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Poor rates - London - some names found  17th and 18th centuries

following data provided by Jill Strobridge from her own transcriptions
Please Note: Neither Jill or Ron know anything else about these names so we cannot help with any further details.
Ron just offered Jill a place to put what she had found and we hope we find someone known to you

The following is a list of names collected while searching Poor Rates for London ancestors.

They cover

(RSN) = Russell St N, St Paul’s Covent Garden parish, 1671-1691 (an area with cordwainers, leathersellers, dyers shops) – a small selection of names;

(HS) = Henrietta Street, St Paul’s Covent Garden parish 1685-1697 (a wealthier street with fewer shops) – a small selection of names;

(StG DS) = Down Street, St George Hanover Square parish Out Ward 1731-1733

(StG K) = Knightsbridge, St George Hanover Square parish Out Ward - lists of residents for 1734, 1742 and 1748.

(MSW) = will of Mary Strowbridge dated 13 November 1755

A date range indicates the person concerned was mentioned throughout that period.

Some names in Knightsbridge 1734 are followed by (P) – the meaning is unknown.

Rent (in ) and Rates due (s /d) are as listed in 1742.

The relevant Poor Rates Microfilms are available in City of Westminster Archives or London Metropolitan Archives but the same names can also be found in some on-line searchable tax lists e.g. Four shillings in the Pound Aid 1693-1694 on British History On Line


Elias Abbott (1748 labelled Dead) (StG K) replaced by Henry Lewer,

Widow Aires (P) (StG K) 1734

Mr Richard Ayland (StG K) 1734

Mrs Susanna Bali (HS) 1685-1686

Mr Joseph Banister (StG K) 1734-1742 8 4/8

Jas Bannister (StG K) 1748

Mrs Mary Barker (StG DS) 1732 replaced by John Stroubridge

Mr Stephen Barker (P) (StG K) 1734

Mr Aaron Barnet (StG K) 1734

Barbara Bayley (StG DS) 1732 replaced by Ann Ennis

Bonville (RSN) 1686

Mrs Burk (RSN) 1676

Mr William Bates (StG K) 1734

James Barr (StG K) 1742-1748 followed Thos Rea Esq

Lady Caroline Bayley (MSW) 1755

Miss Mary Bayley (MSW) 1755, eldest dau of Sir Nicholas Bayley;

Matthew Bishop (StG K) 1734

Mr Thomas Brigs (StG K) 1734

Mrs Mary Brocken dau. of Mrs Alice Flemmer (MSW) 1755

Capt Buchan (later George Campbell) (StG K) 1742 12 7/-,

?Mr Buin? (StG K) 1734

Mrs Elizabeth Bull (StG K) 1734

Capt Wm Burdon (StG K) 1734

Col Francis Burton (+ stables) (StG K) 1748

Mrs Mary Burkett x3 (StG K) 1734

Wm Butterfield x3 (StG K) 1742 6 3/6,

George Campbell after 1742 followed Capt Buchan (StG K)

Mrs Cardonnell (StG K) 1748

Mr Edward ?Edmund Chantry + shop (RSN) 1671 d. by 1673 (widow Chantry),

Mrs Charles (StG DS) 1733

Geo Chedwick (StG DS) 1733 (replaced Mr Banjamin Cooley)

Mr Chee(re) a statuatry near Hyde Park Corner (MSW) 1755

Mr Churchill shop (HS) 1694- Mr Alexr Churchill shop empty and rates due 1696

Mr John Clansey (HS) 1685-1686

Mr John Clark(e) (StG K) 1734 (later Mrs Clarke then John Cox Esq.)

Mr John Clark(e) (?different from above) (StG K) 1742 25 14/7

Lady Clark (labelled P ?poor) (StG K) 1734 (only mention) replaced by Capt Strowbridge 1736

Thos. Clark(e) (StG K) 1742-1748(x2) 10 5/10,

Mr James Collier (StG K) 1734-42 6 3/6

Mr William Collins (StG DS) 1733

Madam Collish (StG DS) 1733

Mr Banjamin Cooley (StG DS) 1733 replaced by Geo Chedwick

Tomkinson / Timkinson Cooper (+ a yard) (StG K) 1742-1748 10 5/6,

John Cox Esq. followed Mrs Clarke (StG K) 1742-1748 (dec 1751)

John Cornish (RSN) 1671-1675

Eliz. Cranfield, (StG K) 1742

Mr James Cropfield (StG K) 1734

Mr John Dawson (StG K) 1742 10 5/6.

Wm Day (StG K) 1748

James Delsny / Delainey / Delaune (StG K) 1742-1748 followed Thomas Ralph

Mr George Deveraux (HS) 1685

Mrs Elizabeth Dorrall, wife of Francis Dorell Esq. (MSW) 1755

Mrs Ann Ennis (StG DS) 1733 (replaced Barbara Bayley),

Thomas Eustis (overseer of poor 1672) (RSN) 1671-1679

David Evans (StG DS) 1733

Mrs Katherine Fawkett widow (RSN) 1671-1679

Alice Flemmer (+ dau. Mrs Mary Brocken) sister of late Mr. Hutchins (MSW) 1755

Mr Freeman (HS) 1685 – parish records Mr Freeman died and left a legacy

John Gee (StG K) 1742-1748 6 3/6,

Mr Richard Gladman (Widdow?, P) (StG K) 1734

--- Godwin (StG K) 1748

Nicholas Gurr (StG K) 1742 6 3/6,

Mrs Halburt (perhaps Hulbert?) (StG DS) 1733 (replaced Mr Francis Papel),

Katherine Hall (StG K) 1742 10 5/10,

Mr Roger Hardress (HS) 1694-1697

Priscilla Harvey wife of Thomas Toplady (MSW) 1755

Mrs Mary Haines (MSW) 1755

Mr Hemp followed Thos. Piddoch (StG K) after 1742

Dr Henley (StG K) 1734

Mrs Christian Hitchcock, sister to late Mr. Hutchins (MSW) 1755

Hodson (RSN) 1686-1691

Mr Hopkins (StG K) 1734

Priscilla Horsey (servant) (MSW) 1755

Mr Henry Hoyle, tenants (StG DS) 1733,

Mrs Hoyle (StG K) 1742 6 3/6,

--- Hulburt (empty) (StG DS) 1733

Nicholas Hunt (RSN) 1671

Mrs Abigail Hutchins (MSW) 1755

Elizabeth Hutchins (MSW) 1755

Mrs Isobel Hutchins, widow of Mr Hutchins (MSW) 1755

late Mr. Hutchins (also Alice Flemmer his sister and Mrs Christian Hitchcock his sister) (MSW) 1755

Wm Jacob x2 (later Clarke) (StG K) 1742 6 3/6,

Shop John Jefkins dyer (RSN) 1671

Mr John Judd (StG K) 1734

Mrs Mary Larimer/Lorimer (StG K) 1742 12 7/- (?wife of William Larimer 1734)

Mr William Larimer (StG K) 1734 (only mention p’haps dec pre 1742)

Mr Leather (HS) 1685 -1686

Leather (RSN) 1691

David Leather and wife and infant Charlotta Leather (MSW) 1755

Mrs. Jane Leg (MSW) 1755

Bernard Lents (StG K) 1742 12 7/- ,

Henry Lewer followed Elias Abbott (StG K) after 1748

Mr Barnaby Loverstick (StG K) 1734

Mrs Manning (StG K) 1748

Mr John Mauldin (StG K) 1734

Mr Charles Mazine (HS) 1686

Mr Miller followed Thos Piddoch (StG K) after 1742

Phillip Mist (RSN) 1677 – last mention 1691

Sarah Moysey (servant) (MSW) 1755

Mrs Joane Oldham (HS) 1685-1686

Mr Francis Papel (StG DS) 1732 replaced by Mrs Halburt (or ?Hulburt)

Thos Penny (StG K) 1748

Mrs Phillips (StG K) 1748

Thos Piddock (also Piddoch?) x2 (StG K) 1748

Thos. Piddoch (also Piddock?) (later Mr Miller or Mr Hemp) (StG K) 1742 10 5/4,

Mr Pritchard (StG K) 1734

Mr John Pye (StG K) 1734-1742 Mr John Pye 12 7/-,

Thomas Ralph (followed by Delsny/Delainey) (StG K) 1742 8 4/8,

Thomas Rea Esq. (churchwarden) (StG K) 1734-1742 30 7/6 then James Barr

Thos Rea Esq. (different to previous? poss related) (StG K) 1748

Benj. Sharpe (followed by Thos Renny) (StG K) 1742 14 8/2,

Mr John Smith (P) (StG K) 1734

Mr William Smith (StG K) 1734

Mrs Fanny Southward (MSW) 1755

Mr John Spinage (StG K) 1734

Wm Spinage(r) (StG K) 1742-1748 (labelled Gone) 10 5/6.

Mr Geo. Standford (StG K) 1734-1742 8 4/8,

Mr Thomas Stan(d)ley (StG K) 1734-1742 40 3/6,

Thos Stanley x4 (StG K) 1748

Mr Elias Stanton (StG K) 1734-1748 6 3/6

Stowbard / Strawbard (HS) 1693-1697

Priscilla Stowey (?) (MSW) 1755

John Stroubridge (StG DS) 1733 (replaces Mrs Mary Barker),

Mrs Anne Summerfield (crossed out) (StG K) 1734

Tankard (HS) 1693

Tatnall (RSN) 1686-1691

Thomas Taylor (RSN) 1691

Mrs Mary Thibballs (HS) 1694-1697

Mrs Elizabeth Thomas (StG K) 1734

Mr Thompson (StG K) 1742 12 7/-,

Mrs. Ursula Thompson (MSW) 1755

Mr John Thredder (RSN) 1671-1679

Thomas Toplady (and wife Priscilla Harvey) (MSW) 1755

Tynman / Tinman (RSN) 1675-1676

Mr Unwin (HS) 1697 (refused to pay 1698-1699 but paid 1700)

Mr Richard Wentworth / Windworth (StG K) 1734-1742 10 5/10,

Mrs Margt West (P) (StG K) 1734

Mr John Williams (StG K) 1734

Mrs Williams (StG K) 1748

Woodbourne (RSN) 1686

Mr Edward Wooldridge (StG K) 1734