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Elizabeth LANKSHIRE Date – – 1822 Aged 76 Place Hanborough Description St Peter & St Paul Denomination Ang = 1746

1767 Joseph LANKSHEAR marriage Elizabeth SYLVESTER

1827 Joseph Lankshire age 79 Burial Hanborough Oxford St Peter and St Paul 1827-79 = 1746

1767 Joseph LANKSHEAR marriage Elizabeth SYLVESTER
1837 (1835 per FFHS site) Ann Lankshire age 79 Burial Hanborough Oxford St Peter and St Paul 1835-79 = 1756  

July 2003 from Jane C.

I wondered if the Thomas Lankshear who married Mary Stevens in Kencot was connected to this family so had a look at a transcript of the Kencot parish register. Not only Thomas was there, but so was your Joseph Lankshear with his wife Elizabeth! Here are the details:

- Thomas Lankshear's wife Mary did not live long after their marriage, and was buried at Kencot on 26 Sept 1771; I am sure he must be the Thomas Lankshear, widower of Alvescot, who married Mary Hammersley of Kencot by licence in 1772 (they had children Mary, Letitia, William, and then two Thomas Hammersley Lankshears baptised at Alvescot between 1773 and 1778 and are probably the same Thomas and Mary who had daughters Susannah and Rachel baptised at Witney in 1781 and 1785 respectively, and then a son John in Kencot in 1788).

- As you know, Joseph Lankshear married Elizabeth Sylvester in North Leigh in 1767. He was then a 19 year old farmer according to the marriage licence bond. A Mary daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Lankishear was baptised at Brize Norton the following year. It was also in 1767 that Kencot was enclosed, which would have involved rationalisation of land holding and probably created fewer, larger farms. This is probably why Joseph moved to Kencot then. A history of Kencot says that Joseph was churchwarden there in 1769 and 1771-8 and suggests that he farmed either at the manor farm or the rectory there.
- baptisms of the following children of Joseph and Elizabeth Lankshear are recorded in the Kencot parish register (note that some were baptised privately, probably at home): Elizabeth (1769, privately), Harriet (1771, privately), Thomas Silvester (1773), Joseph (1775, privately), William (1777) and Susannah (1779).
- I have lost track of them for a little while but they are probably the Joseph and Elizabeth Lankshear who had a son John baptised at Brize Norton in 1785 and then a son Robert at Witney in 1787.


Baptisms, at Kencot (kindly from Kaye 1/2007)

LANKSHEAR Elizabeth 13 April 1769, d of Joseph & Elizabeth, privately.
LANKSHEAR Harriet 28 Apr 1771, d Joseph & Elizabeth, pr.
LANKSHEAR Thomas Silvester 6 Feb 1773 s Joseph & Elizabeth
LANKSHEAR Joseph 22 July 1775 s Joseph & Elizabeth pr.
LANKSHEAR William 26 Mar 1777 s Joseph & Elizabeth 
LANKSHEAR Susannah 21 Mar 1779 d Joseph & Elizabeth pr

LANKSHEAR John 1 June 1788 s Thomas & Mary see very likely possibility 
1830 John Lankshear marriage Margaret Smith at Westminster, Middlesex
and 1832 John Lankshear in Australia - says he is 38 ie born 1794 but I suppose close enough

LANKSHEAR Elisabeth 6 Jan 1793 baseborn dau of Mary
It seems that this child died in 1797 as I found this entry under Burials:  LANKSHIRE Elizabeth (note "z) 15 May 1797, baseborn daughter of Mary.


Burials at Kencot

26 Sept 1771 Mary LANKSHEAR wife of Thomas
5 Nov 1811   ---- LANCASHIRE  wife of Thomas (no name on this)

12 Feb 1814 LANCASHIRE Thomas 66 years of Kencot

Interesting to note that smallpox hit the village in 1758/59 but none of yours or mine were affected.


Church Hanborough 

I suggest that Joseph and family probably all moved to the Hanborough area (Church Hanborough is only a few miles from Witney). A 76 year old Elizabeth Lankshire was buried at Hanborough on 13 Dec 1822 and a 79 year old Joseph Lankshire on 11 May 1827. The 63 year old farmer Robert Lankashire in Freeland (in Eynsham parish) in 1851 is probably their son Robert. Other burials at Hanborough are a 73 year old Anne Lankshire of Freeland on 28 Jan 1835 (I wonder if this is Joseph's sister Anne?) and a 49 year old Mary Lankshear of Freeland on 18 March 1859 (probably Robert's wife). It would be worth checking gravestones in Church Hanborough to see if there are any for Lankshears.