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Kew visiting  and accommodation near TNA (PRO) 

Do read the TNA advice -

Main points - reader's ticket - order documents in advance - you cannot take much around with you due secutiy - only pencils.
Perhaps check if you can register to use a digital camera.

Note:  Kew is not in central London - if you want to visit LMA - FRC (see London) then perhaps stay as below and travel in each day.  

Kew is a lovely area - you have beautiful old houses and Kew Gardens which are THE Botanical Gardens. Last short trip to London - my Ipswich cousins were going there for a day trip which saved me a long drive..  

Kew Bridge 's within easy walking distance of Kew Bridge Station (trains to Waterloo), Kew< Green, Kew Gardens and TNA. Kew Gardens station (Underground and North London Line) is within walking distance. But beware - you have to pass the Maids of Honour tearoom, and their cakes from the time of Henry VIII are seriously delicious. Accommodation  
Now the question is will you have a car and be driving in there are B&B very near.  Chiswick is across the Thames (Kew Bridge) from TNA
- close friends are again staying at Fairlawn in 2006
If you stay in Chiswick then just a walk down to the River Thames along Strand on the Green over Kew Bridge to TNA and on the way home you can drop into my old local The Bull's Head  - yes I lived in Riverview Grove well before PRO moved to Kew.

Plus try searches in  - example London B&B 

Some ideas that people suggested during a London list discussion in 2005 and 2006
Eira has used  several times as the accommodation is good value and you are in a 'professional' household.

Chris says use the Travelodge. one is at Kew Bridge direct to that hotel 
 2006 Mo is paying 56 per double room NOT including breakfast

Or try the Premier Lodge slight further along towards Brentford: Similar prices and similar rooms; breakfast extra.

General London Accommodation  

Quite inexpensive - Rosebery Hall, London School of Economics Residence.. during vacation time

I stayed at a large hotel in Kings Cross and was disappointed - you may have to pay high rates if you want to be in central London