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Ron Lankshear - my Direct Lines - Patrilineal and Matrilineal

My Matrilineal line - my mother's mothers

As I understand DNA.... myDNA goes from a woman to her sons and to her daughters. Which means their mtDNA goes to their daughters. Whereas the sons of her son has new mtDNA.

For my Eagle cousins - several of you are descended from Elizabeth Robbins and some I know from Mary Ann Russell. And those of you who are grand daughters or great grand daughters of course this is for you also

Daisy Louise Eagle 1906-1987 and 1932 marriage to 1900-1971 Edwin Lankshear 

Elizabeth ROBBINS 1866-1942  and 1885 marriage to David William EAGLE 1866-1929

Mary Ann RUSSELL c1837-1920 and 1857 marriage to Christopher Robbins c1837-1911

Elizabeth PENN c1815-1886 and 1836 marriage to George RUSSELL c1818-1886

Mary JOHNSON 1812 marriage to William PENN at Long Buckby 

Mary WADSWORTH 1786 Marriage to Thomas JOHNSON at Long Buckby.  ... Mary possible births c1773   .....

1769 Baptism of Mary WADSWORTH at Scaldwell to John and Sarah ... 

Sarah Warren 1765 Marriage to John WADSWORTH at Scaldwell

1740 birth of Sarah Warren/Waring to George and Elizabeth

1737 marriage Elizabeth Fox to George Waring at Lamport

1709 birth of Elizabeth Fox at Brixworth parents Elizabeth and James

1708 marriage Elizabeth Cook to James Fox at Brixworth

1671 marriage Anne Allom to John Cook at Brixworth parents of Elizabeth Cook

Looking for marriage of John Allom father of Anne Allom at Brixworth perhaps Irthlingborough 1623 to Alice Buckmaster

My Patrilineal line - my father's fathers

For my Lankshear cousins - many of you are descended from 1808 marriage and then everyone is really from the 1713

1900-1971 Edwin Lankshear and 1932 marriage to 1906-1987 Daisy Louise Eagle

1847-1932 Thomas Sylvester Lankshear wife Elizabeth Sarah SKEGGS

1814 John Lankshear and 1838 marriage to 1816 ELIZABETH SHAW

1783 John Lankshear and 1808 marriage to 1782 Margaret Pearson - please help find more on Margaret

1748-1827 Joseph Lankshear and 1767 marriage to Elizabeth Sylvester

1714 Thomas Lankshear  and 1746 marriage to 1724 Mary Paxford

1686 Robert LANCHASHEIRE and 1713 marriage to 1686 Frances DAWSON

Robert's father was also Robert and research is now here 1657 marriage Robert LANCHASHEARE in Castle Cary, Somerset