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Name Mary "Polly" MOORE424,3990,36,210,212
Birth abt 1770, Halifax County, Virginia4720,212
Death abt 1870, Cherokee County, North Carolina212
1 William CARROLL4687,36,210,212
Father William CARROLL
Marriage 1802, Lincoln County, North Carolina4717
Children Female (~1801-)
Male (~1801-)
Solomon (1802-1843)
William (~1803-~1857)
Samuel (~1807-)
Miles Alden (1811-1864)
Joseph (1812-1873)
Daniel (1815-1899)
Absolom (1818-)
Mary "Polly" (~1820-~1890)
Notes for Mary "Polly" MOORE
414August 25, 1997
I received some information from Paul Adams and in the notes is says that Mary Polly's dad was a Moore. This is another cousin that claims that William Carroll's (1772) wife is a Moore August 25, 1997. However, I am not so sure that this information comes directly from Paul. This information is on a different form than the one he is doing his personal genealogy on. This same note says that Mary Polly Moore died about 1870, but does not say where. A letter below might help to provide the information on where Mary died.
Maria Schisel says in an email dated May 1, 1997 says that she has a note somewhere that says Mary Polly Moore Carroll was still alive in Cherokee County, North Carolina in 1860. It is possible that she was living with her daughter Mary Polly. Mary Polly was married to Nipper Adams and they lived in Cherokee County, North Carolina at that time.
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 From: Chris & Sheri Schultheis
Subject: Carroll/Kilpatrick

I found a couple of things that might clear things up for you.

Elisha and Elijah Kilpatrick/Kirkpatrick are twin brothers. Both were born 15 sep 1841. Some have the family as "KIL" others as "KIRK". I have all of mine as "KIL" since my closest ancestor was a confirmed "kilpatrick".

You mention about Mary 'Polly' Moore born about 1770, that married William Carroll, II. being alive in the 1860 Cherokee County, North Carolina census. I can confirm this to be fact as I have personally seen the microfilm that lists it. It is as follows:

Cherokee County, North Carolina 1860 Census
HH # 450

Name Age Occu Value Value Place of
Real Estate Pers Estate Birth

Adams, Nipper 39 Farmer 800 350 Halifax, Virginia
Mary 40 Haywood, North Carolina
Nelson 16 Macon, North Carolina
Lucinda 15 Macon, North Carolina
William 13 Gilmer, GA
Calvin 11 Gilmer, GA
Mary 9 Gilmer, GA
James 6 Gilmer, GA
Nipper 4 Gilmer, GA
Malinda 4 Gilmer, GA
Jasper 1 Cherokee, North Carolina
Carroll, Mary 90 Virginia

That is verbatim how it is listed from the census. So you can see the Mary Carroll, listed as age 90 from Virginia, was there. That places her DOB about 1870. It also should prove that this family moved from Macon County, North Carolina to Gilmer County, GA and back to North Carolina. Don't forget the area that is/was known as Cherokee County in 1850, was Macon County before it became a county. This means they could have actually moved back to the same place they left. Hope that makes sense.
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