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George W. Pridgen was born in Aug 1883 in Nash Co., NC.558 He died in 1950.558 Parents: James B. Joyner and Phoebe Ann Wheless Pridgen.

Spouse: Ella Rice. George W. Pridgen and Ella Rice were married on 24 Jul 1916 in Nash Co., NC.558

George Washington Pridgen was born on 12 Feb 1840.1832 He died on 9 Sep 1922.1858 He was buried. He was buried in Kenansville Family Cemetery in Duplin Co., NC. Parents: Robert Gray Pridgen and Eleanor Bruton.

Spouse: Martha Eccles. George Washington Pridgen and Martha Eccles were married.883 Children were: Harrison Eccles Pridgen, Robert Courtney Pridgen, Maggie E. Pridgen, George Parks Pridgen, John Campbell Pridgen, Mary Louise Pridgen, Mattie Mae Pridgen, Adolph L Pridgen, Christine Mock Pridgen.

George Washington Pridgen was born in Apr 1875 in Castalia Township, Nash Co., NC.411 Parents: Robert Hilliard Pridgen and Ann Eliza Walker.

Spouse: Eva May Bass. George Washington Pridgen and Eva May Bass obtained a marriage license on 6 Jan 1900 in Nash Co., NC.411 They were married on 10 Jan 1900 in Nash Co., NC.411 Children were: Emmett Willard Pridgen, Bessie Clee Pridgen, Sallie Magnolia "Maggie" Pridgen.

George Washington Pridgen was born in Apr 1891 in Wilson Co., NC.462 Parents: Hinesbury Pridgen and Annie Winstead.

Spouse: Nancy ann Batchelor. George Washington Pridgen and Nancy ann Batchelor were married.462 Children were: Bertha Pridgen, Junie May Pridgen, Josephine Bell Pridgen, William R. Pridgen, Nancy Pridgen, Jesse Clayton Pridgen, James Leroy Pridgen.

George Washington Pridgen was born on 28 Dec 1895 in Nash Co., NC.367 Parents: Elias Wright Pridgen and Martha Abernathy.

Spouse: Nellie Jones. George Washington Pridgen and Nellie Jones were married.367 Children were: Mildred Evelyn Pridgen, Charles Abernathy Pridgen.

George Washington Pridgen. Parents: Sollie Bennett Pridgen and Annie Lee Pearce.

Spouse: Mary Lee Harris.

George Washington Pridgen was born on 26 Feb 1941 in Oak Level Township, Nash Co., NC.1513 He died on 8 Dec 2000 in Greenville, Pitt Co., NC.1859 George died at Pitt Memorial Hospital. He was a Carpenter for CSX Railroad.1859 Parents: John Hardy B. "Johnnie" Pridgen and Ada May Forsyth.

Spouse: Nancy Louise Lewis. George Washington Pridgen and Nancy Louise Lewis were married.1513 Children were: Penny Hope Pridgen, Dwayne Pridgen.

Photo George Washington Sanford Pridgen was born on 19 Feb 1865 in Cherokee Co., AL.1260,1860 There appears to be some question about whether George Washington Sanford Pridgen was born 19 Feb 1865 or 1870. - [Allan Lantman] He was born on 19 Feb 1870 in Cherokee Co., AL.1187 He died on 13 Aug 1930 in Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL.42,1187 George Washington Pridgen owned a grocery store "G.W. Pridgen Grocery Store" at 2227 7th Ave., Tampa FL. It is known that he had this store in 1913.
Parents: Josiah Ellis Pridgen and Mary Ann Norris.

George William Pridgen was born on 26 May 1926 in Pinetops, Edgecombe Co., NC.1397 He died on 22 May 1990 in Edgecombe Co., NC.1397 He was an Equipment supervisor with the telephone company..1397 Parents: Luther Linwood Pridgen and Ida May Sutton.

Spouse: Atha Joyce Medford. George William Pridgen and Atha Joyce Medford were married on 21 Jan 1957 in Edgecombe Co., NC.1397 Children were: Randy Gene Pridgen, Wanda Joyce Pridgen, Richard Dean Pridgen.

George Wimberley Pridgen was born on 12 Sep 1932 in Edgecombe Co., NC.1861 He died on 16 Dec 1994 in Tarboro, Edgecombe Co., NC.1861 Parents: Wiley Daniel Pridgen and Sarah Millie Kennedy.

Spouse: Mattie Alma Jackson. George Wimberley Pridgen and Mattie Alma Jackson were married. Children were: Ronald Brian Pridgen, Kenneth Dale Pridgen.

Gerald Andrew Pridgen was born on 2 Oct 1937 in Morehead City, Carteret Co., NC.1236 He died on 22 Jun 1988 in Durham, Durham Co., NC.1236 Parents: Leonard Benjamin Pridgen and Essie Hill.

Spouse: Chae Hui. Gerald Andrew Pridgen and Chae Hui were married.1236

Geraldine Pridgen was born on 23 Oct 1889 in Seminary, MC.770 She died on 26 Oct 1961 in Jeffersonville, IN.770 Parents: George Ira Pridgen and Joan Craft.

Spouse: William Coyle. William Coyle and Geraldine Pridgen were married.770 Children were: William Coyle Jr..

German Pridgen was born about 1869.1862 Parents: Granberry Pridgen and Catherine Etheridge.

German G. Pridgen was born about 1810.728 Parents: Patrick Henry Pridgen and Lucretia Joiner.

Spouse: Martha "Patsey" Moonaham. German G. Pridgen and Martha "Patsey" Moonaham were married on 3 Oct 1833.383 Children were: Mahalah Pridgen, Granberry Pridgen, Samuel Pridgen, Nathan Dorsey Pridgen, Andrew "Drew" Pridgen, Margaret "Peggie" Pridgen.

Gertrude H. Pridgen. Parents: John "Johnnie" Lee Pridgen and Minda R. Holmes.

Ginger Lee Pridgen. Parents: Wiley Hutzler Pridgen and Edith May Barnes.

Gladelia N. Pridgen was born on 7 Aug 1917 in Weldon, NC.687 She died on 21 Jun 1918 in Weldon, NC.687 Parents: R William T. Pridgen and Annic C. Cawthorne.

Gladys Gray Pridgen. Parents: Walter Harvey Pridgen and Ada Lena Hales.

Spouse: Alvin Joyner. Children were: Tally Lynn Joyner, Berry Gray Joyner.

Gladys Inez Pridgen. Parents: Benjamin Dorsey "B. D." "Babe" Pridgen and Martha "Mattie" Ellen Amerson.

Gladys Virginia Pridgen. Parents: Alsey Clinton Pridgen.

Glasgow Pridgen was born on 5 Dec 1814 in Green Co., NC.360,567 He died on 10 Mar 1870 in Columbus Co., NC.360 He was buried in Gore Family Cemetery in Columbus Co., NC.360 According to the survey was made by Virginia Buffkin and is in the Columbus County Library, Whiteville, NC. The cemetery is located on Highway 1428, beside the Land Fill Road in Columbus County, NC. - [Ted Hester] Parents: Etheldred Pridgen and Elizabeth Glasgow.

Spouse: Sarah High. Glasgow Pridgen and Sarah High were married.360,567 Children were: Etheldred R. Pridgen, Lucy Ann Pridgen, Sarah E. Pridgen, Frances "Fannie" R. Pridgen, Virginia Pridgen, Robert Pridgen.

Spouse: Mary Boswell. Glasgow Pridgen and Mary Boswell were married on 3 Jan 1875.360,567 Children were: Lettitia Roberta Pridgen, Martha Pridgen.

Glen Dorsey Pridgen. Parents: Willie P. Pridgen and Mary Margaret Williams.

Glennie Nora Pridgen was born on 2 Aug 1921.815,1195 She died on 5 Jun 1979.815 Parents: Henry Thomas Pridgen and Susan "Sudie" Becton Hart.

Spouse: Durwood S. Davis. Durwood S. Davis and Glennie Nora Pridgen were married.815

Spouse: Jack D. Slavin. Jack D. Slavin and Glennie Nora Pridgen were married.815

Gloria Dean Pridgen. Parents: Jesse Willis Pridgen Jr. and Margaret Louise Frank.

Grady Clifton Pridgen. Parents: Mack Daniel Pridgen and Lucinda Mae Langley.

Spouse: Ollie Blanche Carpenter. Children were: Grady Clifton Pridgen Jr., Blanche Anita Pridgen.

Spouse: Bernice Batchelor.

Grady Clifton Pridgen Jr. was born on 9 May 1936 in Rocky Mount Township, Nash Co., NC.130 He died on 24 Oct 1961 in Nash Co., NC.130 Parents: Grady Clifton Pridgen and Ollie Blanche Carpenter.

Granberry Pridgen was born about 1837 in Nash Co., NC.996 He Marriage Bond 3 Feb 1864 in Nash Co., NC.996 Parents: German G. Pridgen and Martha "Patsey" Moonaham.

Spouse: Catherine Etheridge. Granberry Pridgen and Catherine Etheridge were married on 4 Feb 1864.996 The marriage ceremony was performed by E. L. Curl, Justice of the Peace. Children were: Margaret Pridgen, German Pridgen.

Gray Ruffin Pridgen was born on 19 Jul 1803 in Greene Co., NC.1828 He died on 25 Nov 1866 in Greene Co., NC.1828 He was buried in Family Cemetery in Shrine, Greene Co., NC. Parents: Henry Thomas Pridgen and Mary Bright.

Spouse: Mary T. Sugg. Gray Ruffin Pridgen and Mary T. Sugg were married on 10 May 1830.1828 Children were: Winnifred Ann Pridgen, Mary Bright Pridgen, Henry Ruffin Pridgen, Nancy Pridgen, Elizabeth "Betty" Jane Pridgen, Taliza Pridgen, Sarah Elizabeth Pridgen.

Gretchen E. Pridgen. Parents: Benjamin Dorsey "B. D." "Babe" Pridgen and Martha "Mattie" Ellen Amerson.

Grover Cleveland Pridgen. Parents: George Ira Pridgen and Joan Craft.

Spouse: Elizabeth Sheppard. Children were: Grover Cleveland Pridgen Jr..

Grover Cleveland Pridgen Jr.. Parents: Grover Cleveland Pridgen and Elizabeth Sheppard.

Guardrow Pridgen was born on 19 Nov 1891 in Laurens Co., GA.360,373 He died on 16 Apr 1979 in Laurens Co., GA.373 Parents: John James Pridgen and Ida Buie.

Spouse: Helen Raffelli. Guardrow Pridgen and Helen Raffelli were married on 20 Mar 1918.360,373 Children were: Kay Pridgen, Elaine Pridgen.

Gwendolyn Ann Pridgen. Parents: Edward Ray Pridgen and Phyllis Gwen Naylor.

Spouse: Mark Hampton Garland. Children were: Jennifer Elizabeth Garland, Matthew William Garland.

Hardy Pridgen was born about 1764 in Edgecombe Co., NC.1863 He died about 1848 in Nash Co., NC.314 Known as "The Preacher"

Parents: David Pridgen and Amy Evans.

Spouse: Elizabeth Tisdale. Hardy Pridgen and Elizabeth Tisdale were married about 1783 in Nash Co., NC. Children were: Polly Pridgen, Joel Pridgen, Josiah Pridgen.

Spouse: Piety Tisdale. Hardy Pridgen and Piety Tisdale were married about 1790. Children were: Wiley Washington Pridgen Sr., Larkin Pridgen, Elizabeth (Betsey) Pridgen.

Spouse: Elizabeth Flood. Hardy Pridgen and Elizabeth Flood were married about 1798. Children were: Piety Pridgen, Sally Pridgen, Celia "Cealy" Pridgen, Piety Pridgen, Henry Pridgen, Sarah Pridgen, Elizabeth Pridgen, Josiah Pridgen, Mourning Pridgen, Primoline "Primma" Lane "Laney" Pridgen, Penelope "Penny" Pridgen, Wiley Pridgen, Shaldomary Pridgen, Mourning Pridgen, Cally J. (Kelly) Pridgen, Prinistine Lane Pridgen, Ateshia Jane (Atsey) Pridgen.

Spouse: ?? Lane. Hardy Pridgen and ?? Lane were married about 1800.

Spouse: Elizabeth Taylor. Hardy Pridgen and Elizabeth Taylor were married.1863

Hardy H. Pridgen was born about 1832 in Nash Co., NC.480 He Enlisted Confederate States Army on 1 May 1861 in Nash Co., NC.480 He served as a Private in 1st Company H, 12th Regiment NC Troops. He was wounded in the hip at Chancellorsville, Virginia, on 3 May 1863, and d. at Richmond, VA, on 14 May 1863 of wounds. - (Al Jones) He died on 14 May 1863 in Richmond , VA.480 Parents: Polly Pridgen.

Harold Ray Pridgen. Parents: John Dallas Pridgen and Garnette Atkinson Hailey.

Harper Pridgen. Parents: Issaac Loftin Pridgen and Sudie Virginia Pridgen.

Spouse: Minnie Bedinger. Children were: Brenda Paige Pridgen, James Loftin Pridgen, Sudie Virginia Pridgen.

Harriet Elizabeth Pridgen was born about 1840 in Nash Co., NC.90 Parents: Jesse Pridgen Jr. and Elizabeth Flood.

Spouse: William Dawes Joyner. William Dawes Joyner and Harriet Elizabeth Pridgen were married on 20 Dec 1852 in Nash Co., NC.90 Children were: Jane Ann Joyner, Elijah A. Joyner, Tilda Joyner, John Dallas Joyner, Archibald Joyner, William Ashley Joyner.

Harriet Hill Pridgen1 was born on 31 Dec 1825. She died WFT Est. 1826-1919. Parents: Henry Pridgen and Milley Eatman.

Spouse: Amos Eatman. Amos Eatman and Harriet Hill Pridgen were married on 12 Nov 1844 in Nash Co., NC.881

Harriett E. Pridgen was born about 1841 in Edgecombe Co., NC.22 She died on 24 Nov 1874 in Albany, Linn Co.,OR.22 Parents: William W. Pridgen and Harriett Hubbard.

Spouse: Benton or Benson or Bennett. Benton or Benson or Bennett and Harriett E. Pridgen were married.

Spouse: Reid Goins. Reid Goins and Harriett E. Pridgen were married on 24 Dec 1869 in Woodson Co., KS.22 Children were: Sarah Elizabeth Goins, Jane (Geneva) Goins.

Harrison Eccles Pridgen was born on 23 Mar 1874.302,1832 He died on 7 Aug 1945 in Duplin Co., NC.302,1864 He was buried in Kenansville Family Cemetery in Duplin Co., NC.302 Parents: George Washington Pridgen and Martha Eccles.

Spouse: Katie Swinson. Harrison Eccles Pridgen and Katie Swinson were married.302 Children were: Eleanor Catherine Pridgen, Mary Dixon Pridgen, Charity Pridgen, Emma Frances Pridgen, Harrison Eccles Pridgen Jr., (Infant) Pridgen.

Harrison Eccles Pridgen Jr.. Parents: Harrison Eccles Pridgen and Katie Swinson.

Spouse: Mildred Estelle Currie. Children were: Mary Elizabeth Pridgen.

Harry Pridgen. Parents: Millard Pridgen and Bertie Clark.

Harry Alton Pridgen was born on 30 Oct 1926 in Wilson Co., NC.160 He died on 15 Sep 1988 in Wilson Co., NC.160 Parents: Benjamin Dorsey "B. D." "Babe" Pridgen and Martha "Mattie" Ellen Amerson.

Spouse: Mary Ellen Fulghum. Harry Alton Pridgen and Mary Ellen Fulghum were married on 3 Jul 1949 in Wilson Co., NC.1055

Harry Stephen Pridgen. Parents: Marshall Waywood Pridgen and Mary Frances Baines.

Harvey Pridgen. Parents: Bura Debose Pridgen and Rebecca Carter.

Harvey Bryant Pridgen. Parents: Walter Harvey Pridgen Jr. and Betty Hazel Varnell.

Spouse: Deborah Marie Hiatt.

Harvey Bunyan Pridgen. Parents: Billy Gray Pridgen and Mary Elizabeth Tant.

Spouse: Jayne Alice Carol. Children were: Brandon Pridgen, William Pridgen.

Hattie Christine Pridgen. Parents: William John Wesley Pridgen and Mary Magdalene Crisp.

Hazel Lee Pridgen. Parents: James Aviner "Abbey" Pridgen and Minnie Dixon.

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