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Databases and files via Ron Lankshear Genealogy

Poor rates - London - some names found  17th and 18th centuries

Lest We Forget - as well as my folk there detail of some cemetery and other memorials 

1851 Census Regents Park Adult and Orphan Institution

Ron has access to following CDs for his research

 Holden 1805 directory see 1805 Holden Title Page

Post Office Directory for London

1819 Post Office is only for Merchants and Traders- some 18,000 and was published by Critchett & Woods - much less data than the later Kelly's PO who took over in 1840s. 1819 does not appear to list Publicans whereas the Kelly's did.. 

1856 was published by Kelly's and has a lot more information - it also has a Court directory which seems to cover people who might be considered well off - the Trade directory means people in business - employees who have a trade are not usually shown. If you are looking for a Solicitor then it might well show his office and home. 

1902 Kelly's Northern suburbs 

1939 Hammersmith - lists a lot of people but it seems to be just the main householder so we are not listed and neither are my Gran or Aunt and Uncle Ashley but Uncle Ernie is. 

Parish Registers

Some London Parish Registers for just a few years - not easy to - no search as text is image and each church index by block of years

Oxfordshire - Witney WIT01 and WIT02 and Chipping Norton 2 see Parish Registers in Oxfordshire for our folk I have found

Also a Book on Witney

And I have a book on Robbins (see my research interest ROBBINS - through Daisy EAGLE marriage Edwin Lankshear (Ron's parents) - this book is academic genealogy and all a bit early and stuck on the gentry alas.