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Lakeview Cemetery

Lakeview Cemetery is located on Cemetery Road, off Lake Street, just south of the Village of Richfield Springs. It has about 3000 graves. Both it and St. Joseph's Cemtery are number 149 on the 2001 Otsego County Cemetery map. St Joseph's is a Catholic cemetery located behind Lakeview Cemetery. Monica Harris, Town of Richfield Clerk supplied the cemetery records. A survey of cemetery was done in May of 2003.

Lakeview Cemetery is governed by the Village of Richfield Springs cemetery commission. It has been called the Richfield Springs Cemetery. A Main street address of the public library has been listed for it. There has never be actual cemetery on Main Steet in Richfield Springs. The public library has held the records for this cemetery.

George Hewes, who took part in the Boston Tea Party, is buried on Lot #3. Ellen Chapsaddle, the noted postcard artist, is buried on lot # 215

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The "lot" number is a shorten version of the "location" and was used to sort the data. The location that may include only part of a lot or more than one lot came from the cemetery records. The owner of the lot, also from these records, is include in the comments for one person on that lot. The following data is supplied.

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