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Oxford and North Berks   Marriages for Lankshear 

A search by Oxfordshire Family History Society of their index in June 2003 - we had a previous one but this is now complete with a search of both male and female marriages 

I have sorted by year if needed see Oxford FHS search - original document

List does not include

1746 Thomas Lankshear and Mary Paxford Marriage only recorded in the Archdeacon Marriage Bond Index but it sure happened - else how am I here

1773 William Lankshear - Kutman Oxford - Marriage 1799 Elizabeth Parrott But it is in Stoke

Marriages from Witney CD all added below July 2004 including when LANKSHEAR witnesses

date Year Married at LANKSHEAR and near Marriages in Oxfordshire and North Berks  
      This colour means
Ignoring this event -
Surname  not ours such as LANCASTER

13-Oct 1549 Bampton Elizabeth LANCASTER married Robert GUNNE
1-Jun 1587 Chipping Norton Alice LANCASTER married John GREENE
7-Apr 1589 Chipping Norton John LANCASTER married Annis SHE...
3-May 1596 Chipping Norton Elizabeth LANCASTER married Richard GREEN
17-Aug 1610 Cumnor Maudlen LANKASTER   from Newberie married Thomas DOD
20-Nov 1615 OX St Giles Moulde LANKESTER married John BARTON
7-Mar 1623/4 OX St Ebbe Toby LANKESTER   from Henley married Margaret HAMBLIN   from Henley w
3-Aug 1634 Bix Edward LANCASTER married Elizabeth SMITH
28-May 1638 Horley Elizabeth LANCASTER married Steven RICKARDE
10-Oct 1674 Horley Thomas LANCASTER married Joan MAYOH
27-Mar 1676 Fringford Thomas LANCASTER   from Somerton married Mary WEBB
6-May 1683 Shorthampton Jane LANKFEAR married Edward SOUCH
29-Mar 1692 Caversham Joan LANCKS married Richard WHIT
18-Apr 1697 Churchill Frances LONGSHIRE married Joseph JORDAN
10-May 1708 Shipton/Wychwood Elizabeth LONGSHAW   from Milton married Robert BEAMS   from Milton
7-Jun 1711 Chinnor Edward LANCASTER   from BledlowBKS married Hannah BASTIAN
1-Oct 1713 Clanfield Robert LANCHISHEAR married Frances DAWSON

1713 Robert LANCHISHEAR marriage to Frances DAWSON - the first marriage in linked tree

17-Oct 1716 W Hanney Sarah LANKISHIRE married John LOADER
  1720 Charlbury George LANCASHIRE   from Shipton/Wych married Mary CLAREY

1720 George LANCASHIRE marriage MARY CHARLES  Charlbury Oxford - perhaps a connection

11-Sep 1721 Dorchester Thomas LANCASTER married Diana DEWE
18-Oct 1722 Buckland Susanna LANCASHSHIRE married Richard WIGGINS
3-Apr 1725 Shipton/Wychwood Mary LONGSHAW married John ROBINSON
21-Oct 1732 Woodstock Elizabeth LANCASHIRE married Christopher RAWLEY   from Shipton/Wych
15-Apr 1733 Shipton/Wychwood Francis LANGSHAW married Mary SOTCHER   from Westminster
29-Nov 1735 Salford Robert LANCASBERE   from Over Norton married Mary PHILLIPS   from Shipton
5-Jan 1737/8 Dorchester Thomas LANCASTER married Anne PRINCE
31-May 1742 Clanfield Elizabeth LANCHASHIRE also shown Elizabeth LANCHSHIER married Richard NAPP 

Elizabeth LANCHSHIER married Richard NAPP 

1742 Elizabeth LANCHSHIER married Richard NAPP at Clanfield

2-Oct 1744 Charlbury Mary LANCASHIRE   from Chadlington married Robert HARRIS   from Chadlington

1744 Mary Lancashire to Robt Harris at Charlbury

13-Jan 1745/6 Shipton/Wychwood William LANGSHAW   from Bledington married Elizabeth EVANS   from Lyneham
9-Aug 1752 Cogges William LANCASHIRE married Elizabeth SHORTER

1752 William LANCASHIRE marriage ELIZ SHOPPER - unknown -Cogges, Oxford
13-Mar 1756 Langford John LANKSHEAR   from yeoman married Elizabeth TOMLIN

1756 John Lankshear marriage Elizabeth Tomlin


1758 20 Jun WRIGHT Thomas Farmer HALL Susannah sp Lic



30-Sep 1759 Albury Grace LANKSTON married Richard RADFORD   from Waterstock
14-Jul 1760 Shipton/Wychwood William LANGSHAW   from Lyneham w married Joan PERROTT   from Lyneham
2-Feb 1766 Chadlington Lanchbury LANCASHIRE married Mary STACY
7-Jan 1767 Northleigh Joseph LANKSHEAR   from Witney married Elizabeth SYLVESTER

1767 Joseph LANKSHEAR marriage Elizabeth SYLVESTER

28-Mar 1769 Watlington Elizabeth LANCKSON married Joseph GREENAWAY

1770 13 Jan SPIER William b RICKETTS Martha sp Lic

Wits: Mary WELLS, Wm: LANKSHEAR, Elizth: BATT, Frances SANDERS


23-Nov 1770 Kencot Thomas LANKSHEAR   from Witney married Mary STEVENS

1770 Thomas Lankshear marriage Mary Stevens

6-Jul 1770 Witney

1770 6 Jul COLLINS Thomas LANKSHEAR Mary Lic

Wits: Elizabeth COLLINS, Ann COLLINS

1770 MARY LANKSHEAR Marriage Thomas Collins and Death 1788

1770 Thomas Collins and MARY (nee LANKSHEAR) and their family

21-Sep 1772 Alvescot Thomas LANKSHEAR   from w married Mary HAMMERSLY   from Kencot

1772 Thomas Lankshear marriage Mary Hammersly

27-Apr 1773 Gt Rollright James LANCASHIRE   from Spelsbury married Rachel RIMIL
21-Jun 1773 Witney

1773 21 Jun LANKSHEAR William BATT Peggy Lic

Wits: Thomas Junr: SYMONDS, Susanna BATT

1773 William Lankshear marriage Peggy Batt at Witney

1773 Witney

1773 16 Oct JOHNSON Thomas (X) CLARKE Elizabeth



1-Nov 1773 Tackley Mary LANCASHIRE married Samuel BAKER   from labr
11-Aug 1776 OX St Peter B Richard LANCASTER   from Shrivenham married Ann BUTLER
5-Apr 1777 Witney Elizabeth LANKSHEAR married John STALEY

1777 Elizabeth LANKSHEAR married John STALEY at Witney

1777 5 Apr STALEY John LANKSHEAR Elizabeth Lic Wits: Thos: COLLINS, Ant: COLLINS

possible second marriage 178x Elizabeth LANKSHEAR married Martin Ivens of  Northampton

10-Dec 1778 Witney Robert LANKSHEAR married Susanna SHEPPERD   

1778 10 Dec LANKSHEAR Robert SHEPPERD Susanna minor, consent Robert guardian Lic

1778 Robert Lankshear marriage Susanna Shepperd at Witney

31-Jan 1778 Headington Mary LANGSHAW   from resident married John FARINGTON   from resident
5-Oct 1780 Cassington Elizabeth LANKESHIRE married Job TOLLEE
1780 ELIZABETH LANKESHIRE Marriage : JOB TOLLEE or Tolly - who is she?
29-May 1781 Witney John LANKSHEAR married Ann DORNE
1781 29 May LANKSHEAR John DORNE Ann Wits: Eleanor BUSWELL, Mary DORNE

1781 John Lankshear marriage Ann Dorne at Witney

IGI     1784 James Lankshear marriage Hester Fisher at Bermondsey - son of Thomas and Mary and daughter Mary
22-Nov 1784 Shipton/Wychwood Francis LANGSHAW married Margaret RAWLINGS   from Milton
1787 Witney

1787 12 Dec BOOTH Thos: SELMAN Mary (X)



16-Apr 1787 Shipton/Wychwood Thomas LANGSHAW married Ann BUSBY   from Lyneham
10-May 1790 Shipton/Wychwood William LANGSHAW   from Lyneham married Sarah WEBB   from Lyneham
7-Mar 1791 Chipping Norton John LANCASTER   from Stratford/Av married Catherine ASHFIELD
11-Feb 1793 Northleigh Robert LANKSHEAR married Sarah SCARESBROOK

1793 Robert LANKSHEAR marriage Sarah SCARESBROOK who is Robert

8-Jan 1793 South HinkseyBRK Mary LANKSTON married Richard KILBEY
24-Nov 1793 Hook Norton Mary LANCASHIRE married John SODEN   from w
8-Jan 1793 South HinkseyBRK Mary LANKSTON married Richard KILBEY
10-Aug 1794 Great Coxwell Edward LANKSHEAR married Hannah GREEN

1794 Edward LANKSHEAR married Hannah GREEN at Great Coxwell - but who is Edward

26-Oct 1794 Shipton/Wychwood Sarah LONGSHAW   from Lyneham w married Samuel BOLCHIN   from Ascott w
1795 Witney

1795 12 Dec COLLIER John BEST Ann



5-Oct 1795 Banbury Harriet LANKSHIRE   from Deddington married Thomas GLAZE

1795 Harriett LANKSHIRE Marriage Thomas GLAZE

1796 Witney

1796 22 Mar ROWLES Thomas (X) wid MILES Mary (X) sp Lic



15-Jul 1796 Cassington Martha LANKSHEAR married James BELGROVE

1796 Martha Lankshear  marriage James Belgrove - daug John and Elizabeth of Langford

1799 Witney

1799 7 Jan KENT John (X) wid BUSBY Mary (X)



13-May 1799 Great Coxwell Frances LANKSHEAR married William WESTILL

1799 FRANCIS LANKSHEAR Marriage William WESTILL - daug John and Elizabeth of Langford

27-Oct 1799 Hanborough Sarah LANKSTON married Samuel WALKER
29-Sep 1800 OX St Peter E Susannah LANKSHIRE married William SLATTER

1800 Susannah LANKSHIRE  marriage William SLATTER

1801 Witney

1801 8 Jan HART Thomas SHAW Sarah



1-Feb 1801 Witney Mary LANKSHEAR   from Caswell married Edmund CLARE   from BlackBourton

1801 1 Feb CLARE Edmund Black Bourton LANKSHEAR Mary Caswell


27-Dec 1802 Witney Susannah LANKSHEAR   from Curbridge married John Legg CLARE   from BlackBourton

1802 27 Dec CLARE John Legg Black Bourton LANKSHEAR Susannah Curbridge


1802 Susannah LANKSHEAR   from Curbridge married John Legg CLARE   from BlackBourton

1836 - Will of Susanna Lankshear of Witney

20-Oct 1806 Shipton/Wychwood Letitia LANGSHEAR   from Burford married George HOLYFIELD   from Milton

transcribers say has LANKSHER in Banns and she signed LANKASHEAR

1806 Letitia LANKSHEAR marriage to George HOLYFIELD from

7-Dec 1807 OX All Saints Ann LANKSHIRE married Richard SAUNDERS   from OX St Ebbe

1807 14 Sep FRENCH John Wright Hailey, Yeoman COLLINS Ann sp




1807 28 Oct FARBROTHER William BROADIST Blanch




1807 7 Jul CLEMSON Richard (X) Lab EMPSON Hannah (X)



1-Aug 1808 Charlbury John LANKSHEAR   from Witney w married Elizabeth WOODWARD


1808 John Lankshear marriage Elizabeth Woodward at Charlbury

22-Dec 1808 Witney William LANKSHEAR   from Curbridge married Ann LANKSHEAR

1808 22 Dec LANKSHEAR William Curbridge LANKSHEAR Ann

Wits: Elizth: Philippa CRIPPS, John WELLS Lic

1808 William Lankshear marriage Ann Lankshear at Witney

19-May 1808 OX St Michael Susannah LANKSHEAR married William BRIDGMAN
1808 Susannah LANKSHEAR marriage to William Bridgman
22-Dec 1808 Witney Ann LANKSHEAR married William LANKSHEAR   from Curbridge

1808 William Lankshear marriage Ann Lankshear at Witney

10-Sep 1811 Witney Hannah LANKSHEAR   from Caswell married Robert SHARPE   from Hailey

1811 10 Sep SHARPE Robert Hailey LANKSHEAR Hannah Caswell

Wits: Elizth: LANKSHEAR, Ann SHARPE Lic

1811 Hannah LANKSHEAR from Caswell married Robert SHARPE   from Hailey


5-Dec 1812 Witney Elizabeth LANKSHEAR married Joseph BOLTON

1812 5 Dec BOLTON Joseph LANKSHEAR Elizabeth

Wits: Jno: LEECH, E. COLLINS Lic

1820 Elizabeth LANKSHEAR daughter of Robert & Susanna married Joseph Bolton


17-Oct 1814 Shipton/Wychwood Ann LONGSHAW married Joseph BAYLIS   from Milton
23-Apr 1816 Banbury Thomas Wm. LANCASTER   from vicar married Anne WALFORD
2-Nov 1818 Chadlington Samuel LANKISHER   from Shipton/Wych married Ann BARNES   from w

1818 Samuel Lankisher from Shipton.Wychwood marriage Ann Barnes at Chadlington - Is Samuel one of ours?

23-Oct 1819 OX St Aldate Elizabeth LANKERSHIRE married Thomas MILES
15-May 1820 Shipton/Wychwood Sarah LONGSHAW   from Milton w married Thomas BURSON   from Milton
28-Jan 1822 Stonesfield Mary LANCASHIRE married Robert THORNETT
10-Oct 1825 Faringdon Hannah LANGESSTRE   from Lt Coxwell married William DAVIS   from Lt Coxwell
Apr-10 1828 Sut. Courtney Robert LONGSHAW married Deborah KING
13-Sep 1835 Witney William LANKSHEAR married Charlotte WIGGINS

1835 13 Sep LANKSHEAR William b WIGGINS Charlotte (X) sp


1835 William Lankshear marriage to Charlotte Wiggins

5-Apr 1836 OX St Ebbe Robert LANKSHEAR married Mary GOODCHILD

1836 Robert Lankshear marriage Mary Goodchild at OX St Ebbe


1849 12 Aug DAVIS Thomas fa, ba, leather dresser, s. Charles, glover

EELES Fanny fa, sp, d. William, lab

Wits: Charles HALEY, Charlotte LANKSHEAR


26-Aug 1849 Abingdon St Hel Henry LANKESTER   from Ewelme Oxon married Elizabeth GREENWOOD   from High St
1851 Did I miss these on OFHS list as came out of PR - maybe they only did to 1850


1851 11 May HALL Charles fa, ba, lab, s. Thomas, lab

LANKSHEAR Charlotte fa, wid, d. Samuel WIGGINS, lab

Wits: Thomas WIGGINS, Margaret WIGGINS



1852 25 Dec HOLLAND Soloman fa, ba, hostrer, s. Charles, tailor

LANKSHEAR Mary Ann mi(18), sp, d. William, lab

Wits: William BEALE, Jane WIGGINS



1870 13 Dec BROOM Henry fa, ba, weaver, s. John, weaver

LANKSHEAR Harriet fa, sp, d. Charles, mopmaker

Wits: Thomas HOSIER, Maria PANTING