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19 November 1944 Bomb Damage in Wandsworth -
Hazlehurst Road - Garratt Lane -  V2 Rocket

BREAKING NEWS .... 16 November 2014 a special 70th anniversary service will be held
Hazlehurst Road - Map and modern photo and MEMORIAL SERVICE DETAILS ... Service from 1030 and then remembrance at the site
Please contact the email addresses etc mentioned in these pages
Geoff's new site remembering November 19th 1944 | Summerstown182 includes Book of Remembrance

Click for the official report of the "Incident"  This said 22 were killed 65 injured and 30 missing... We now have a detail of 34 people who died see below 
bomb1.jpg (2846125 bytes)
Relatives of folks who died in this gave me a photocopy of photos of the damage and the report - the quality is not brilliant but I think it is worth preserving the sacrifice.  I am always happy to help with such Lest We Forget pages and it is great there is to be a special service to remember.

bomb2.jpg (686668 bytes) Hilda is my original contact. The then Hilda White was 13 at the time and had relatives at numbers 22 69 and 71.
 She remembers some details of the day - but it was traumatic - a policemen wanted her to look after a baby whose cot  was sticking out of window however an adult came along who knew what to do.

Clearer photo here and can be purchased .... Scene of devastation after flying bomb attack from London Fire Brigade

Other people have contacted me who are connected with
1944 Number 36 Hazlehurst Road - Kitts and Biggs including In memory of Doug Kitts - 1920-1944
1944 Number 63 Hazlehurst Road - Wilson and Keeley

Their emails are on the pages please contact them if you have any more details. And please let me know of any details to post here.


Flying Bombs and Rockets, Statistics by week has details of V1 and V2 attacks.
On 19 November in that area of London there were 3 V2 and 182 people were killed

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