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Web Design for this site

getting rid of byte order mark - that messy foreign looking tag at top of pages etc
Download and install Notepad++
Open the file with Notepad++
In the menu select "Encoding" and set it to "Encode in UTF-8 without BOM"
2016 that has changed now "Convert UTF-8" the without BOM has been removed
Save the file and the BOM will be gone.

Indexing the suite for search engines Google Webmaster Tools verification file


FileZilla FTP Screen Shots - I use FileZilla to publish my pages and Barry has a set up page 

From Pat Geary a link to SEO web design tips that can help to optimize your website properly.
Some of these suggestions can be implemented on the Rootsweb servers and some cannot. Many of there suggestions have been mentioned here before.
For those of you who may not know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization.


Just documenting how I changed my web in January 2008 - mainly for me but it might be of interest

I am using CSS through external style sheet and SSI includes - previously I used Frontpage includes but changing anything meant processing all pages again

Click for the The template I am using for Lankshear pages Eagle etc have different ones

Each document Structure is like this 

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">  Opening - this doctype seems to work - w3c verifies it

help from

<title>whatever fits the page - usually same as header h1</title> 

a title that I can enter in Frontpage by clicking right for page properties
<!--#include virtual="/~lankshear/_includes/ssimetatags.txt" -->  calls a standard file that has Meta tags which I think can be same for every file
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../styleron.css">  the stylesheet - this works on my HD so I leave the href as relative rather than to URL
which would use broadband - so I have to watch if relative link is right
<!--#include virtual="../_includes/ronheadssi.htm" -->  the file that shows the long picture of people and the navigation line see below
now a header usually the same as page title

header banner is same for every page

<!--#include virtual="../_includes/leftmenu.htm" -->  the left menu - I have different files for sub sets in my web
<h1>whatever - usually same as page title ---</h1>  - h1 tag is defined by style sheet


the page itself - the body of data will start alongside the top of leftmenu as float was used for leftmenu
<!--#include virtual="../_includes/ronfootssi.htm" -->  The footer with some more navigation - the same for every page

The files called 


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"> 
<meta name="description" content="Lankshear surname Family History and Genealogy"> 
<meta name="Distribution" content="Global"> 
<meta name="Description" content="The Lankshear surname Genealogy and Family History"> 
<meta name="keywords"content="lankshear,hayball,eagle,hale,russell,robbins,paxford,skeggs,syl&ester,shaw"> 
<META name="Robots" content="index,follow"> 

again help



Basic structure - I've taken out the mapping etc detail 

<div id="container"> this style drives basic page indent etc before the banner  
within the includehead - I could have in every file but I save space by having in header and close div in footer

<b>Genealogy of Lankshear and associated families </b> -----by Ron Lankshear and Others 

<map name="FPMap0"> 
<area href="../RoyalMarines/edwin_lankshear1.htm" shape="rect" coords="314, 6, 341, 58" alt="Edwin Lankshear">
  ...... and more mapping lines </map> 
<img src="http;//" usemap="#FPMap0" alt="Click a picture - I am coding links to the people"> 

<div id="topmenu"> 
<ul> <li>.... several list items the are covered by the topmenu style so appear across the page rather than down 

<li><a href="http;//">Home</a></li> <li>lots more list items </ul> 
</div> </div> 
end the banner and topmenu div 


<div id="leftcolumn"> open div for the float column

<div id="leftmenu"> open list within that

<ul>  <li><a title="Lankshear - sources used in Research"  </li> </ul> the list very simple to do

</div> close list div

</div> close column div

<div ID="content"> now open the div for the body of the document - the style means that this starts to right but at top of the left menu

I open it in the leftmenu file so that I can close it in the footer - then I do not have to have these tags in every file.......


</div> </div> closing the style content and container I did try in footer file but Frontpage does confuse itself so best in each main file

<br><a href="index.htm">Back to index page</a>|<a href="../index.htm">Previous</a> 

<div id="botmenu"> 
<ul> <li><b><a href="mailto;">Ron Lankshear</a> 2001- 2008 All Rights Reserved</b> </li> 
<li>- This page modified on USA server <!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED" --></li> 
<li><b><font color="#0000FF" size="5"><a href="http;//"> 
<img src="http;//" width="50" height="18" alt="Ron's Faith Page"></a></font></b></li> 
</ul> </div> 

The Style Sheet - Styleron.css

I inherited this from a kind expert - major change was deciding that Links would be Green and moving them to one place - instead of several different colours for each document part.and this action did change the stylesheet size which pleased w3c validation

and I added the left column float