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I try to respect any living individuals. When information is shared with me, I ask for their permission before posting it to this site. You will notice that some branches show "Withheld by Request" in place of their personal information. My sources are listed where applicable and include Cemetery, Church and various Parish records, all Census information found on line as well as many obituaries found online. Should your name be listed and you wish it to be removed, PLEASE email me right away. Thank you.

I am not responsible for any information that has been shared to me and will direct you to the given person should you wish to question any information.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me put these charts together. Without your help, this website would not be possible. Sorry but there are too many to list, but, you know who you are! :o)

"To err is human". While I have endeavored to be as accurate as possible, you may find errors within my information. Nothing is "carved in stone" and is an accumulation of works of many people which could open the doors for errors.

"Run and developed by Larc's Genes (aka Lori-Ann) this site has been up and running since February 2000. During this short period it has received almost 100,000 visitors. The valuable links and high level of history contained within the surnames offered presents a great resource to it's visitors." Long Island Genealogy

My Family Main Surnames CANADIAN


My mother is Dorothy Doreen Elizabeth (Morgan) RYAN and my father was Frederick Nelson RYAN. Her father was Edward Charles MORGAN b. Mar 01, 1900 and her mother was Emma (WELCOME) b. May 22, 1904. Edward's father was William George MORGAN b. 1861 and Edward's mother was Elizabeth BISHOP b. Aug 1863. William is a descendant of William MORGAN b. 1783 Blow Me Down, Newfoundland and Elizabeth is a descendant of Joseph Bishop and Susannah Eales. Emma's father was John WELCOME of Joe Batt's Arm who married Mary Louisa COBB. Emma is a descendant of Christopher COBB b. bef 1572 of Ringwood Hampshire, England. John Welcome is the son of Francis(Frank) Joseph Welcome who married (1) Emma (Freke) Mercer (2) Ann (Pope) Brown Coffin.

Larc is:
Great Granddaughter of Elizabeth BISHOP b. Aug 1863
Great Granddaughter of William George MORGAN b. 1861
13th Great Granddaughter of Christopher COBB b. bef 1575
4th Great Granddaughter of William MORGAN b. 1783.
Great Granddaughter of Israel Ryans b. Oct. 6, 1850 & Laura Oates
Great Granddaughter of John Cook & Elizabeth Critch abt 1875

It is through the Morgan & Bishop lines that I am searching these other families. Many of our common names have married into both of these and I have a lot of mixing with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins marrying into one another. To effectively and efficiently tie them all in, I have to have all of this information because of the inter-mixing. It does get confusing by the way. They cross over so many times, especially with the cousins marrying and then brothers and sisters marrying brothers and sister-in-laws etc.

"There is a culture which believes a soul doesn't die until that persons name is spoken for the last time, I like to think as Genealogists we prevent that final death. Inspired by this I created an award for Genealogy sites which are Keepers of the Souls." Best Wishes, Marion"

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Updated on August 12, 2002

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