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Looking for birth of Margaret Pearson

see 1808 John Lankshear wedding Margaret Pearson

possible 1782 Margaret Pearson birth 


2001 or so when I thought she was Jane Margaret I asked on GenForum message board and SKS supplied as follows 
have Jane Pearson christened (not born) March 1784 St.Mary St. Marylebone road St. Marylebone London father Anthony Pearson mother Jane
(not ours) I have John Lancashire christened July 1785 same church as above father Richard mother Sarah

except although Anthony Lankshear said she was Jane Margaret Pearson Ron has only found her as Margaret the 1851 census says she was from Scotland

from History of the Pearson Surname

MacPherson was sometimes written M’A’Phaarsoin and as the "Mac" was dropped, Pearsoin likely merged with Pearson 1645. Derivitives are: Pairsone, Pearsone, Peirsonde, Peirsone, Peirsound, Pesirsaunde, Persone, Peyrsoune, Peyrson 1480.

The Pearson family (also spelt until the 18th century, Pierson, Piersone, Peirsoun, Pieressone, Perysoun and Person; where son was spelt as "sonne") originated in Northumber, England where some members still live at this present time. The origin of the name was Pier’s son, ie. the son of Piers. The Pearson name originated from "Son of Pierre", the French form of Peter.

Another person who contacted me and is searching for a Margaret Pearson or Margaret Pierson same time frame but likely from Ireland