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LANKSHEAR in South Africa

I did some research  but did not find much see South Africa - some Genealogy links

For some time I've known of HS and his service record and also of the death of Graham in 1969
But I could find nothing else on these men.

1902 H S or Henry Lankshear -Boer War - in local police etc

1902 Lankshear's in Boer War the others who went to that War

1969 Graham Saville LANKSHEAR - death


Then in September 2013 Sally the sister of Graham contacted me and provided a lot more data and some great photographs

If you have a connection or information please contact us - my address is in link below
and this is a graphic for Sally so please re-type in your email


The following pages are based on data from Sally


HarryHarry Saville Lankshear 1858-1934 and
marriage to Ada Ellen Chester in South Africa





1894-1919 Ralph Lankshear and his mother Ada Ellen (Chester) in South Africa

Their other son 1915-1968 Garth Graham LANKSHEAR - marriage to Anna Johanna Van der Merwe in Africa

And their son 1948-1969 Graham Saville LANKSHEAR - in Africa