[an error occurred while processing this directive] 1985 New Zealand family reunion
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New Zealand  1985 reunion of Lankshear family 


 The Reunion book (25 pages)

? Coat of Arms from the book

Ornat fortem prudentis

Prudence adorns the Brave Man 


Coats of Arms are applicable to the people who were given the Arms. It does not apply to everyone who may share their surname. Some people have asked me so I share this one as used for the Reunion. I know nothing else about it.

But using one is fun of course


The book in PDF format - the images may be better resoloution than the book as html =  sorry I got the scan confused and you will need to stand on your head (I suspose you could rotate the pages when in Adobe)  1985Reunion.pdf - click right to Save 

The book in html was created using http://pdftohtml.sourceforge.net/ which is simply used by dragging a simple PDF document onto the program exe when unzipped (no installation needed). (note it says there is windows GUI but on that site the download file is not found but the drag is perfect and fast)