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Edwin Lankshear 

Royal Marines
around 1917-1930

Dad was known as Eddie in his family and to friends as Dick and Lightning in his Corps boxing career

My Dad

Dad always told me he lied about his age to join the Royals. 

He was in Chatham Division.

Zeebrugge - 23 April 1918, British naval forces attempted to sink block-ships in the German U-boat bases at the Battle of Zeebrugge. Dad was in HMS Vindictive that came alongside the mole. He carried a Lewis gun ashore. Thought that a bit silly as it was really meant to be on a gun mount not carried.

From Corps History - RM Memorable Dates The Raid on Zeebrugge - 23 April 1918 The 4th Battalion RM under the command of Lieutenant Colonel B N Elliot DSO took a leading part in the gallant enterprise against the German naval base at Zeebrugge, on St George's Day, 1918. The RMLI companies landed on the Mole in the face of determined opposition and held their positions while the entrance to the canal was successfully blocked and the Mole destroyed. Lieutenant Colonel Elliot, the last of a family who had served in the Corps from father to son since 1755, Major Cordner, his second-in-command, 9 other officers and 109 NCOs and men lost their lives in this gallant affair, while 233 all ranks were wounded and 13 taken prisoner. Two Victoria Crosses were awarded to the Royal Marines for their conduct during the operation


Western Front - acted as decoy on night patrols for Gurkha Regiment - he sat in no man's land and enemy would crawl to get him and he could hear the Gurkha's knives at work.

1918/1919 Vladivostok Murmansk & Archangel - you probably did not know that the Allies invaded Russia to support the White Army in the Revolution - Dad marched along the railway line in defence of train. The march and the cold put an enormous toll on his feet and he wore corn plasters and dressed his feet every night for the rest of his life.

1920 Irish Troubles - transferred to Cork on attachment to the Royal Marine Guard - to work with the Black and Tan's - an Auxiliary Police Force -  because they wore dark (green and blue)  jackets and  khaki trousers (Royal Irish Constabulary). the hence the name for the beer drink 1920 My Father and Royal Marine Guard in Ireland - Photographs
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He escorted Lord Mayor of Cork to prison in England - the poor man died on hunger strike. Dad said he was ambushed when ferry got back to Dublin - he had to run across wharf with bullets all around. Whole thing he said was like the Wild West - he wore two revolvers and you had to be ready at all times. I pray that the whole of  Ireland will have peace ....... the peace events of 2005 sure look good 

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