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Top Hat examples for comparison to my man

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A very similar top Hat Circa 1858

An unknown photographer took the original Ambrotype for this image. Though the top hat was popularized in the previous decade, it was still common in formal portraits through the 1850s. The starched turned-up collar became shorter than in the 1840s. The neat horizontal silk bow tie was a popular style during the decade

This is just to show the more famous top hat and is said to be from 1870

One can only guess what the event was that caused this young man to get all dressed up for the photographer. His hands are those of a working man and the trousers appear a mismatch to the jacket and top hat. This image was made from a tintype taken by an unknown photographer possibly in the 1870s.

This is similar to my photo and is also ca 1858

and also shows something like an ambrotype should be 

This site has some great advice on dating photos

Site says 1840s for this hat BUT the filename was 1850

and it is very similar to other 1850 hats

shown as c1860 and it is on a table

the hat - the tablecloth - the collar


So I think my man is in 1850s and 1858 seems good

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