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LANKSHEAR in Australia - a land called  OZ

Julie's Historic Photographs imageand more

including cousin Henry Ludford and William Lankshear who stayed in England


Australia - lookups for Lankshear

1903-1932 Sands directory in Australia

1930-1936 Electoral Roll in Australia

NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages

Deaths In NSW (including Ron's mother Daisy Louise Lankshear)

A big mystery found 1/2007 have asked Newsgroup for help
Emigrants from Great Britain & Ireland to Australia: 1825-1832
Van Diemen’s Land Lankshear, John Brewer 2 people grant 20 pound


Several different families in 19th and 20th century - Ron came to OZ in 1966

Also some LANKSHEARs from New Zealand went to Australia 

for help see Ron's Australian Genealogy Links

Australia Notes in PDF to be typed



1800  Mary LANKSHEAR marriage  John MARGETTS later they went to Tasmania

1823 HARRIET LANKSHEAR in Tasmania and marriage to HORATIO WILLIAM MASON


1832 John Lankshear to Australia and census 1837 and on ships 1844/44 and death 1848

1852 Margaret LANKSHIRE marriage Samuel Newson surgeon (widow of John who died in Australia)



1857 another John Lankshear came to Austalia in 1857 with his cousin

1861 John LANKSHEAR son of Joseph in Australia - Bail Up by Mail robbers

1863 John LANKSHEAR marriage to Rebecca WALTERS COOMA - Australia 

1870 John Lankshear at Wagga Wagga

Photos of daughters of John Lankshear - Ashfield NSW 

Photos of Matilda Lankshear and her friends the Jacobs - Ashfield NSW

1903-1932 Sands directory in Australia

1908 Australia - Charles Lankshear marries Gertrude Matthews

Leonard Lankshear NSW age 15 in sinking of Greycliffe 1927

1930s Australia electoral rolls with Misses Lankshear also Charles and family

1940 Australia Selwyn Lankshear marries Phyllis Ruth  GARSIDE


1961 Doris Ellen NEVILL (nee Lankshear) migration to Australia

1963 Brian John Lankshear migration to Australia

1966 Ron Lankshear and then his parents Edwin and Daisy migrated to Australia

1990 Death Selwyn William LANKSHEAR Australia

2000 death Phyllis Ruth LANKSHEAR Australia