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The LANKSHEARs who are descended from Edward

Generation I
1Edward (Lancashire) Lankshear; born about 1778 at Estimate 25 At Marriage, died before 1825.
He married (1) 15 Sep 1803 at Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster Lucy Cheesemore, born 1782 at Estimate 21 At Marriage, died 1809.
  Children:1805:Edward William (Lancashire) Lankshear [2.1]
1809:Lucy Lankshear [2.2]
1804:Elizabeth Lankshear [2.3]
1805:Mary Ann Lankshear [2.4]
He married (2) 11 July 1809 at Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster Elizabeth Catherine Nixon, born about 1784 at Holborn, died after 1851.
  Children:1810:Martha Lankshear [2.5]
1811:John Lankshear [2.6]
1819:Frances Katherine (Lankshire) Lankshear [2.7]

Generation II
2.1Edward William (Lancashire) Lankshear; born at Chelsea, christened 24 June 1807 at Saint Luke, Chelsea.
He married 4 July 1831 at Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster Frances Clare, born at Bucks, Gt Linford, christened 25 Dec 1809 at Great Linford, Buckingham, died June 1872 at Southwark, daughter of James Clare and Mary Hitchen.
  Children:1834:Ann Elizabeth Lankshear [3.1]
1835:Edward Robert Lankshear [3.2]
1840:James Clare Lankshear [3.3]
1843:John Lankshear [3.4]
1846:Robert Lankshear [3.5]
1848:Charles Lankshear [3.6]
1852:Lucy Lankshear [3.7]

2.2Lucy Lankshear; born 29 Jan 1809, christened at Saint Luke, Chelsea.

2.3Elizabeth Lankshear; christened 29 July 1804 at Saint Luke, Chelsea.

2.4Mary Ann Lankshear; born 21 Aug 1805, christened at Saint Luke, Chelsea, died 1851.
She married 3 March 1842 at Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster Edward Lapham, born 1820.

2.5Martha Lankshear; born at Chelsea, christened 29 April 1810 at Saint Luke, Chelsea.
She married 27 April 1838 at Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster William Johnson.

2.6John Lankshear; born 15 Dec 1811 at Saint Luke, Chelsea, died 8 Dec 1812.

2.7Frances Katherine (Lankshire) Lankshear; born 11 Dec 1819, christened at Saint Luke, Chelsea.
She married 10 Jan 1847 at St. James' Church Westminster John Fox, born about 1822, christened at Not Checked.
  Children:1847:Fanny Fox [3.8]

Generation III
3.1Ann Elizabeth Lankshear; born 24 July 1834, christened at Saint Luke, Chelsea, died 19 June 1835.

3.2Edward Robert Lankshear; born 1835 at Kensington - Many Assumptions, died before 1881.
He married 1864 at Kensington Mary Lankshear (Nee Unknown), born 1837 at Sporle Norfolk, died after 1901.

3.3James Clare Lankshear; born 1840 at Fulham, died March 1901 at Fulham.
He married about 1861 at Fulham ? Mary A Unknown, born 1837 at Runham, Norfolk Near Gt Yarmouth.
  Children:1867:James Lankshear [4.1]
1876:Edward Robert Lankshear [4.2]
1874:Alice L Lankshear [4.3]
1880:William C Lankshear [4.4]
1885:Clara Lankshear [4.5]

3.4John Lankshear; born 1843 at Fulham, died after 1881.

3.5Robert Lankshear; born 1846.
He married 22 Dec 1870 at Brentford Martha Jane Warner, died after 1921.
  Children:1872:Frances Mary Lankshear [4.6]
1873:Edward Charles Lankshear [4.7]
1873:James Lankshear [4.8]
1875:George Henry Lankshear [4.9]
1877:Sydney Warner Lankshear [4.10]
1879:Martha Clara Lankshear [4.11]
1881:Ernest James Lankshear [4.12]
1885:Alice Lucy Lankshear [4.13]
1887:Edith Clare Lankshear [4.14]
1889:Robert Wilfred Lankshear [4.15]
1891:Florence Lizzie Wills Lankshear [4.16]
1894:Arthur Victor Lankshear [4.17]
1900:Myrtle Pretoria Lankshear [4.18]

3.6Charles Lankshear; born 1848 at Fulham.

3.7Lucy Lankshear; born 1852 at Fulham.

3.8Fanny Fox; born Sep 1847 at St George Hanover Square, London.

Generation IV
4.1James Lankshear; born 1867 at Fulham.

4.2Edward Robert Lankshear; born Sep 1876 at Middx Harmondsworth.

4.3Alice L Lankshear; born May 1874 at Acton.

4.4William C Lankshear; born 1880 at Middx Harmondsworth.

4.5Clara Lankshear; born 1885 at Middx Chiswick.

4.6Frances Mary Lankshear; born 1872 at London, England, died 29 May 1956 at Auckland, New Zealand.
She married 14 Nov 1895 at St John's Church, Feilding Arthur Ernest Beechey, born 3 Aug 1872 at Governors Bay, Canterbury, son of Frederick Beechey and Jane Nelson.
  Children:Eight Other children Beechey [5.1]
1897:Horatio Wilfred Arthur Beechey [5.2]

4.7Edward Charles Lankshear; born about 1873, died 1955.
He married 1896 at New Zealand Margaret Louisa Ann (Colyton) Menzies.
  Children:Robert Menzies Lankshear [5.3]
And Two children Lankshear [5.4]

4.8James Lankshear; born 1873 at England.

4.9George Henry Lankshear; born about 1875 at UK.
He married March 1915 at New Zealand Kathleen Crenfeldt.
  Children:Seven children Lankshear [5.5]
1919:Kathleen Mavis Lankshear [5.6]
Ernest Howard Lankshear [5.7]

4.10Sydney Warner Lankshear; born about 1877 at England, died after 1941.
He married 1906 at New Zealand Cecilia Marie Poulsen.
  Children:Clarice Lankshear [5.8]
Another Eight children Lankshear [5.9]

4.11Martha Clara Lankshear; born about 1879.
She married 1905 at New Zealand John James Edward Menzies, born c1884 at New Zealand.
  Children:Three Children Menzies [5.10]

4.12Ernest James Lankshear; born about 1881.
He married 1927 at Wanganui, New Zealand Ada (Hadien Christina Johanna) McDonald.

4.13Alice Lucy Lankshear; born 2 March 1885 at New Zealand.
She married 1906 at New Zealand Christian Poulsen.

4.14Edith Clare Lankshear; born about 1887.
She married 1911 at New Zealand William Albert Hodder.
  Children:Four children Hodder [5.11]

4.15Robert Wilfred Lankshear; born 1889 at New Zealand, died 1895 at Fielding New Zealand.

4.16Florence Lizzie Wills Lankshear; born 22 Dec 1891, died 27 Jan 1927.
She married 14 Aug 1924 at Colyton Arthur Hodder, born 13 Nov 1884, died 1951.
  Children:Florence Lizzie Clare Hodder [5.12]

4.17Arthur Victor Lankshear; born 1894 at New Zealand, died 12 Dec 1966 at Taita, Wellington.
He married (1) 1917 at New Zealand Janet Beatrice Hay, born 1894, died Nov 1926.
  Children:1923:Stanley James Lankshear [5.13]
One other child Lankshear [5.14]
Arthur John Robert Lankshear [5.15]
He married (2) 1938 at New Zealand Adelaide Marie Carradus.

4.18Myrtle Pretoria Lankshear; born 1900, died 1927.

Generation V
5.1Eight Other children Beechey; born at New Zealand.

5.2Horatio Wilfred Arthur Beechey; born 1897 at New Zealand, died 20 Jan 1918 at France.

5.3Robert Menzies Lankshear.

5.4And Two children Lankshear; born at New Zealand.

5.5Seven children Lankshear; born at New Zealand.

5.6Kathleen Mavis Lankshear; born 1919 at New Zealand.

5.7Ernest Howard Lankshear; died 21 April 1943.

5.8Clarice Lankshear.
She married 30 Jan 1935 at Palmerston North, New Zealamd Edgar Brungar, born 27 Nov 1900 at Ebony, Kent, died 11 July 1976 at Auckland, New Zealand, son of Stephen Wayne Brungar.
  Children:Barry Keith Brungar [6.1]
1936:Peter Leslie Brungar [6.2]

5.9Another Eight children Lankshear; born at New Zealand.

5.10Three Children Menzies.

5.11Four children Hodder; born at New Zealand.

5.12Florence Lizzie Clare Hodder.
She married Robert Stanley Skipage, born 17 June 1910 at Featherston, died 14 June 1978 at Masterton.
  Children:Marilyn Elizabeth Skipage [6.3]
Suzanne Florence Skipage [6.4]
Beverley Clare Skipage [6.5]

5.13Stanley James Lankshear; born 5 April 1923 at New Zealand.
He married 1949 at New Zealand Mary Campbell Tyrrell-Baxter, born at New Zealand.
  Children:Colin Lankshear [6.6]
Estelle Lankshear [6.7]
Unknown Lankshear [6.8]

5.14One other child Lankshear; born at New Zealand.

5.15Arthur John Robert Lankshear; born at New Zealand.
He married 1938 at New Zealand Bethany Olive McLaren, born 10 Feb 1913 at Nelson, New Zealand, daughter of James Stevens McLaren and Laura May Hadfield.
  Children:Dennis Lankshear [6.9]
Selwyn Lankshear [6.10]
Rex Victor Lankshear [6.11]
David John Lankshear [6.12]

Generation VI
6.1Barry Keith Brungar; born at Palmerston North, New Zealamd.
He married Jenny Unknown.

6.2Peter Leslie Brungar; born 7 June 1936 at Palmerston North, New Zealamd.

6.3Marilyn Elizabeth Skipage.

6.4Suzanne Florence Skipage.

6.5Beverley Clare Skipage.

6.6Colin Lankshear.

6.7Estelle Lankshear.
She married Gary Courtney.

6.8Unknown Lankshear.

6.9Dennis Lankshear; born at New Zealand.

6.10Selwyn Lankshear; born at New Zealand.

6.11Rex Victor Lankshear; born at New Zealand.

6.12David John Lankshear; born at New Zealand.