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Swap Shop and Problems Page

Problems and Questions from Discussion Lists - this provides a place to show the photographs and documents mentioned in questions.

If you have a moment please look at and write to me if you have an answer and I will send to original requestor. 
Contact me if you would something added here such as a scan of a document on which you would like an opinion.

"My Old Man" aka "Follow The Van"  - a discussion of the famous song

Also I was walking down the Strand one day - is it a London song?


Who is Fredk WENTAY- well turns out to be Fred DINSEY

all solved Jan 2007

Added 10/2005.   Can you help with this Club Photograph c1930

A very large number of people - perhaps someone you knew 

c1930 My mother Daisy Loiuse EAGLE is in the front row sitting on the grass


I checked with Mortlake Civil Service Club and they did not think it was their place

So 2007 still confusing 

Dating Photos

What is the age of this photo? - Ron Lankshear asks - basically resolved but the methods and links may help you

Dating a Painting for Chris Jamieson (added 2005)  

Morptowooi Problem - look at this Ellis Island entry and do you know this place? (London list December 2001 per Kathryn - was never resolved 

Look at line 13 John Mawford from Spalding and then look right across to final column

(7plusme @ )


Lankshear FOCUS Items - the To Do Page - perhaps you have some ideas


Place of Birth is it Worstead Worcestershire also