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1901 Florrie Lankshear

see Thomas Sylvester Lankshear Family

 Piece (RG13/) Folio is 365 Brixton Rd


Well actually this is 363 Brixton Rd but there is a bus and trees in front of 365 but through the leaves you can just see. This is right on the corner of Gresham Road. Across the road junction is 367 Brixton Rd - Brixton Police Station so I am confident the house numbers are the same as in 1901.
Brixton Police station, Brixton Road, Brixton SW9. Historical Brixton - old 1950 and new 2003 photos

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Florrie LARKSHEAR 443645 10854252 27 27 1874 Surrey Camberwell Lambeth London Servant Domestic 434 44                          


Florrie E Larkshear 27 Camberwell, Surrey, England Servant Lambeth London 
worked for
George W Welham 43 Camberwell, Middlesex, England Head Lambeth London 
Alice A Welham 19 Brixton, Surrey, England Daughter Lambeth London 
Frank Welham 18 Brixton, Surrey, England Son Lambeth London 
George S Welham 21 Camberwell, Middlesex, England Son Lambeth London 
Emily Hampton 36 Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England Servant Lambeth London 
Alice E Downs 20 Lewisham, Kent, England Servant Lambeth London


Florrie  must be the daughter of Thomas Sylvester as per
Flora LANKSHEAR U 9  F Islington, Middlesex, England in 1881 Census

Flora has initial E in baptism as per this census

but in 1871 Flora Elizabeth Lankshear Birth and Baptism 1873  was in Lambeth - It is likely that her parents put Islington in 1881 census but she herself may have thought Camberwell as they lived there.

Jan 2005 found  1909 Florrie Elizabeth LANKSHEAR Marriage

Flora Lankshear - Marriage 1895 is John Henry's daughter as in 1901 she reported born in Bermondsey same as Flora of John Henry in 1881