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LANKSHEAR - Events by Year

The design should enable you to work through comparing to any gedcom you have and verify the data we have collected. Please do let us know any problems. Basically the aim is on a Marriage page to show all children and cross reference to other pages about them.......

 Frankly I need help with finding stuff on many people - are you going to Oxfordshire or Berkshire or Somerset


Lankshear name variants not yet linked to main tree 15xx -  1799


The linked tree starts - may still be people below unlinked 

1570 Robert LANKESHERE to Jone SHEREWOD at Castle Cary

1603 Robert LANKESHERE to Edith Saunders at Castle Cary

1657 marriage Robert LANCHASHEARE in Castle Cary, Somerset

1674 marriage Humphrey DAWSON of Northmoor & Joan SMART from Stanton Harcourt in St Giles, Oxford 

1686 baptism Robert LANCHASHEIRE in Castle Cary, Somerset - father also Robert

and SMART re Joan 1674 marriage to Humphrey DAWSON

1713 Robert LANCHISHEAR married Frances DAWSON - the first marriage in linked tree

and Dawson Family - Frances DAWSON married 1713 Robert LANCHISHEAR

1742 Elizabeth LANCHSHIER married Richard NAPP at Clanfield

1744 Mary Lancashire to Robt Harris at Charlbury

1746 Thomas Lankshear and Mary Paxford Marriage

1748 SARAH LANKSHEAR parents Robert and Martha at Bishopsgate Could father Robert be son of 1713 marriage

1748 Joseph Lankshear

1749 MARY LANKSHEAR birth and Marriage 1770 Thomas Collins and Death 1788

1752 William LANCASHIRE marriage ELIZ SHOPPER - unknown

1756 John Lankshear marriage Elizabeth Tomlin who is John

1763 Elizabeth Lankshare Death Langford St Matthew

1767 ANN LANKESHEER daug of James and Elizabeth

1767 Joseph LANKSHEAR marriage Elizabeth SYLVESTER

1769 Elizabeth LANKSHEAR daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth

1770 MARY LANKSHEAR Marriage Thomas Collins and Death 1788

1770 Thomas Collins and MARY (nee LANKSHEAR) and their family

1770 Thomas Lankshear marriage Mary Stevens

1772 Thomas Lankshear marriage Mary Hammersly at Alvescot

1773 ANN LANCASHIRE parents John and Elizabeth

1773 on - Lankshear in Alvescot, Oxford

1773 William Lankshear marriage Peggy Batt at Witney

1773 William Lankshear -  son of William and Peggy BUT died 1773 so who married in 1799

1777 Elizabeth LANKSHEAR married John STALEY at Witney

1778 Robert Lankshear marriage Susanna Shepperd at Witney

1779 MARY LANKSHEAR - daughter of  ROBERT and  SUSANNAH

1780 ELIZABETH LANKESHIRE  Marriage : JOB TOLLEE or Tolly - who is she?

1781 John Lankshear marriage Ann Dorne at Witney

1781 Anne Lankshear - daughter of  ROBERT and  SUSANNAH

1782 Susanna Lankshear - daughter of  ROBERT and  SUSANNAH

1782 James John Lankshear baptism son of Joseph and Elizabeth

1783 John Lankshear

1784 James Lankshear marriage Hester Fisher at Bermondsey - son of Thomas and Mary and daughter Mary

1785-1804 Property Land Tax for Thomas and Robert Lankshear

1789 Marriage John WEBB & Sarah LANCASHIRE ????

1791 Universal British Directory - Witney - Thomas (Gent) and William (Surgeon)

1792 Hester LANKSHEAR marriage Michael Pass

1792 LUCEY LANKASHERE - Cassington parents not known

1792 Mary Lankshear marriage William Perkins at St. Andrew Holborn - perhaps  Mary born 1773 ?

1792 birth Mary LANKSHEAR 1815 marriage Nathaniel  CREW at St Mary, Lambeth

1793 Robert LANKSHEAR marriage Sarah SCARESBROOK who is Robert

1794 Edward LANKSHEAR married Hannah GREEN at Great Coxwell - but who is Edward

1794 William LANCASHIRE son of Robert & Sarah North Leigh

1795 Harriett LANKSHIRE Marriage Thomas GLAZE

1796 Ann LANKSHEAR daughter of Robert & Sarah North Leigh

1796 Martha Lankshear  marriage James Belgrove - daug John and Elizabeth of Langford

1797 Burial of Lankshear's child at  St Mary Somerset in the City Upper Thames Street

1798 Land Tax for Lankshear

1798 Mary LANCASHIRE daughter of Robert & Sarah North Leigh

1799 FRANCES LANKSHEAR Marriage William WESTILL - daug John and Elizabeth of Langford

1799 William Lankshear marriage Elizabeth Parrott - Stoke Upon Trent


1800 Susannah LANKSHIRE  marriage William SLATTER

1800  Mary LANKSHEAR marriage  John MARGETTS

1801 JOSEPH LANKSHEAR marriage Elizabeth Hodges 

1801 Mary LANKSHEAR   from Caswell married Edmund CLARE   from BlackBourton

1802 ROBERT LANKSHEAR CLARE son of Edmund and Mary

1802 Susannah LANKSHEAR   from Curbridge married John Legg CLARE   from BlackBourton

1802 WILLIAM RICHARD LANKSHEAR - son William & Elizabeth - Marriage Selina Hewson 1827

1803 Another Thomas Sylvester Lankshear


1803 William Lankshear in Buxted Militia

1804 ELIZABETH LANKSHEAR - daug William and Elizabeth

1804 ELIZABETH LANKSHEAR - daug Edward and Lucy (Lancashire)

1805 Holden London directory - no sign of any LANKSHEAR

1805 AMELIA LANKISHIRE daug James and Elizabeth

1805 JANE LANKSHEAR daug William and Elizabeth

1805 MARY ANN LANKSHEAR - daug Edward and Lucy (Lancashire) at Chelsea

1806 Letitia LANKSHEAR marriage to George HOLYFIELD

1807 EDWARD WILLIAM LANCASHIRE son of Edward and Lucy

1807 JOSEPH LANKSHEAR son William and Elizabeth

1808 Susannah LANKSHEAR marriage to William Bridgman

1808 William Lankshear marriage Ann Lankshear at Witney

1808 John L Lankshear marriage Elizabeth Woodward at Charlbury

1808 John Lankshear wedding Jane Margaret Pearson

1809-1824 Family John Lankshear and  Margaret Pearson

1809 Joseph Lankshear son of John Lankshear and  Margaret Pearson


1809 Lucy Lankshear daug of Edward Lankshear and  Lucy

1809 MARY ANN LANKSHEAR baptism at Chelsea - parents William and Elizabeth

1809 WILLIAM LANKSHEAR - parents William and Ann

1810 MARTHA LANKSHEAR baptism at Chelsea - parents Edward and Elizabeth

1811 Holden London directory - no sign of any LANKSHEAR

1811 ANN LANKSHEAR - parents William and Ann - died 1844 age 32 unmarried

1811 JOHN LANKSHEAR  died 1812 - son Edward and  ELIZABETH at Chelsea


1811 William Lankshear at Wandsworth parents Joseph and Elizabeth (????)

1812 Elizabeth LANKSHEAR daughter of Robert & Susanna married Joseph Bolton

1812 James Lankshear marriage Hannah Cole at Hooke Dorset

1814 W Lankshear BANKRUPTCIES

1815 Mary (??) LANKSHEAR marriage Nathaniel  CREW

1815 Mary Lankshear & Nathaniel Crew and their family

1816 1832 1881 to1922  Bourgeois v. Lankshear.

1816 Robert LANKSHEAR son of William & Anne - died 1833 age 17

1818 Samuel Lankisher from Shipton.Wychwood marriage Ann Barnes at Chadlington - Is Samuel one of ours?

1818 Thomas Lankshear in Electoral Roll

1819 Frances (Fanny)  LANKSHIRE birth daug of Edward and Elizabeth

1820 who is Ann Ludford re JANE MARGARET LANKSHEAR daughter John and Margaret

1823 Elizabeth Lankshear in Essex


1823 and 1831 W Lankshear and F Gadrich dissolve partnership and Wm bankrupt

1823 Joseph Thomas Lankshear - marriage Amelia Brand

1824 Alfred LANKSHEAR Christening:

1825 Amelia LANKSHEAR - death 1870 Married 1846 Charles Wooden

1825 Elizabeth Lankshear (nee Nixon) 2nd marriage James Eyles at ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS

1825 Pigot's London

1826 Margaret Lankshear marriage Walter Huey at ST. SEPULCHRE - presumably Margaret born 1800 ?


1829 William Lankshear surgeon in The Times re Partnership dissolved

1828 to 1831 William Lankshear surgeon in The Times re Advert for School

1829 Catherine Lankshear daughter William Richard and Selena Jane


1830 John Lankshear marriage Margaret Smith at Westminster and see 1852 for Margaret 2nd marriage and 1832 to Aust

1831 Edward Lankshear marriage to Frances Clare at St Martin's in the Fields

1832 John Lankshear and wife to Australia

1832 London Pigot's shows only streets, lanes, yards, etc: - no LANKSHEAR shown

1816 1832 1881 to1922  Bourgeois v. Lankshear.

1833 Thomas Lankshear marriage to Jane Sophia Barrow CLERKENWELL ST JOHN

1834 ANN ELIZABETH LANCASHIRE Death 1835 parents Edward William and Frances

1834 Mary Lankshear marriage Edward Lynch at Spitalfields Christchurch Middlesex-   Mary ??

1835 Thomas LANKSHEAR marriage to Sarah Cornick

1835 Thomas Lankshear at Rahere St

1835 William Lankshear marriage to Charlotte Wiggins

1836 Robert Lankshear marriage Mary Goodchild at OX St Ebbe

1836 Will of Susanna Lankshear of Witney

1837John Lankshear in Australia

1837 Ann Lankeshire marriage in Rotherham - is she one of our's

1838 Mary LANSHERRY marriage

1837  William Lankshear marriage Charlotte Hawker at Mosterton Dorset

1838 Ann LANKSHEAR Christening daug Thomas and Sarah (nee Cornick)

1838 marriage Elizabeth SHAW & John Lankshear

1838 MARTHA LANKSHEAR Marriage WILLIAM JOHNSON St Martin in Fields

1839 Thomas LANKSHEAR - Pocket-book maker - Seckford St, Clerkenwell

1839 Thomas Lankshear - greengrocer - Ilford

1839 Joseph Lankshear marriage Hannah Higham in Kensington

1840 Joseph LANKSHEAR marriage to Sarah Fowler - Newington

1840 William Lankshear 1st marriage - Elizabeth GILL

1841 Census list of Lankshear in indexes

1841 census SARAH FOWLER wife of Joseph Lankshear with Joseph and her parents

1841 Elizabeth Lankshear birth City of London daug of  William and Mary Ann

1841 census Oxford  for Lankshear

1841 Census John Lankshear and Margaret with Jane Mary

1841 Thomas Lankshear census with Jane and Frances


1842 William Lankshear - Baker High St Witney

1842 Mary Ann Lankshear marriage Edward LAPHAM at St Martin

1843 JANE MARGARET LANKSHEAR married Henry Nicholas Ludford 

1843 William Richard LANKSHEAR marriage to Hannah Vassor

1843 Susanna LANKSHEAR birth and 1851 and  1871 Census & marriage to Charles Dean

1843 Emma Lankshear birth City of London daug of  William and Mary Ann

1844/45 John Lankshear in Australia

1845 Emma Lankshear birth Southwark daug of  Joseph and Sarah

1845 Times re Joseph bankruptcy

1845 Joseph Lankshear declared BANKRUPT

1846 Joseph Lankshear bankrupt

1846 Amelia LANKSHEAR - Married Charles Wooden

1846 Will of Ann Lankshear - Overview - mother of William and Ann

1846 London Directory - Thomas and William in coffee and the Surgeon

1847 Thomas Sylvester Lankshear Birth

1847 Fanny  LANKSHEAR to John FOX marriage in St. James' Church Westminster.

1847 Jane Lankshear marriage Henry White

1848 Joseph Lankshear marriage Jane Osborn -   Joseph son of William and Elizabeth (Parrott)

1848 WILLIAM LANKSHEAR marriage MARY ANN GREEN at Stepney - who are they?

1848 Mary Ann Lankshear birth and 1881 census BUT who is she?

1849 Elizabeth Frances LANKSHED or LANKSTED marriage

1849 Mary Ann  Lankshear birth City of London daug of  William and Mary Ann

1849 Robert Lankshear Clare marriage

1849 Will of William Richard Lankshear mentioning wife Hannah

1850 Alfred Lankshear marriage - Ellen Williams   St Martin in Fields

1850 Emily Lankshear in St James daughter of Joseph and  Jane

1850  William Lankshear marriage at Liverpool to Elizabeth Morrison

Lankshear in Oxfordshire 1851 time frame

1851 Lankshear in Census

1851 list of HUGGIN LANE in 1856

1851 John and Margaret LANKSHEAR

1851 Caroline looked like Lankshear now clearly LARKHAM - IGNORE - just left to answer questions

1851 Jessie LANKSHEAR niece in census with Henry and Jane WHITE


1851 Joseph and Jane (Osborn) Lankshear census with Emily and Louisa

1851 Census - Joseph and Sarah Lankshear and family in Southwark

1851 census Edward W Lankshear and Frances and family

1851 Census for Charlotte Lankshear family (widow of William)

1851 census and Lankshear and variants

1851 census John Lankshear and family

1851 census William Lankshear with Mary Ann and family - brings lots of loose ends together

1851 census  Robert  Lankshear Farmer Eynsham

1851 see 1793 Robert LANKSHEAR marriage Sarah SCARESBROOK

1852 London Directory

1852 Mary Ann Lankshear marriage to Solomon Holland

1852 Margaret Lankshire second Marriage - see 1830 - Margaret Smith to John Lankshear

1852 Robert  Lankshear Farmer in Directory of Oxford

1853 HARRIETT LANKSHEAR - daug John and Elizabeth

1854 Alfred Lankshead marriage Maidstone maybe to Hester Manser

1854 Matilda Charlotte Lankshear daug Joseph and Sarah

1855 Hannah LANKSHEAR Chemist at Bushey

1855 James Lankshear marriage Susanna Davey Hook Dorest

1856 1793 Robert LANKSHEAR marriage Sarah SCARESBROOK in workhouse

1856 directory - 3 Lankshear's


1856 Possible George Townsend ?

1858 Lankshear in Court Case

Harry Saville Lankshear 1858-1934 and marriage to Ada Ellen Chester in South Africa

1861 William LANKSHEAR marriage at Mutford Suffolk

1861totalindex.htm new as of November 2005

1861 Census Index - more here than added below

1861 William Lanckson (sic) and family

1861 John LANKSHEAR son of Joseph in Australia - Bail Up by Mail robbers

1861 census Alfred Lankshear and Family

1861 census Edward H Lankshear and Frances and family

1861 census Elizabeth Lanksheare at Holloway (Islington)

1861 Emma Lankshear in Census daug of William and Mary Ann

1861 marriage WILLIAM LANKSHEAR from Ilford to Charlotte PLANE from Yarmouth

1861 census John Lankshear and family

1861 Census Joseph Lankshear Family

1861 census JOSEPH LANKSHEAR the surgeon son William and Elizabeth

1861 Thomas and Jane Lankshear

1863 Emma Lankshear marriage to William Steer - St Luke's

1862 John Henry LANKSHEAR marriage to Elizabeth H ??????

1863 John LANKSHEAR marriage to Rebecca WALTERS COOMA - Australia

1863 Burial of Hannah Barnard Lankshear age 66 BUT assumed to be a baby daughter of 1856 JOSEPH THOMAS LANKSHEAR marriage SARAH ANN BARNARD

1863 and 1872-1874 Matilda and Emily Lankshear in service through South Metropolitan School District

1864 Edward Robert LANKSHEAR marriage to Mary Walker

1864 LANKSHEAR Elizabeth to Pratt Edward

1865 James Clare LANKSHEAR marriage Mary HANNANT

1865 Ann LANKSHEAR marriage William Hayward

1865 William Robert LANKSHEAR birth  Sep qtr 1865  Mutford Suffolk

1865 William Lankshear  at Sherborne to Elizabeth ANDREWS

1867 Ellen Margaret Lankshear - daughter of Alfred Lankshear & Ellen Williams

1867 James Lankshire age 45 Farmer arrival New York

1868 John LANKSHEAR Marriage to Honor Vallance Dorchester Dorset


1870 Robert Lankshear marriage Martha Jane Warner

1870 Robert Lankshear - omnibus conductor Times account of being discharged on charge of  Embezzlement

1870 Harriett Lankshear marriage Witney to Henry Broom and 1881 census

1870 Marriage Thomas Sylvester Lankshear and Caroline Townsend

1870 John Lankshear at Wagga Wagga

1870 William Alfred Lankshear marriage Emma Mitchell St Saviour - also 1881 and Emma Death 1883

1870  Job Lankshear at Langport Somerset marriage - Emily Horsey then went to USA

1871 Eliza Lankshear sent to prison

1871 - LANKSHEAR index - New XLS file

1871 Lankshear Additions

1871 Richard White Lankesheer  Marriage Emma Collings held in Lankesheer folder 

1871 Alfred Lankshear census with  Ellen and family Islington

1871 census with 1881 census Jane & Louise LANKSHEAR Governess at Deptford

1871 Jessie LANKSHEAR and Jane White

1871 census James Lankshear Chiswick

1871 James and Susanna - Cheney Dorset

1871 Census John Henry LANKSHEAR and family

1871 Edward Lankshear and Mary (and Ann Seymour) - Edward could be child of Edward William

1871 census Elizabeth Lankshear (nee Shaw) without John

1871 Robert Lankshear on HMS Danae - from Witney

1871 alternative spellings index

1872 Death of John Lankshear

1872 Flora Lankshear Birth and 1873 Flora Lankshear baptism

1873 Patty  LANKSHEAR - Baptism

1873 William Lankshean marriage at Liverpool to Mary Thomas

1863 and 1872-1874 Matilda and Emily Lankshear in service through South Metropolitan School District

1874 Jessie LANKSHEAR marriage

1874 Alfred Lankshear - Methodist Local Preacher

1874 Alfred Lankshear marriage Elizabeth Sarah Brown in Holborn

1874 Mary Ann Lankshear marriage at Bethnal Green to Ben Littlejohn but maybe not Ben

1874 Robert Lankshear marriage to Sarah Broome Kensington

1875 George LANKSHEAR Marriage to Sophia Walters at Hook Dorset

1875 Robert Lankshear and Martha Jane Warner who migrated to New Zealand

1875 Susan LANKSHEAR Marriage to Charles DEAN

1876 Elizabeth Lankshear  Marriage at Bridport to Daniel Joy

1876 Louisa Lankshear marriage Franklin GARDNER at Greenwich

1876 William Alfred Lankshear marriage to Kezia Read (nee Ashby) marriage to Edward Read and birth  also 1901 and family

1877 Sarah Lankshear marriage to Joseph Joiner

1877 Lucy Lankshear marriage to Wm Wright at Pancras - daughter - Edward W and Frances

1877 Florence Ellen Lankshear marriage Tom Clothier

1877 William John Lankshear marriage to Lydia Russell at Bethnal Green - 1878 went to NZ

1878 Lankshear William sails to New Zealand 

1880 Harriet Elizabeth Marriage to Charles WILLIAMS

1880 Elizabeth Lankshear marriage to Alfred MANNING

1880 Edward Pearson Lankshear marriage to Emily Cotton

1880 Lankshear in USA - Job Joseph or Jeremiah

1881 Census - entire country

Lankshear's in London 1881 census - should be able to delete

1881 Census - entire country - John Lankashire established as son of Edward and Frances 

1881 census for WILLIAM LANKSHEAR from Ilford and Charlotte from Yarmouth also 1901

1881 census Thomas Curtis LANKSHEAR Marines and Mary Ann at home

1881 census Thomas Lankshear aged 70 living with Ann Worsley cousin

1881 Charles Lankshear marriage at Fulham to Martha

1881 Elizabeth Emma Lankshear marriage to Edward Coote at Poplar - But who is Elizabeth Emma

1881 Helen Lankshear  Discussion on who she might be

1881 John H Lankshear and Family

1881 Lankashire spelling entries

1881 Lankshear's in 1881 census  

1881 LANKSHIRE spelling in Census

1881 Robert LANKSHEAR census with wife Sarah and 1901 census

1881&1891 census for Lankeshire

1882 George Henry Lankshear

1883 George LANKSHEAR 2nd Marriage to Frances Norris

1884 Martha Lankshear marriage at Chelsea to John Fagg

1885 Elizabeth Jane Lankshear at Sherborne to F Symes or C Beaton

1885 George Henry  Lankshear marriage Sarah ABRAHAMS  at Chertsey and 1891 and 1901 census

1885 in NZ - Wm Lankshear Bookbinder

1885 John Henry  Lankshear marriage Minnie Garrett at Hackney and what might have happened to them

1887 Charles Lankshear marriage - Clarice Papworth -Islington

1888 Annie Eliza Lankshear  Sherborne to George Harrison or Walter Rolls

1888 Caroline Lankshear at  Dorchester to Samuel Marsh

1888 Thomas Lankshear marriage Harriett NEWTON at Hendon and 1901

1888 Ellen Lankshear marriage at Hackney to William Robinson and they go to NZ

1889 Jennie Lankshear Death in Detroit USA

1889 Emily Maria Lankshear Marriage to William Herbert  Moore

1889 Frances Susan Lankshear marriage to Edward Whitaker

1889 Sarah Ann  Lankshire marriage West Ham - are parents Joseph and Sarah ?

1890 Frances Julia Lankshear  marriage in London to Edward Younger - daughter of James and Susanna

1890 Henry William Lankshear first marriage to Julia POLKETT

1890 Joseph Lankshear blacksmith in USA

1890 Lily Lankshear Birth

189x George Henry LANKSHEAR Marriage to an Angus - then nothing found

new Aug 03

1891 Total LANKSHEAR  List - new file XLS  --- Detail Pages

1891 census Charles & Clarice Lankshear & family

1891 Census - James Lankshear

1891 census James and Harriett (Lankspear) in Islington - Are they ours? NO Lockwood

1891 census James and Maria Lanchaster in Islington - ignoring just keeping in case someone else finds

1891 Elizabeth Lankeshire and 7 daughters - who are they?

1891 finally sorted this one census for Elizabeth Lankeshire and 7 daughters but turn out to be Lankester so do not want

1891 Florence Elizabeth Lankshear

1891 Eliza Lankshear - Brentford

1891 Helen Lankshear  census - now seen 1891 and 1901 - who are Parents?

1891 Henry W Lankshear and Julia + Ellen mother

1891 James and Mary Lankshear  census - Chiswick

1891 Robert LANKSHEAR census with wife Sarah, also William and Mary

1891 William Alfred Lankshear  2nd marriage to Mrs Jane Cudmore (nee Unknown) and Census

1892 Gerald Lankshear Birth

1892 Thomas Curtis LANKSHEAR second marriage to Flora Scadden

1892 Thurza Lankshear Marriage

1893 Thomas Lankshear marriage to Amanda Hann at Dorchester

1893  William John Lankshear marriage at Dorchester to Theresa Ann Jeanes

1894 Patty  LANKSHEAR - Marriage and 1901 census

1894-1919 Ralph Lankshear and his mother Ada Ellen (Chester) in South Africa

1895 Amelia Sarah Lankshear marriage at Mile End

1895 George Lankshear marriage Mary Kentish

1895 Robert Wilfred LANKSHEAR burial aged 6 NZ

1895 Henry William Lankshear second marriage to Ada Lucy Jones

1895 Flora Lankshear marriage Charles Tilley

1895 LANKSHEAR Robert Wilfred, d. aged 6

1898 Charles Lankshear marriage to Henrietta Davey and 1901

1898 William LANKSHEAR  marriage Florence Elizabeth Tasker and birth William Murray Lankshear

1899 Edward Thomas Lankshear marriage to Helena Brown and 1901

1900 Edwin Lankshear - Birth

1900 Joseph with Mary and son George Lankshear in Detroit USA

1900 W. J. Lankshear - in NZ

1901 Census - Lankshear and Like Spellings - Sorted by Forename

1901 census - People who are not spelt LANKSHEAR sorted by Household  (they are included in other lists also)

1901 census Lankshear  by Household

1901  Edith Blanche Lankshear marriage Charles Miller

1901 Charles & Clarice Lankshear & family

1901 Edward Lankshear - census in Royal Navy and Death in Canada

1901 USA George Lankshear  marriage to Catherine Curran

1901 Job Thomas LANKSHEAR Marriage at Bridport to Mary Symes

 1901 Rose LANKSHEAR Marriage to William Smith

1901 Hellen Lankshear census - now seen 1891 and 1901

1901 John H. & Elizabeth H. Lankshear & family

1901 Lankshear & Others - a extract with in family sequence with variant  spelling

1901 Mary Lankshire in Norfolk

1901 by Household

1902 Lankshear's in Boer War

1902 H S or Henry Lankshear -Boer War

1902 J Lankshear -Boer War

1902 Alfred Wm LANKSHEAR bookbinder

1902 Kelly's Northern Suburbs - Charles Lankshear also John Henry Lankshear

1902 Alfred LANKSHEAR in London Postal Directory CD

1902 Louise Mary Lankshear marriage Richard Hayward

1903 Alice Maud M Lankshear marriage to Tom Clothier

1904 Ernest Lankshear marriage Florence Sabina Battin

1905 Alice Lankshear marriage to John GODFREY

1905 Beulah A Lankshear

1906 Henry George Lankshear Marriage Jessie Britten

1907 Katherine Helen Lankskear Marriage Francis WHEAT

1908 Lilian Mary (May) Lankshear daughter of Lily

1908 Australia - Charles Lankshear marries Gertrude Matthews

1909 Florrie Elizabeth LANKSHEAR Marriage

1910 and 1917 George and Joseph Lankshear in Detroit USA

1911 census Lankshear

1911 Thomas Lankshear - landlord Mason's Arms 10 North St Bridport

1912 Arthur LANKSHEAR - Home Child to Canada

1913 Clement Lankshear marriage

1914 Olive Gertrude Lankshear LONDON GAZETTE

1914 Alfred Thomas Lankshear - confectioner 54 High Road Chiswick and Turnham Green Middx

1914 Lankshear (Three - Harry W, Charles John and Edward T)- in Essex Trade Directory

1914 Harry William Lankshear - clothier 794 High Road Leyton Essex

1915-1968 Garth Graham LANKSHEAR - marriage to Anna Johanna Van der Merwe in Africa

1915 Lt BR Lankshear from NZ in Samoa

1915 Leonard Lankshear in Sussex Directory

1915 NZ Elsie Lankshear marriage to Alfred HARFORD 

1916 In Memory of JOHN LANKSHEAR  Rifleman 5380 2nd

1917 In Memory of Private FRANK LANKSHEAR and 1917 Frank Lankshear RFC

1918 In Memory of  WILLIAM MURRAY LANKSHEAR   Private 60558 1st and  Record of Commemoration

1919 Ernest Lankshear baker Melina Rd Shepherds Bush

1920 Elizabeth LANKSHEAR Marriage John DANIELS West Derby

1920 USA Census - George Lankshear and Family

1921 Phyllis Lankshear NZ

1924 Lankshear Wickstead & Company

1924 A.V. LANKSHEAR - Home Missionary

Leonard Lankshear NSW age 15 in sinking of Greycliffe 1927

1930 USA Census - George Lankshear and Family

1932 FLORENCE SARAH LANKSHEAR - Teacher Registration

1933 Thomas Sylvester Lankshear - Memorial Card

1940 LANKSHEAR, EDWARD THOMAS - died enemy action at age 64

1941 New Zealand directory

1941 Pte R. F. Lankshear - NZ - killed in action


1905 and 1941 Beulah A Lankshear

1940 Australia Selwyn Lankshear marries Physillis Ruth  GARSIDE

1942 W lankshear arrival New York with RAF

1943 Ian lankshear arrival New York when in RNZAF

1943 Ernest Howard LANKSHEAR died 21st April 1943





1945-47 Barbara L LANKSHEAR Flying Certificate and entry in LONDON GAZETTE

1950 LANKSHEAR J S 03/07/1950 LEWISHAM Seamen

1950 Florence M Lankshear from NZ arrives New York from Southampton

Social Securites Death Index USA  Lankshear

1959 Ken Lankshear Invercargill NZ

1960  Estelle COURTNEY (nee LANKSHEAR)

1961 Doris Ellen NEVILL (nee Lankshear) migration to Australia

1963 Brian John Lankshear migration to Australia

1969 George J. Lankshear Death USA

1969 Graham Saville LANKSHEAR - death

1972 Lillian Lankshear Michigan USA Death

1990 Lida Lankshear  Death USA

1990 Death Selwyn William LANKSHEAR Australia

1992  John Taylor Lankshear death in NZ

1992 Mark Lankshear Marriage

1993  Joshua LANKSHEAR birth

1994 LANKSHEAR - California Deaths, 1940-97

19xx Edward Lankshear marriage to Evelyn Turner

William LANKSHEAR and All Saints' Church Essex

19xx Thomas Lankshear Marriage Gladys Mclauchlan


2000 death Phyllis Ruth LANKSHEAR Australia

2002 Mark LANKSHEAR  - Death Cambridgeshire

2006 Death of Gerald Lankshear

2011 obituary for Barbara LANKSHEAR