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1880s Shakespeare Rd and Percy Terrace Brixton - home to Thomas Lankshear  and Henry Carpenter 



It is now Shakespeare Road but in 1880s some houses were called Percy Terrace

George Henry  Lankshear
born 19 Feb 1882, 6 Percy Terrace, Shakespeare Road

Ada Mary Lankshear born 14 Jul 1883, 287 Shakespeare Road

Census is Brixton - locally it is Herne Hill


shakespearerd30.jpg (97572 bytes) shakespearerd31.jpg (104289 bytes) shakespearerd32.jpg (173993 bytes) shakespearerd33.jpg (76101 bytes)  

The cream house is modern number 287 - and several photos taken in 21st century


Sadly we now know that this 287 is a modern renumbering of the street - the modern house we want appears to be 375

Except that end of street looks modern so I guess these photographs are what the house might have been see

When the maps comes up it should have found 
375 Shakespeare Rd, London. If not search for it in Location tab. When found click Bird's Eye to see street view. Then use the rotate buttons to move as wanted


The house near the lamp looks to have a driveway which I think makes it the business of Chas Boatwright who in 1901 census appears to be at number 247

and there is a photo of his place at the council site

Shakespeare Road, Loughborough Junction


1876 when William Alfred marries his address is Shakespear Rd no number  1876 William Alfred Lankshear marriage to Kezia Read (nee Ashby) marriage to Edward Read 
1881lankshear-brixton.jpg (341261 bytes) RG11/622 covers Shakespeare Rd in 1881 1881 Lankshear are at number 6 Shakespeare

note George Henry born at 6 Percy

1881-percyterracethenshakespearrd.jpg (276266 bytes) 1881 on a report or so and House sequence is

14 Percy

15 Shakespeare

16 Percy

17 Percy

So seems clear that Percy Terrace was just a block of houses on Shakespeare


1881-20percyterrace.jpg (323788 bytes) 1881 Then next page is number 20 Percy

and this page has Charles Barnes and family who share the house 

1881carpenter.jpg (271012 bytes) 1881 Next page is Henry Carpenter and family also in number 20 and this is where the numbering gets interesting
1891carpenter-287shakespear.jpg (335051 bytes) 1891 and Henry Carpenter and a larger family are sharing number 287 with Henry Bowyer and family.

Note Ada Mary Lankshear born 14 Jul 1883, 287 Shakespeare Road

Following information is from Tony Carpenter whose Grandfather was John Thomas Carpenter b1886 

and Tony also provided the photos of Shakespeare Rd . 

Thank you Tony



Birth etc information on the Carpenters

William Herbert Carpenter b1878...... 24 Percy Terrace
Anne Beatrice Carpenter b1880 ........20 Percy Terrace
(wife then died and Henry Carpenter remarried )
John Thomas Carpenter (my Grandfather) b1886 .......287 Shakespeare Rd
Albert Edward Carpenter b1888 ..........287 Shakespeare Rd
Walter James Carpenter b1890............ 287 Shakespear Rd
Percy Wilfred Carpenter b1891.......287 Shakespeare Rd

Marriage of Henry Carpenter and Elizabeth Priestley (2nd wife) residence  of both persons 287 Shakespeare Rd 

So the Carpenter's were in 24 then 20 and by 1886 are in 287 in which house Ada Lankshear was born in 1883. Clearly the Carpenter's and Lankshear's were neighbours and presumably were friends. Did they actually share number 287 at one time. Was 287 Shakespeare also number 6 Percy or perhaps number 20

Difficult to find other surnames from 1881 still there in 1891 but Edward Martin in 285 was in number 14. Did Edward move a house ? If 14 became 285 then was 287 originally 16 or something

and George Osborn was number 13 and in 1891 number 161 hmmmmmm - sounds like moved several houses


All Interesting - as far as I can see no connection between Carpenter and Lankshear other than sharing houses 

Tony has been a great help in putting me onto this aspect and sorting it out

The following wonderful charts were supplied in Jan 2009 by the Herne Hill Society to Tony. 


shakespearrd1883RE-NUMBERING.jpg (1614777 bytes)1883 Renumbering

shakespearrd1936RE-NUMBERING.jpg (865807 bytes)1936 Renumbering


shakespearrd1913MAP.jpg (1596874 bytes)1913 map with Percy Terrace

We have found out that 6 Percy which became 287 Shakespeare and then 379 but the houses were demolished. 379 is around 6 houses from the bend in the road which puts it were the road runs into the new group of houses see Live.msn 

the picture of modern 287 above would be something like the house in 1880s

What Tony found seems to fit my problem of Caroline leaving Thomas around 1886 as Tony's family move from number 20/259 to 287 before birth of  John Thomas Carpenter 

Tony had an answer from Local Council Archivist on Percy and Shakespeare (November 2008)

Advise from Archivist 

"The street is numbered once by the 1880s when the highest numbers in the road are up to 297 ( odd numbers on the Percy Terrace side ) then with numbers up to possibly the 380s or 390s in the modern day re numbering. If their house was no. 20 I suppose a quick count from the corner would take you to the building. "

If last house is 297 then presumably it was 1 Percy Terrace I can search until 385 shakespeare rd,london - 387 sends it off down the road so looks like last modern house is 385

Old was a mix Percy and Shakespeare per 1881 census.  1882 renumbering up to 297 and modern - later renumbering

Old 1882 Modern
1 297 385 Junction with Loughborough
2 295 383
3 293 381
4 291 379
5 289 377
6 287 375  

So Lankshear did not move they stayed at #6 when it became 287

Actually 287 became 379 see 1936 renumbering chart to the left


20 259 347 Anne Beatrice Carpenter b1880 .
24 255 343 William Herbert Carpenter b1878.

1905 Shakespeare Road.pdf has details of the street with last house as 297 

1917 map and Red marks possible 287 as from c1882 or old number 6 Percy Terrace.