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EAGLE family old photos Number

This like the Old Photo on Glass I never remembering seeing until I opened a photo folder thinking it was negatives and Wow  

Old Photo Back of Same

The Comment Ron's GF is from me and was a quick response  based on Mum's writing see below

eagle_old.jpg (967313 bytes)

Who is this or What is this photo

eagle_oldback.jpg (929705 bytes)

Comment David Eagle and address  is from my mother and I do not know what she meant 

Writing in middle says "as it is on Canvas"

Various ID numbers looks like 558 is original

and final is Elite Co 592


Charles Winter - Stamp on Back of Photo

191xDWEagle.jpg (806027 bytes)

To left is a is her father David William EAGLE

He does not appear to be man in photo on left above

She wrote on this battered small photo that this was the only one of her father she had. 

Eagle my mother's family
  So I think the Charles Winter photo is someone unknown and that my great father John or even his father William purchased to use as a model for one of their paintings.

This could be a photo of William EAGLE