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UK Maps - London maps especially

Modern  this is amazing - do explore - 
example To find a London suburb "Bethnal Green, London" or a street Poyser St, Bethnal Green
2009 has street view

Microsoft Birds Eye view - sort of looking down whereas Street View is right up close

STREETMAP for London suburbs - tick GB Place for search

Street numbers and distance between places MULTIMAP  - also with Bird Eye View

Good access to many maps
Ordnance Survey and
London postal districts
London Districts
London Town lots of places for a visit - try the maps especially the boroughs
and similar Lots on UK and London including churches 
Beginners' Guide to UK Geography
Map of London boroughs. 

Exploring the East End of London - "suburbs" and quick maps of the area

Place Names

2012 this seems good - LDS Parish etc maps see England Jurisdictions 1851 -
Has a map and click county and eventually it will Load a list of parishes - search - but does not seem to handle bad spelling

2012 alas - site now only seems to refer to published volumes

and another
and plus look at their maps

ParLoc is useful, free program, it can be downloaded: It  is a parish locator - one can type in parish names, find surrounding ones, distances between them, etc. It gives OS map references, so can be used in conjunction with an online or 'real' map for visual reference.

Maps and Information 1801-2001


Wonderful collection Images of early maps on the web: 12b. British Isles

Baedeker's Old Guide Books - do explore

Genmaps includes a lot of London maps

Old Maps - London 

Information and Maps
London 1900 Pocket Atlas   can find with other goodies on
Wonderful maps of London from 1705 to 1862 from Maps Index

The 1799 Harwood also has numbers for each house - of course numbers have changed since then but if you find your folks in a directory the map will place them in street. this site has information on house number changes
London 1830 and 1862
1862 also at the Motco has an Index of Street names but the maps are small - find it in Motco and then look at larger map for overview of area 

The excellent David Hale's
  MAPCO : Map And Plan Collection Online has includes a lot of wonderfully scanned maps of London - just click on the map area to enlarge. And not just London images  - David has many maps - well worth a visit.

Maps on the London Pub site
1895 or 1854

Map 1859:
Map 1889
Map 1899
London 1905 by Karl Baedeker links to GB 1910

Charles Booth archive

London Ancestor
1922 Bartholomews Pocket Atlas
and many more at

Lost Streets   - London

London Street disappear over the years especially after WW2 and some have their name changed.  I frequently use Kelly's Trade Directories to find old London streets so see my page on  Directories. Then use the old maps to find the street and compare to modern maps.

National Archives: Historical Streets Project - new from TNA in 2009 - may help you find streets and especially a census reference - warning URl changing 2012

1831 Topographical Dictionary of London ... - Google Book - very detailed list of streets and places them in relation to their area. 

Road Name changes

This was mentioned in 2015 A-Z New to Old Street names


London Street name changes and their London Miscellany - some good lists may help also site has lots of maps etc for sale

Many people know the site Lost streets (lost also members .aol. com/WHall95037/london.html Aug 2005 neither seems to be working BUT the archive is at  <> NOTE - Research-UK's name is on the site - I understand they have ceased business

Verify name at Victorian London A-Z Street Index 
If still problems finding street  and you have looked at 1862 map etc above - try the London list  see

London Street atlases and directories for sale on CD

And they did have a CD on Street name changes


London House numbers

Beware you may have found your ancestors house number on Google street view but it may not be their house.

London streets have often been re-numbered - here is in an example A case study Shakespeare Road SE24 Herne Hill in Brixton

The 1799 Harwood also has numbers for each house - of course numbers have changed since then but if you find your folks in a directory the map will place them in a street. 

some interesting points on Britain and London in

Numbering along one side and then back down the other was changed to odds one side and even the other

I think I've seen some re-numbering in early 1800s. Also Kelly's directories have a section with houses in a street (not all just those of businesses etc) the numbers in 1856 show streets with little blocks of houses maybe called a terrace or some such but the numbers are just for that block. By 1861 census many of these streets some very major have obviously been re-numbered and now have a long series of numbers rather than little blocks. Note: The USA system of very large house numbers is not normal in UK.

House numbers changed again in 1900s and especially after WW2 streets disappear or are re-numbered

Some old houses have number on the fanlight above the door - some of these are the old numbers so may show a change in the street

For London, the LMA hold the Middlesex Deeds Registry, 1709-1938.
Indexed but not online.

This may help

And the local council archives should know what happened in their area

Getting a picture of 363 Brixton Rd - shows how I knew the house in Street view was one I wanted except for the bus in front

A study of house numbers and which house is it now

1880s Shakespeare Rd and Percy Terrace Brixton - home to Thomas Lankshear  and Henry Carpenter


Old Maps - UK

6 inch maps 1850-90 - these are fantastic I could zoom into the farms our folks had in Oxfordshire in 18th century.
Comments by someone else "There's a superb on-line resource for historical maps started for genealogical research but very comprehensive -- at
Lots of Information
Scans from around UK some very good maps
Mainly selling maps - which you may want --

Mostly USA - David Rumsey collection