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Acknowledgements to Anthony, Doreen, Tony, Janette and others

also some Lankshear Gedcom Changes

I was very privileged when I really started looking into my family history  to receive a gedcom that Tony Lankshear had started and had been expanded by both his sister Doreen and also Tony Cairns who inserted the bulk of the NZ and Australian data and Tony had talked with a lot of people in NZ and Ian had let me scan his NZ reunion book. My cousin Janette helped me with my grandfather's second family which for some reason Anthony had not found - this being my father and his siblings. Anthony did an enormous job - I gather in the 1970s on a visit to UK and I think in those days you could look at the large volume index and also the certificates. It would have taken many hours to look through all those records. Thank you Tony and Doreen and recently I met Doreen on a visit to Sydney.

This was fantastic - would I ever have been able to find my way to Oxfordshire etc. This caused me to reflect on what I wanted to achieve and so I decided to look for all LANKSHEARs and try to expand on data I had been given.  I have since been fortunate to find some more data on folk in the then known tree and to find some more LANKSHEARs. 

The purpose of this page is for benefits of those folk who might have other gedcom to recognise major updates they may need to make

I did try to do this in detail but found I kept forgetting see Revision of Family History Pages ‚€“ use to keep track of updates since your last visit

Anyhow significant items


1674 marriage Humphrey DAWSON of Northmoor & Joan SMART from Stanton Harcourt in St Giles, Oxford

1713 Robert LANCHISHEAR marriage to Frances DAWSON - the first marriage in linked tree

1749 MARY LANKSHEAR birth and Marriage 1770 Thomas Collins and Death 1788

1779 MARY LANKSHEAR - daughter of  ROBERT and  SUSANNAH

1782 Susanna Lankshear - daughter of  ROBERT and  SUSANNAH

1782 James John Lankshear baptism son of Joseph and Elizabeth note this is in London - Anthony has this James as 1783 in Witney but the PR said that James was son of Thomas and Mary so ALVESCOT - From 1773 on - Thomas and Mary (Hammersly) Lankshear and children

which is worrying as perhaps 1812 James Lankshear marriage Hannah Cole at Hooke Dorset is not the son of Joseph and Elizabeth as there is still the following John to determine - could he be James John - at moment I assume Anthony had it right as James is his ancestor.

1825 to 1832 John Lankshear in Australia

1867 Ellen Margaret Lankshear - daughter of Alfred Lankshear & Ellen Williams

1843 JANE MARGARET LANKSHEAR married Henry Nicholas Ludford gedcom had this as 1847 and wrong man - it was confused with 1847 Jane Lankshear marriage Henry White which is new - different Jane as well

Above is very brief you may need a copy of my gedcom and compare

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