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Tableau Charts of my Family Tree's

KStableau I found in 8/2004.  It is  a lovely program for presenting a family tree in a small footprint. For information about KStableau, including sample outputs, or to download the program yourself, go to www.home.zonnet.nl/KStableau/

Ron's own pedigree from his father back to Robert and Frances of 1713

Lankshear descendants of Robert who married Frances Dawson in 1713 - All The Lankshear's - of course this is a large view but it is navigable - only first names are shown because they were all born as LANKSHEAR - click to see who they married etc. The outline/helicopter view is interesting as it makes the shape of the tree easier to comprehend

Chart of the LANKSHEARs who are descended from Edward -( as yet I have not found the link between 1803 EDWARD LANCASHIRE marriage and the main family group in Oxfordshire - there are clues but nothing concrete )

If format problems with above links try these which go to my Tripod site http://members.tripod.com/ronlankshear/tableaus/index.htm

The banner frames that Ancestry puts on the pages unfortunately conflict with the frames that KSTableau use