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Bennie Elbert Pridgen was born about 1905 in Nash Co., NC.877 He died in 1969.877 Parents: Willie Paul Pridgen and Mary Ann Pridgen.

Spouse: Lettie Pearl Narron. Bennie Elbert Pridgen and Lettie Pearl Narron were married on 14 Jun 1924 in Nashville, Nash Co., NC.877 Children were: Jasper Lee "Jack" Pridgen, William David Pridgen, Myrtle Leen "Mertie" Pridgen, Mattie Ruth Pridgen, Willie Paul Pridgen, Mary Elizabeth Pridgen, Elbert Junior Pridgen Jr., Doris Pridgen, James Henry Pridgen, Bettie Mae Pridgen, Barbara Pridgen.

Bennie G. Pridgen was born on 28 Apr 1906.1827 He died on 27 Jul 1907.1827 He was buried in Mill Branch Church Cemetery in Rocky Mount, Nash Co., NC.1827 Parents: James Robert Devereaux "Bebro" Pridgen and Millie Belle Wynne.

Bennie Lee Pridgen. Parents: Charles "Charlie" Allen Pridgen and Nora Caden.

Berneta Calden Pridgen was born on 18 Sep 1920 in Roanoke Rapids, Halifax Co., NC.1600 She died on 29 Jun 1922 in Edgecombe Co., NC.1600 Parents: Jesse Willis Pridgen and Sarah Virginia Clay.

Bertha Pridgen. Parents: Charles "Charlie" Allen Pridgen and Nora Caden.

Spouse: E.B. Wilkes. Children were: Gene Wilkes, Bert Wilkes, Thurston Wilkes.

Bertha Pridgen. Parents: Madison Rush Pridgen and Elizabeth Marsha "Lizzie" English.

Bertha Pridgen. Parents: John William Pridgen and Esther Pittman.

Bertha Pridgen. Parents: George Washington Pridgen and Nancy ann Batchelor.

Bertha Ruth Pridgen. Parents: William Haywood Rufus Pridgen and Sallie Ann Catherine Pridgen.

Bertha Sharpe Pridgen was born on 23 Feb 1881.342,374 She died in 1966.374 She was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Elm City, Toisnot Township, Wilson Co., NC.374 Parents: William Henry Pridgen and William Ann Sharpe.

Spouse: Dr. Benjamin Franklin Barnes. Dr. Benjamin Franklin Barnes and Bertha Sharpe Pridgen were married on 20 Dec 1911.374 Children were: Annette Barnes, Henry Franklin Barnes, Elbert Pridgen Barnes, Edith Barnes, Hilda Barnes, Warren Sharpe Barnes.

Bertie Pridgen was born on 16 Nov 1914 in Enfield, Halifax Co., NC.706 She died on 28 Nov 1914 in Halifax Co., NC.706 Parents: Jesse Willis Pridgen and Mary Bertie Walker.

Bessie Clee Pridgen. Parents: George Washington Pridgen and Eva May Bass.

Bethaney A. Pridgen was born on 30 Sep 1847.1091 She died on 23 Jan in AL.1091 Parents: John G. Pridgen and Bethany Clarity.

Spouse: James I. Granger. James I. Granger and Bethaney A. Pridgen were married.1091 Children were: Eula Granger, Pridgen Granger, E.V. Granger, S.S. Granger, James I. Granger, Seshton Granger.

Bethany Pridgen. Parents: Eugene White Pridgen and Mary Gertrude Chadwick.

Spouse: Webb.

Bettie Pridgen was born in 1867 in TX.1597 She died in 1943.1597 Parents: Bolivar Jackson Pridgen and Martha Ann Williams.

Bettie Alma Pridgen. Parents: William David Pridgen and Mattie Wiggins.

Bettie Estelle Pridgen. Parents: William Drewry Pridgen and Mattie Francis Narron.

Spouse: Oscar Warren. Children were: Gale Warren, William Warren, Jerry Warren, Glenn Warren.

Bettie Jean Pridgen. Parents: Theodore Kennedy Pridgen and Ella Pearl Batchelor.

Spouse: Larry Hays Whitback.

Bettie Mae Pridgen. Parents: Dallas Pridgen and Zelphia Elizabeth "Bettie" Williamson.

Bettie Mae Pridgen. Parents: Bennie Elbert Pridgen and Lettie Pearl Narron.

Spouse: Ernest Earl Hawley. Children were: Christal Lynette Hawley, Betty Carol Hawley, Mary Beth Hawley, Susan Earl Hawley.

Bettie Sue Pridgen. Parents: Martin Luther Pridgen and Sadie Harris.

Spouse: Hill.

Betty Jean Pridgen was born on 15 Dec 1936.1791 She died on 25 Feb 1937.1791 Parents: Lon E. Pridgen and Bettie Lee Paul.

Betty June Pridgen. Parents: William Ernest Pridgen and Mourning Alice Baines.

Betty Mae Pridgen. Parents: Arthur Thomas Pridgen and Ada McCain Tharrington.

Betty Sue Pridgen. Parents: John William Pridgen and Ethel May Williams.

Spouse: James Paul Rose. Children were: John Morris Rose, Jennifer Sue Rose.

Beulah May Pridgen. Parents: William M. Pridgen and Lillie Cherry Messer.

Spouse: George Cecil Flora. Children were: Shelah Flora.

Beverly Davis Pridgen died on 22 Jan 1973 in Durham, Durham Co., NC.4 She was born 5 Feb 19019 in Fork, Warren Co., NC.4 Parents: Macey Taylor Pridgen and Susie May Davis.

Spouse: Alda. Alda and Beverly Davis Pridgen were married.4

Bill Pridgen. Parents: William McKinley Pridgen and Velma Hill.

Billy Gray Pridgen. Parents: Wiley Daniel Pridgen and Sarah Millie Kennedy.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Amerson. Children were: James Wiley Pridgen, Alton Ray Pridgen, Linda Faye Pridgen.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Tant. Children were: Billy Gray Pridgen Jr., Sarah Minnie Pridgen, Katherine Elizabeth Pridgen, Christie Lynn Pridgen, Scott Daniel Pridgen, Wanda Sue Pridgen, Harvey Bunyan Pridgen, Helen Faye Pridgen.

Billy Gray Pridgen Jr.. Parents: Billy Gray Pridgen and Mary Elizabeth Tant.

Blaine Douglas Pridgen. Parents: James Douglas Pridgen Jr. and Jennifer Frederick.

Blanche Anita Pridgen was born on 7 Jun 1939 in Nash Co., NC.826 She died on 21 Jan 2000.826 She was buried in Mill Branch Road Cemetery in Nash Co., NC.826 Funeral service were held at 2pm. Tuesday, 25 Jan. 2000, at Johnson Funeral Home, Sunset
Ave. with Rev. Clarence Correll officiating. Parents: Grady Clifton Pridgen and Ollie Blanche Carpenter.

Spouse: Robert Clinton Davis. Robert Clinton Davis and Blanche Anita Pridgen were married.826 Children were: Roberta Davis.

Blanche E. Pridgen. Parents: Arthur Drew "Andrew" Pridgen and Nancy L. "Nannie" Moore.

Spouse: Willie Wells. Willie Wells and Blanche E. Pridgen were married on 22 Sep 1909 in Nash Co., NC.884 Children were: Bonnie Wells, William Wells, Jodie Wells, Redmund Wells, Connie Wells, Levian Wells.

Blaney R. Pridgen was born on 17 Dec 1855.677 He died on 9 Aug 1914.677 He was buried in Pridgen Graveyard in Greene Co., NC.677 Pridgen Graveyard located on State Road 1324 in Greene County, North Carolina Parents: Edwin G. Pridgen and Emily Joyner.

Blaney W. Pridgen was born on 11 Aug 1820.1828 He died on 29 Jan 1864.1828 Parents: Jesse R. Pridgen and Sarah (Sally) Williams.

Spouse: Elizabeth H. Cunninggin. Blaney W. Pridgen and Elizabeth H. Cunninggin were married on 27 Mar 1844.790 Children were: Edwin Speight Pridgen, Eady Ann Sara Pridgen, William H. Pridgen, Mary T. Pridgen, Cora E. Pridgen, Claudella Jefferson Davis Pridgen, Ludora Jackson Pridgen.

Bob B. Pridgen674 was born on 23 Jan 1918 in Hot Coffee, Covington County, MS.1041 He died on 20 Feb 2004 in Glendale, Forrest Co., MS.1041 Bob and Jewel moved with their job to Seymour Indiana. Bob and Jewel moved back to MS in 1972. - [Judson Pridgen] Parents: Vander Oree Pridgen and Fannie Huff.

Spouse: Jewel Marie Flynt. Bob B. Pridgen and Jewel Marie Flynt were married on 17 Dec 1943.1041 Children were: Donald Joe Pridgen.

Bobbie Stuart Pridgen. Parents: Arthur Thomas Pridgen and Ada McCain Tharrington.

Spouse: Peggy Jean Bobbitt. Children were: Randy Scott Pridgen.

Bobby Joe Pridgen.

Spouse: Nancy Ann Green.

Bobby Joe Pridgen. Parents: Fred McDonald Pridgen and Margaret Ross.

Bobby Ray Pridgen. Parents: James Henry "Jack" Pridgen and Wilda B. Lancaster.

Spouse: Evelyn Delores Carlisle. Children were: John Pridgen, Jenny Pridgen.

Spouse: Miriam.

Bobby Ray Pridgen. Parents: William Sidney Pridgen and Mildred Layland Daniel.

Bolivar Jackson Pridgen79 was born on 13 Feb 1829 in Nash Co., NC.1829 Inscription from Thomaston City Cemetery, DeWitt Co. TX. - Juanita In 1870 he was a Texas Senator.79 He died on 15 Feb 1903 in TX.79 Inscription from Thomaston City Cemetery, DeWitt Co., TX - Juanita He was buried in Thomaston City Cemetery in Dewitt Co., TX.79 There were genealogical connections between the Pridgen family and the Taylor family of the infamous Sutton-Taylor Feud. Bolivar Jackson5 Pridgen' s brother, Wiley Washington5 Pridgen, Jr., was fatally shot in this feud. Bolivar Jackson7 Pridgen is reported to have pursued one of the men involved in the fatal shooting of his brother into Indian territory and "the bullet from his shell did the rest." He also lost a nephew to the feud as well as his old Negro servant, Uncle Abraham Pickens, who suffered brutal dismemberment and death after refusing to reveal the whereabouts of Senator Bolivar Jackson5 Pridgen. The feud subsided when Sutton was killed. It is believed that Bolivar Jackson5 Pridgen was related to the Taylors and informed them of Sutton's whereabouts. He was also reported to have appeared at the Taylor home after the deed was done. Parents: Wiley Washington Pridgen Sr. and Mary "Polly" Baker.

Spouse: Martha Ann Williams. Bolivar Jackson Pridgen and Martha Ann Williams obtained a marriage license on 13 Feb 1850 in Harrison Co., TX.79 They were married on 21 Feb 1850 in Harrison Co., TX.79 Children were: Oscar Pridgen, William Edgar Pridgen, George M. Pridgen, David Crockett Pridgen, Sidney Pridgen, Fanny Pridgen, Bettie Pridgen, Everette Pridgen, Wiley Pridgen.

Bonnie Mae Pridgen. Parents: William Marion Pridgen and Lula Tucker.

Bonnie McCoy Pridgen. Parents: George Robert Pridgen and Leacy Ellen Manning.

Spouse: Mollie Barnes. Children were: Louise Pridgen, Beatrice Pridgen, James Linwood Pridgen.

Bradley Sean Pridgen died on 21 Dec 1990 in Nash Co., NC.1560 Parents: Marshall Waywood Pridgen Jr. and Johnnie Kay Brantley.

Brandon Pridgen. Parents: Harvey Bunyan Pridgen and Jayne Alice Carol.

Brenda Diane Pridgen. Parents: David Franklin Pridgen and Sylvia Jean Blackburn.

Brenda Jean Pridgen. Parents: John William Pridgen and Ethel May Williams.

Spouse: William Kenneth Williams. Children were: Erin Elizabeth Williams, Adam Tracy Williams.

Brenda Kay Pridgen. Parents: Luther David Pridgen and Eva Lee Hall.

Brenda Paige Pridgen. Parents: Harper Pridgen and Minnie Bedinger.

Spouse: James Marvin Boggs. Children were: Corey Aaron Boggs, Jeremy Adam Boggs.

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