna Belle Hicks, born October 25, 1880; died December 11, 1881. Buried at Lower Peach Tree.

      L. Jeffrey Ann Hicks, born December 14, 1882; died September 7, 1967. Buried at Lower Peach Tree.


    6. Cassandra A. Hicks; see above.

    7. Emma Delia Hicks, seventh child and fourth daughter of Josiah and Priscilla Hicks, was born in 1834; never married. She was deceased by August 18, 1859, as her name was not listed on a deed as an heir of her deceased parent' real estate.

    8. Aradney Elmira Hicks; see above.







Jeter Hicks, son of Bishop Hicks and Caty Jeter, left home at an early age, according to a letter from Fabius Haywood Hicks to Robert Covington Hicks of Sulphur Springs, Texas. Jeter settled in Missouri and raised a family there. One of his sons or grandsons was the "famous weather prophet". The letter also stated that Jeter Hicks became a Presbyterian minister (see attached copy of letter).

History buffs will recall that the State of Missouri remained in the Union, but some residents joined the Confederate Army. One of the latter was John Nelson Hicks, son of Jeter Hicks. This fact must not have sat too well with Thomas E. Hatcher, Clerk of the Marion County Court in Missouri. John Nelson Hicks was supposed to administer his father's estate but his whereabouts were unknown, and Hatcher stated....... it is generally supposed that he is in the Rebels or so-called Confederate Army.......

Before settling in Missouri, Jeter Hicks lived in Wake Co. NC according to John Thomas Odom. Wake County Deed Book 6, p.120, shows that he sold land on January 9, 1819. He then moved to Washington County, Tennessee, and from there, went to Missouri, as far as we know.

Jeter Hicks married Julia A. D. Nelson. In the 1850 Census his occupation was listed as "Miller", with no mention of his being a Presbyterian minister, as Fabius Haywood Hicks stated in his letter.

    Jeter Hicks, miller,age 53

    Julia A. D. 49

    Martha L. 17

    John N. 15

    Samuel K. 13

    Catherine E. 11

    Ann J. 7

In 1860, the family was listed thus:

    Jeter Hicks, miller Age 62 R.E. $3000 P.P.$200 B.GA

    Julia Ann D. 58 TN

    Martha L. 27 "

    John Nelson 24 "

    Samuel K. 22 $2500 MO

    Catherine E. 21 "

    Ann J. 17 "

Jeter Hicks made his will (see attached copy) on April 17, 1862, and it was probated on June 18, 1863. The exact date






of his death is unknown but we do know that it was between those two dates.

John T. Odom believes that one of Jeter's daughters married Robert N. Sloan, because on July 20, 1869, John Nelson Hicks sold a tract of land to Robert. This document is recorded in Marion County, Missouri in Deed Volume U2, page 186. Also you will note that Robert N. Sloan was appointed by the Court to administer the estate of Jeter Hicks.

Odom also believes that John Nelson Hicks and other family members left Missouri and migrated to Nevada.


      7. The last child of Bishop Hicks and Caty Jeter was WILLIS BISHOP HICKS. See next chapter for a complete account of him and his descendants.







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