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What is the Age of this Photograph?

tophat1858youngman.gif (14596 bytes) Click for Ron's Links for Dating Photos.
The photos below hopefully give you some examples
 of How to Find out How to Date Old photographs
Could this be Thomas Lankshear and ELizabeth Shaw Can you assess the age of this picture?
Click the photo to find out how we were able to do date it to 1859
and how I think its my grandfather.
The back ground of this page and most of my web is the back of the above photo.
It is a Cabinet Card - a very think card about 1/32 of inch 6 1/2 times 4 1/4 inches
1907 A 1907 picture which caused me confusion
An historic Charles Winter Daguerreotype  from Switzerland 
looks like my great great grandfather William Eagle a painter collected it
perhaps to make a painted copy
Photo on Glass Old Photo on Glass Ambrotype - possibly 1859
the detail is amazing it could be William Eagle unless another one of collection
hat1860 Top Hat - very similar to the William Eagle's above
Edwardian street style: c1905 Astonishing amateur images

which capture the fashion of women in London and Paris
over a century ago | Mail Online
ronmulti.jpg (163652 bytes)Ron's thoughts on Photo Scanning and Editing
and lots of photos of me  

Cabinet card from Wagga Wagga NSW dated to 1888

Photos of Matilda Lankshear and her friends the Jacobs  NSW
Jacobscyril-original.jpg (156348 bytes)1907 Cyril taken by Cyril himself
What a fashionable young man was wearing in Edwardian times 
Photos of Matilda Lankshear and her friends the Jacobs  NSW

Julie's Historic Australian Photographs John LANKSHEAR COOMA - Australia Photos of daughters of John Lankshear - Ashfield NSW
charlesmillerwedding1901 Edith Blanche Lankshear marriage Charles Miller
and also some from 1929 This is really worth looking at for the fashions and the people
and I just wonder if one is my grandfather
mason Caroline Marsh (nee Lankshear) 
at  Dorchester to Samuel Marsh
Tilson Marsh and the Blacklocks some 1915 
image Susan Lankshear born 1843 with 
husband Charles Dean around 1915
dean   Ann Eagle born 1855 with husband John PEAT - this around 1910 and another of Ann in 1932
194xarthur.jpg (206322 bytes) 1912 Arthur LANKSHEAR - Home Child to Canada Arthur was an enormous mystery but 2009 we now know more about his background. And it was wonderful to find what he success he was in Canada
As an older man he joined air force in WW2
1945Victory Party 1945 An example using Web Album Generator. This quickly creates a web album. The captions on the photos were created using Xnview photo editor to edit Metadata IPTC fields  WAG Title being IPTC Headline and Caption is IPTC Caption of course other editors could be used to update IPTC
1921Gerry Lankshear (Ron's Cousin) and family in Canada an albumwell he was born 1918 so photo is early 1920s
19381938 Uncle Tom (Gerald Lankshear) and Aunt Grace with Ron in Chiswick
mayMay Chandler (Lankshear -Ron's cousin) an album
May is in LMS uniform
Born 1908 married 1927 so presumably this is around 1925
roadA different sort of dating working out house numbers and which house is it now

1880s Shakespeare Rd and Percy Terrace Brixton -
home to Thomas Lankshear  and Henry Carpenter
Cousins please send me scans of historic images that you like published on our web ...Thank You...Ron