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Lost Friends Some ways to search for lost friends and relatives in UK

Looking for living people may have sensitive issues. People are aware of this and they may not want to tell you if they know the person. Those people should contact the person and see if they want to talk to you. The following may help

The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service -

Address Lookups  UK

New in 2011 - looks like some free searches allowed / Living Relative Search / Peopletracer

Click on  Postal Codes on line.  Enter  street address and submit.     

British Telecomm then select Directory Enquiries.
This will give you 10 free searches per day without registering or 200 extra free searches by registering.
Also a pay site is a directory and electoral roll - a pay site

General people lookups - some are just USA 

Free People Search by ZabaSearch!

Free People Search - Find People - Wink - found me on Facebook


Pipl - People Search found me in many places

Who Is This Person? :: Add-ons for Firefox includes some of sites mentioned above

Invisible Web Directory - Search The Invisible Web With A Web Directory

Genealogy Message Boards

Various sites have Genealogy Message Boards - with Surname boards. These are very good for finding information on your folks. BUT more to the point I have found many cousins including two first cousins (twice removed)
Hence my favourite because of people found is Genforum

But I also like the Rootsweb and Ancestry message boards - These are the same boards but with a slightly different interface.
These sites like you to register and this service is free. It is not part of an Ancestry chargeable subscription. (there are other places offering these kind of service but I have not used).  I have seen people looking for current relatives

Lost Friends Message Boards - many sites like this.
Entering your details is usually free - and people can contact you - if you want to contact names you see it may require a subscription usually around 5-10 GBP  - I am not saying you will make contact - it depends if your relative decides to access the site

This one has some useful links
 as does this  the site itself will search for you but they charge.

Also do search for names at - sometimes amazing what you find.