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23 Oct 1999 - Erbs in the 1790 Census. Added new information about the mysterious Mussock Erb and two of his children.

23 Oct 1999 - New ERB / LARKINS Genealogy site goes online at Rootsweb. This site largely duplicates my GeoCities Site, which has been on the web for two years. The entries below chronicle the development of that site, but the links will take you to the comparable pages on this site.

3 Oct 1999 - Erb Marriage Alliances. Added 7 new BAUMAN / BOWMAN marriages and 3 new BEARs.

1 Oct 1999 - Erb Wills in Lancaster County, PA. Updated this list by changing 1 attribution and adding 5 new will abstracts.

21 Sep 1999 - Erb Marriage Alliances. Added 7 new MILLER marriages.

1 Sep 1999 - Christian Erb 1703. Updated this essay to reflect recent email from Daniel Lee Wenger, who will no longer be listing Christian 1703 as the father of Christian 1734 at the next Wenger Project site update.

25 Jul 1999 - Erb Marriage Alliances. Added three new BRUBACHER marriages and four new BOMBERGERs.

24 Jul 1999 - Complete Outline of the Descendants of Nicholas Erb. This is another major update that adds a year's worth of new material to the former outline, including about 200 new ERBs. If you have already used the old outline, you'll find a few changed dates and relationships in the new one. The new information supercedes the old.

22 Jul 1999 - New Email Address. The new email address for John Larkins is The old email address -- -- will no longer function after July 25, 1999. Please update your address books, and let me hear from you.

22 Jul 1999 - Surnames1. Updated the genealogy database with 681 new individuals, 227 new families, and 101 new ERBs. (The total number of ERBs is now 951.) This is a major revision that incorporates seven months of new acquisitions and adds many new details to the existing material. Also found a way to suppress the anoying popup ads on all the gedcom pages. (Instead, you'll find a lot of fixed geoguide ads, but they can be scrolled out of view without waiting and clicking.)

14 Jul 1999 - Christophel Erb. Revised this page to exclude the possibility that Christophel was a feminine nickname for Magdalena and to raise the question of whether "Christophel" might have grown up to be "Christopher."

21 Jun 1999 - Christian Erb 1703. Extensively revised and expanded my remarks on the misidentification of Christian 1703 as the father of Christian 1734. With links to web pages that take different positions on this issue.

18 Jun 1999 - Christophel Erb. Added a small page about someone who may or may not be a child of Nicholas Claus.

16 Jun 1999 - Erb Marriage Alliances. Added a new BRICKER marriage.

10 Jun 1999 - Erbs in the 1790 Census. Added details to three more of the 23 Erb families. Michael, Jacob, and Lawrence Erb of Northampton Co. are now definitely identified as brothers.

6 Jun 1999 - Erbs in the 1790 Census. Added details to two of the 23 Erb families. Christopher Erb has been identified and the names of Messach Erb's children added.

15 Apr 1999 - Erb Marriage Alliances. Added a new SHIRK marriage and prettied up the page.

10 Apr 1999 - Ahnentafel. Added 4 new ancestors: KAY and FENBY in the 1800s, plus STEINER, and BICHSEL in the 1550s -- the last two found on the new LDS web site.

3 Apr 1999 - Surnames2. Updated the genealogy database with 344 new individuals, including 111 new ERBs, to reach totals of over 2,500 individuals
and over 860 ERBs. Added the full group of Casper ERB's descendants in Montgomery Co., PA, plus other ERB families in Northampton, and Franklin Counties and some new ERBs in Michigan, Ilinois, and Wisconsin. (A similar update for Surnames1 is coming soon.)

3 Apr 1999 - ERBs in the 1790 Census of Pennsylvania. Added a cross-section of all the Erbs in America at the time of the First Census of the United States -- with identifications and brief biographies of each.

3 Apr 1999 - Residents of 1857-1879 Otterville, Canada. . Added a list of the ERB, SCANLAN, SEAMONS and other interrelated families that lived together in what is now South Norwich, Ontario for a brief twenty year period before many of them emigrated to Michigan.

3 Apr 1999 - LARKIN Convicts to Australia. Added a full index of all the Larkin convicts transported from Ireland -- with full details from the original English records and links to additional sources.

30 Jan 1999 - Erb Wills in Lancaster County, PA. Added a list of the 27 Erbs whose wills were filed in Lancaster Co. from 1727 to 1850 -- identifying, where possible, the individuals involved.

22 Jan 1999 - Erb Marriage Alliances . Added 5 new BURKHOLDERs, 6 new EBYs, and 1 new BRICKER to the list.

26 Dec 1998 - Erb Marriage Alliances . Added some HERSHEY-ERB marriages.

2 Dec 1998 - Surnames1. Updated the genealogy database with 99 new individuals and 39 new families. Added information about the SHRANTZ family that came to Pennsylvania along with Nicholas Erb's family on the Charming Nancy in 1737. And added some newly uncovered descendants of the family of Joseph ERB 1828 and his second wife Adelia SEAMONS from their children born in Roanoke, VA.

26 Nov 1998 - The Photo Album. Introduced a 17-page set of captioned photos of people and places with links between photos, links to the family trees of each individual, and links to off-site information.

26 Nov 1998 - Erb Marriage Alliances. Added some SHIRK and MARTIN marriages.

21 Nov 1998 - Ancestors (Modified Ahnentafel]. Revised and added to the ancestors of Mary Shirk 1734, carrying the SHIRK line back to the mid-1500s in the Emmental Valley of Canton Bern, Switzerland.

2 Oct 1998 - Surnames1. Revised the database format from GedPage to Ged2HTML. Added extra Gedcom Tags such as CENSUS, IMMIGRATION, OCCUPATION, PROPERTY, and WILL. And included source links for each item of information.


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