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The Estate of John Erb (c1785 - 1825)

Died in Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., PA in 1825.
Left a widow, Elizabeth, and four minor children: Daniel (age 17), Christian (age 15), John (age 13), and Elizabeth (age 11).
Executors: John Birely, Adam Lefever, Jacob Lefever, and Emmanuel Bowman, "all of Lampeter".

Source: James C. Landis (

Notes: John Erb was the son of Messach Erb (1756-1833) of Lampeter Township. Executor Adam Lefever (1779-1847) was the husband of John's sister Catherine Erb (1781-1853). John's 1825 death preceeded the death of his father, and Messach's 1833 will describes him as deceased.

The names of John's wife and children rule out the possibility that he was the son of John (Hans) Erb (1713-1783), as previously indicated here.