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BELOW. The 18th-century Erbs first settled in Lancaster County in the Southeastern corner of Pennsylvania--then a British Province. Later, some Erbs moved to nearby Lebanon and York Counties. The Port of Philadelphia, where the immigrant ships from Europe landed at the end of a long inlet, is in Phildelphia County in the lower right hand corner.

BELOW. Most of the townships within Lancaster County have changed their boundaries over time, splitting into smaller and more densely populated units. So an early birthplace or place of burial may exist today under a different name. The coded map and table below can help in understanding these changes. It is organized according to the modern names, but it also traces them back to the original townships they came from. The earliest Erbs settled in Warwick, Manheim, Lititz, Clay, and Earl townships.

The main locations of 18th-century Erbs are given in bold face.
  1. ADAMSTOWN Borough, formed 1850 from East Cocalico Twp.
  2. AKRON Borough, formed 1895 from Ephrata Twp.
  3. BART Twp., formed 1744 from Sadsbury Twp.
  4. BRECKNOCK Twp., formed 1740
  5. CAERNARVON Twp., original township
  6. CHRISTIANA Borough, formed 1894 from Sadsbury Twp.
  7. CLAY Twp., formed 1853 from Elizabeth Twp.
  8. COLERAIN Twp., formed 1738 from Drumore Twp.
  9. COLUMBIA Borough, formed 1814 from Hempfield Twp.
  10. CONESTOGA Twp., original Twp.
  11. CONOY Twp., formed 1842 from West Donegal Twp.
  12. DENVER Borough, formed 1900 from East Cocalico Twp.
  13. DRUMORE Twp., origina Twp.
  14. EARL Twp., original Twp.
  15. EAST COCALICO Twp., formed 1838 from Cocalico Twp.
  16. EAST DONEGAL Twp., formed 1838 from Donegal Twp.
  17. EAST DRUMORE Twp., formed 1886 from Durmore Twp.
  18. EAST EARL Twp., formed 1851 from Earl Twp.
  19. EAST HEMPFIELD Twp., formed 1818 from Hempfield Twp.
  20. EAST LAMPETER Twp., formed 1841 from Lampeter Twp.
  21. EAST PETERSBURG Borough, formed 1946 from East Hempfield Twp.
  22. EDEN Twp., formed 1855 from Bart Twp.
  23. ELIZABETH Twp., formed 1757 from Warwick Twp.
  24. ELIZABETHTOWN Borough, formed 1872 from West Donegal
    and Mount Joy Twp.
  25. EPHRATA Borough, formed 1891 from Ephrata Twp.
  26. EPHRATA Twp., formed 1838 from Cocalico Twp.
  27. FULTON Twp., formed 1844 from Little Britain Twp.
  28. LANCASTER City, formed as a borough in 1742 and became a city 1818,
    from Lancaster Twp.
  29. LANCASTER Twp., original township
  30. LEACOCK Twp., original township
  31. LITITZ Borough, formed 1888 from Warwick Twp.
  32. LITTLE BRITAIN Twp., formed 1738 from Drumore Twp.
  33. MANHEIM Borough, formed 1838 from Rapho Twp.
  34. MANHEIM Twp., original Twp.
  35. MANOR Twp., formed 1759 from Hempfield Twp.
  36. MARIETTA Borough, formed 1812 from Donegal Twp.
  37. MARTIC Twp., original township
  38. MILLERSVILLE Borough, formed 1932 from Manor Twp.
  39. MOUNT JOY Borough, formed 1851 from Mount Joy and East Donegal Twp.
  40. MOUNT JOY Twp., formed 1759 from Donegal Twp.
  41. MOUNTVILLE Borough, formed 1906 from West Hempfield Twp.
  42. NEW HOLLAND Borough, formed 1895 from Earl Twp.
  43. PARADISE Twp., formed 1843 from Strasburg Twp.
  44. PENN Twp., formed 1846 from Warwick Twp.
  45. PEQUEA Twp., formed 1853 from Conestoga Twp.
  46. PROVIDENCE Twp., formed 1853 from Martic Twp.
  47. QUARRYVILLE Borough, formed 1892 from Eden and East Drumore Twp.
  48. RAPHO Twp., formed 1741 from Donegal Twp.
  49. SADSBURY Twp., original township
  50. SALISBURY Twp, original township
  51. STRASBURG Borough, formed 1816 from Strasburg Twp.
  52. STRASBURG Twp., formed 1759 from Leacock Twp.
  53. TERRE HILL Borough, formed 1908 from East Earl Twp.
  54. UPPER LEACOCK Twp., formed 1843 from Leacock Twp.
  55. WARWICK Twp., original township
  56. WASHINGTON Borough, formed 1827 from Manor Twp. and returned to
    village status in 1973
  57. WEST COCALICO Twp., formed 1838 from Cocalico Twp.
  58. WEST DONEGAL Twp., formed 1838 from Donegal Twp.
  59. WEST EARL Twp., formed 1833 from Earl Twp.
  60. WEST HEMPFIELD Twp., formed 1818 from Hempfield Twp.
  61. WEST LAMPETER Twp., formed 1841 from Lampeter Twp.
Source: Lancaster County Historical Society

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