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Name William CARROLL , Jr.3990,210,212
Birth abt 1803, Linoln County, North Carolina212
Death abt Jul 1857, Weakley County, Tennessee212
Birth abt 1803, Lincoln County, North Carolina
Death May 9, 1857, Buried at the family farm in Weakley County, Tennessee
Birth abt 1803, Lincoln Co, NC
Death abt Jul 1857, Weakley Co, TN
Father William CARROLL (~1772->1840)
Mother Mary "Polly" MOORE (~1770-~1870)
1 Malinda POSTELL210,212
Marriage BET. 1826 - 1827, Buncombe County, North Carolina ?
Children Lucinda (1828-1899)
William Albert (1830-1902)
Mary America (1832-1916)
Martha Jane (1835-1928)
Melvina A. (1837-1914)
Paralee (1840-<1860)
Alfred Miles "Coonie" (~1842-1917)
Rosena (1844-1928)
Daniel Whitfield (1846->1860)
Araminda (1850-1851)
Notes for William CARROLL , Jr.
414April 28, 1997 The following information was received from Ruth E. Moore in an email


HUSBAND: William Jr. Carroll
Born: abt 1803 Lincoln County, North Carolina
Died: July 1857 Weakley County, Tennessee
Buried: Family Farm Weakley County, Tennessee
Married: abt 1827 North Carolina
FATHER: William Sr. Carroll
MOTHER: Mary ( Polly Moore )
Spouse: Melinda Postell
Born: abt 1809 North Carolina
Died: Dec. 1870 Weakley County, Tennessee
FATHER: Francis Postell
MOTHER: Margaret Chastain

Name: Lucinda Carroll
Born: 27 Jan 1828 Macon County, North Carolina
Died: 28 Apr. 1899 Graves County, Kentucky
Spouse: Robert Henderson Burton
Name: William Albert Carroll
Born: 14 Dec 1830 Macon County, North Carolina
Died: 12 Jan 1902 Durant, Bryan, Oklahoma
Spouse: Levinia Coleman
Married: 20 Nov 1850/51 Weakley County, Tennessee
Other marriages
Name: Mary America Carroll
Born: 18 Dec. 1832 Macon County, North Carolina
Died: 21 Dec., 1916 Weakley County, Tennessee
Buried: Blooming Grove, Weakly County, Tennessee
Spouse: William Webb
Name: Martha Jane Carroll
Born: Apr 1835 Weakley County, Tennessee
Died: 1928 Graves County, Kentucky
Buried: Day Cemetery, Graves County, Kentucky
Spouse: William Frank Kendall
Married: 23 Sept. 1854 Paris, Weakley County, Tennessee
Melvina Carroll
Born: 15 Sept 1837 Weakley County, Tennessee
Died: 14 Jan 1914 Weakley County, Tennessee
Buried: Zion Hill, Weakley County, Tennessee
Spouse: Edward T. Bumpass
Married: 10 Oct 1857 Paris, Weakley County, Tennessee
Names: Paralee Carroll
Born: 1840
Died: Young
Name: Alfred Miles Carroll
Born: 1842 Weakely County, Tennessee
Died: 7 Apr 1917 Peacan Gap, Hunt County, Texas
Buried: Powell Cemetery, Marshall County, Oklahoma
Spouse: Tennessee Eudorda Cardwell
Married: 9 Oct 1862 Weakley County, Tennessee
Name: Rosena Carroll
Born: 1844 Weakley County, Tennessee
Died: 1928 Weakley County, Tennessee
Buried: Stunston Cem. Weak. Co., Tenn.
Spouse: Rufus P. Stunston
Married: 12 Aug 1865 Paris, Weakley County, Tennessee
Daniel Whitfield Carroll Weakley County, Tennessee
Died: aft 1860 Weakley County, Tennessee
Araminda Carroll
Born: 1850 Weakley County, Tennessee
Died: Young Weakley County, Tennessee

There is another page for this family, but I seem to have misplaced it.
Son of Alfred Miles Carroll and Tennessee Eudora Cardwell:

Name: Thomas Eugene Carroll
Born: 10 Dec 1861 Weakley County, Tennessee
Died: 17 July 1944 Ravia, Johnson County, Oklahoma
Married: 8 May 1888
Spouse: Mary Jenell Baris
Born: 17 Apr 1866 Preston, St. Johns, England
Died: 5 Jan 1938 Madill, Marshall County, Oklahoma

Their daughter: Melinda Paralee Carroll
Born: 12 July 1902 Powell, Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Died: 1 Apr 1964 Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Spouse: Lester Eugene Thornton
Born: 29 Jan 1887 Texas
Married: 23 Feb 1921 (Div) Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
Died: 6 Aug 1967 El Paso, El Paso, Texas

Their daughter Wanda Laverne Thornton married Jack Olin Hern in Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
I believe the following information comes from research done by Lavoice H. Carroll. Lavoice .H. lives in Houston, Texas. The information might be from Maria Schisel

Weakley County records show William to have owned at least 3 slaves in 1848. Their names were Tutta aged 30, Harriet aged 3 and Calvin aged 8.

William died in 1859 at about the age of 56. He is reported to have been buried on the family farm. His wife Melinda lived through the 1860 census period. We have not been able to find her death certificate or where she is buried. The farm was later divided among the children but most of them sold their interest to William Albert (Ab) Carroll. The surviving girls were all married and remained in Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. The two surviving boys, William Albert and Alfred were also married there and started their families. Sometime around 1881 both of them migrated to Indian Territory.
April 29, 1997 Email from Maria Schisel @

William Jr. grew up in Macon County, North Carolina and moved to Weakley County, Tennessee about 1832-1835. He bought land on the Obion River in 1844.
This information obtained from 1830 census of Macon County, North Carolina; 1840 census of Weakley County, Tennessee; 1850 census of Weakley County, Tennessee.

His father, also named William, was born @ 1772. William Sr. had a brother, Nathaniel ( b. abt. 1770 cwc ). These two brothers received a land grant on Potts Creek, in Lincoln County, North Carolina, in 1803 from their father ( also named William b. about 1745-?) I also have a little information on this last William's father. His name also was William ( 1720?-1782 ) and may have been born in Virginia. This information comes from extensive research done by Lavoice. H. Carroll. He is a descendant of William Jr.'s son Alfred Miles Carroll...these Carrolls immigrated to Oklahoma around 1880.
April 30, 1997 Email from Maria Schisel @

The information I have on the older Williams was sent to me by Lavoice. H. Carroll. I'm quoting from one of the letters he sent:

William Carroll 1780 obtained a land grant in Granville, North Carolina
b. 1720? d 1782 1781 sold some land in Franklin County, North Carolina
1782 His will was probated in Granville County,North,Carolina

William Carroll 1786 listed in Granville County special cenus
b. 1745 d ? 1787 Obtained a land grant on Potts Creek, in Lincoln County, North Carolina

William Carroll 1772 1803 received part of above land grant from his father and the rest went to a brother, Nathaniel). He Moved to Macon County, North Carolina prior to 1820

William Carroll Grew up in Macon County.
b. 1803 d. 1857 Married Malinda Postell
Moved to Weakley County, Tennessee about 1832-35
Bought land on Obion River in 1844

Lavoice H. Carroll researched deeds and land records for the above counties. From his research, he believed that the William was from Virginia, but he wasn't positive.

Maria has a picture that is supposed to be of Malinda but she isn't sure. She also has a tin type that is supposed to be William Carroll Jr, but she isn't sure of that one either.

At that time Maria was asking for exact dates of birth and death for William . And or more information on Mary Polly Moore.
October 10, 1997 In an email from Ann Thomas Brown, it shows that William was born in 1801. At this time I will leave his birthday as About 1803. It can be changed later. This email will be kept in my Genealogy email log.
There is a notation in material from Paul "Chuck" Adams that says he thinks his ggg grandpa is William Carroll Jr. born in 1803. I think that he got this information from Jan Davenport. This information is not true as far as I am concerned. His ancestor is William Carroll Sr. or William Carroll born about 1772 in Virginia? Today's date is February 28, 1998. cwc

December 30, 1999 in an email from Shirley Carroll Petty <> This William Carroll transferred or sold land to the President and Trustees of the University of North Carolina after moving to Weakley County, Tennessee. It is in the records of Weakley County, Tennessee. I think that she is referring to William Carroll Jr. cwc
January 18, 2000 Snail mail from Shirley Carroll Petty Information is as follows:

William Carroll Jr. sometimes called William Tennessee Carroll to differentiate him from the previous generations of Willim Carrolls, was born about 1803 in Lincoln County, North Carolina to William Carroll Sr. and Mary Polly Moore. He was the third generation of William Carrolls. His father was also called a junior when his own father was living; therefore, this William Carroll should rightly have been at least a William Carroll III.

About 1827, William married Malinda Postell in North Carolina. Malinda was born about 1809 in Orth or Souther Carolina. There seems to be a disagreement as to which by researchers. She is the daughter of Francis Postell and Margaret Chastain, descendants of French immigrants.

William and Malinda had the following children: Lucinda, William Albert, Mary America, Martha Jane, Melivina, paralee, Alfred Miles, Rosen, Daniel Whitfield and Arminda.

William was a landowner and living in the south, unfortunately we find he was a slave owner as well. After his death, his estate included five slaves - two women, two girls and one boy.

From his will, you could tell that he deeply loved his family and tried to see after their welfare even after he died. He stipulated that the minor children stay with their mother and help her "as the older children have done" until they are of age or marry. It is very evident that he tried to be fair in the distribution of his assests.

William apparently died in 1857, shortly after his will was written. Melinda lived on another twenty-two years as a widow, dying in December of 1879 in Weakley County, Tennessee. They are both buried on the Carroll farm. It was after Melinda's death that son William Albert headed west to Texas and Oklahoma.

William's will is transcribed on the following page. The will was handwritten and the original did not survive without problems. It appears to have been taped in places, folded under in others and some words because of illegible handwriting cannot be read. In those places you will find an italicized explanation. Also, punctuation is almost none-existent.

Note: For parents of William Tennessee Carroll Jr. and Malinda Postell

William T. Carroll Sr. and Mary Polly Carroll and Francis Postell and Margaret Chastain.
January 30, 2000: From The Carroll Saga page 296

William Carroll, Jr. married Malinda Postell, daughter of Francis Postell born about 1760 in South Carolina, died about 1815 in North Carolina and Margaret Chastain born about 1775 in North Carolina. Francis and Margaret were married about 1760. William and Malinda were married about 1827 in North Carolina. William and Malinda Carroll are buried in the Carroll Cemetery, located in the NE corner of the county. It is believed that William went to Tennessee around 1834, as they are on the 1830 Macon County, North Carolina Census. All records show that William Albert Was born in North Carolina in 1830 and Mary in 1832. The family settled in Weakley County, established in October, 1823 and named in the honor of Colonel Robert Weakley with Dresden as the county seat. The John Stevenson family was one of the first settlers in the northeast corner of the county where William Carroll settled. Albert's second daughter later married into the Stevenson family.

In 1860, William A. and a second wife Frances, along with children Mary Ellen and Daniel Whitfield, were living next to his mother, Malinda in Weakley County, Tennessee, according to land records. The other children sold their shares of the farm to him in the 1860's and he then bought land to the east in Henry County where he met his third wife, Martha F. Crowder.

According to the Tennessee Mortality Schedule, Malinda did not die until the year prior to the 1880 census. Children of William Carroll Jr. and Malinda were:

1. William Albert born in 1830 in North Carolina
2. Mary "Polly" America born in 1832 in North Carolina
3. Martha Kendall born in 1835 in Tennessee
4. Malinda born in 1838 in Tennessee
5. Paralee born in 1840 in Tennessee
6. Alfred Miles born in 1842 in Tennessee
7. Rozina born in 1844 in Tennessee
8. Daniel Whitfield born in 1846 in Tennessee
9. Araminta born in 1850 in Tennessee

On the 1843 Weakley County, Tennessee Tax List, William Carroll owned 200 acres valued at $400 and had not slaves. According to the 1850 Weakley County, Tennessee census taken in June, William and his wife Malinda were born in North Carolina, as were children William Albert and Mary. The others were born in Tennessee. Their ages wre listed as follows: William 47, Malinda 40, William A. 20, Mary 18, Martha 15, Malina 12, Paralee 10, Alfred M. 8, Rosina 6, Daniel 4 and Araminta 4/12.

Those in school included Martha, malina, Paralee and Alfred. Albert was a farmer and his real estate had an estimated value of $500.

In the book, Weakley Remembered: Tennessee Volume 1 by Pansy Nunney Bake, Record and Will Book "B" 1840-1861: William Carroll died May 9, 1857, his wife was Malinda. Children mentioned, not named, some minors; Robert Barton of Graves County Kentucky and William Webb of Weakley County to be executors at death of wife; Exec--Melinda Carroll (probably - paper torn); Witness--N. T. Cavitt and T. G. Cardwell; filed 1st Monday, July, 1887, not signed but established in court; page 409-411.

Carroll Saga page 297

William Carroll Will . . . Weakley County, Tennessee

I, William Carroll, of sound mind but of great feeblenes of body in a state of the uncertainity of life desire to leave my affairs in a manner satisfacotry to myself, hereby make and establish my last will and testament to wit - -

First - I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Melinda, all my estate both real and personal to have and hold the same during her natural life or widowhood to manage the same as follows - - She is to keep the land and all the Negroes and such other species of property as she may wish or deem prudent, and dispose of the residue, with the money on hand and any that may be collected hereafter. Next 2 lines are torn off of original

All my just debts, use such amount as may be necassary for the support of the family, a part of my children now living minors, I wish when they become twenty-one years old, that my wife give them such amount as will render them equal with those that are of age and received an amount of property provided; however, that said minors shall remain with and aid their mother as the older children have done until they are of age or until they marry.

Second - There being some debts owing by some of my children I wish them to keep the same until such time as they may find it convenient to pay it, but I wish their notes to be renewed every twelve months and the interest added provided, however, that if it is necessary to have a part of said money to render eqaual in amount any of the other children, then I wish said debts or a part thereof to be collected.

Third - After the death or marriage of my wife I wish my entire estate to be equally divided amongst all my children, a part of them having received some property. I wish that counted as so much advanced to them and all made equal in the final division.

I nominate and appoint my wife, Next line torn off of original, request that the court shall not require security of her for the performance of said duties.

Sixth - After the death of my wife, for the purpose of winding up said business and making division of my estate in the manner herein set forth, I nominate and appoint Robert Burton of Graves County, Kentuck and William Webb of Weakley County, Tennessee, as executor for said purpose.

Given under my hand and seal this the 9th day May 1857.
Witness: Editor's note: Will is not signed

- - - N. T. Cavitt, T. G. Cardwell
Witnessed the 1st of June 1857
State of Tennessee, Weakley County - July Term County Court 1857
I, E. J. Looney, Clerk of said county court, do hereby certify that the
above and foregoing written instrument was the last will and testament
of William Carroll and as to the personality in said will and ordered
that the same be recorded and file.

Given under my hand and office on this 1st Monday in July A. D. 1857. - - E. J. Looney, Clerk
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