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The Gross-Steinberg Family Tree presents:

The Haimowitz Family Tree

by James Gross

This page is dedicated to the memory
those siblings caught up in the holocaust...

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The Haimowitz family origionated from the town of
Moishe Haimowitz m. Rose Moishe died 1886 I. Moishe Haimowitz had 6 known children: A. Avraham Haimowitz B. Sarah "chaya" (Haimowitz) Green C. Rachael Leah Haimowitz D. Rebecca "Rivkah" Haimowitz E. David Haimowitz F. Leo Haimowitz G. Israel Haimowitz A. Avraham Haimowitz m. Mindel (Fogel) 1. Machla [b 1887] 2. Sarah (Haimowitz) [b 1893] m. Oskar Eckert a. b. c. Rita (Eckert) m. Harry Kotschack 3. Rusa b 1894 4. Moishey b. 1897 5. Hirsch [b 1899]m. Esther (Schwartzman) 6. Treina [b1901]m. Schweitzer 7. Chaje (Hamo) [b 1906] m. #1 Gilgul,m. #2 Oskar Eckert B. Sarah Green m. #1 Louis Fucks, m. #2 Louis Green (geringer) Sarah came to the US in 1895 with son Leopold. Sarah came from Berlin with Leopold. Married Louis Green (aka Louis Geringer) in 1896. info: Louis owned a roofing business in Phila, he fell off a roof in 1912. 1. Leopold Green m. Rose (Lebin) 2. Reba (Green) m Dr. Nathan Steinberg 3. Rose (Green) m Dr. Morton Medvene 4. Martin Green m Myrtle (Cohen) 5. Fannie (Green) m. #1 Benjamin Ziegerman,m. #2 Henry Dubois 6. Mary Green D. Rebecca "Rivkah" Haimowitz The family was origionally from Riga,Latvia. She was from a wealthy Vienna Jewish family. As a young lady she became friends with the Czarina in Berlin. After the Czarina moved to Russia, she sent for her friend, Rebecca. Rebecca became was the personal assistant and friend to the czarina of Russia. She was a nurse by profession. She helped to take care of or supervise care of the czarina's sickly son. She used her sisters married name. She was known as "Madame Geringer" or Madame Gheringer in the Czarina's court. The family story is that she was able to bribe her way out of Russia using her jewelry or precious stones. She eventually made her way to her family in Riga after the Czar's family was killed. Emigrated to the US on 2/17/22. "Rebecca Haimovitsch" age 40, on ship Polonia. Unfortunately, per the family story, she was never able to adjust to life as a commoner. She only spoke German and the only other person who she could converse with was her sister, Sarah Green. Rebecca died in Phila in 1925 due to complications of uterine cancer. Sarah loved her sister so much that she tried to save her sister by authorizing a medical operation. Unfortunately, Rebecca was suffering from uterine cancer and died.
(see the below website for some published comments on her. There is a reference to her in the post entitled," Re: The Empress Alexandra Fights Back #3 I will try and upload a picture of her due to the historical importance.

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