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INDEX to Irish Larkin Convicts Transported to Australia 1791-1853

Using the Index: The "Name" column includes surnames for a number of female convicts which may be either their married name or their maiden name. The "Birth" column shows birthdates that were calculated by subtracting the convicts' ages (where known) from the date of their trial. Depending on their month of birth, in some cases it could be one year off. The "Place" column shows the location in Ireland where their trial was held. It indicates a county unless a city is specifically mentioned.

The purpose of this index is to give users a chance to make a quick search to see if anyone they might be interested is included in the two files below which contain much fuller details. All of the male convicts and some of the of the female convicts are in the first list -- Larkin Convicts . Some additional females are in the smaller second file -- Female Larkin Convicts.

Name Birth Place Notes
LARKIN, Bridget Cumberland
LARKIN, Bridget Limerick City aka Bridget Kelly
LARKIN, Bryan Dublin City
LARKIN, Cath Galway
LARKIN, Catherine Cavan
LARKIN, Denis b.1818 Queens
LARKIN, Edmond b.1818 Kilkenny
LARKIN, Elizabeth b.1825 Kings
LARKIN, Esther Galway Wife of Hugh
LARKIN, Francis b.1820 Roscommon
LARKIN, Francis b.1820 Longford
LARKIN, Hugh Galway
LARKIN, James b.1833 Fermanagh
LARKIN, James b.1827 Tipperary
LARKIN, James b.1818 Waterford City
LARKIN, James b.1821 Kilkenny
LARKIN, James b.1808 Kings
LARKIN, John b.1827 Dublin City
LARKIN, John Galway
LARKIN, John b.1810 Queens
LARKIN, John b.1817 Kildare
LARKIN, John b.1817 Tynagh
LARKIN, Joseph b.1777 Kings
LARKIN, Margaret b.1817 Galway
LARKIN, Margaret Clonmell
LARKIN, Margaret Tipperary
LARKIN, Malachy b.1833 Kilkenny
LARKIN, Martin Limerick City
LARKIN, Mary b.1808 Kerry
LARKIN, Mary b.1802 Kings
LARKIN, Mat b.1826 Westmeath
LARKIN, Michael Clare Died in jail 1851
LARKIN, Owen b.1830 Roscommon
LARKIN, Patrick b.1822 Dublin City
LARKIN, Patrick b.1817 Galway
LARKIN, Patrick Galway Died in jail 1850s
LARKIN, Patrick b.1806 Kings
LARKIN, Sarah Louth
LARKIN, Stephen b.1832 Galway
LARKIN, Tardy Galway
LARKIN, Thomas Galway Died in jail 1853
LARKIN, Thomas Dublin
LARKIN, Thomas Galway
LARKIN, Thomas b.1810 Kings
LARKIN, Thomas b.1820 Queens
LARKIN, Valentine b.1819 Galway
LARKIN, William b.1830 Dublin City
LARKIN, Winford Galway Mother of Patrick 1808

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