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1901 marriage 27 May 1901 West Ham

from 1901  Edith Blanche Lankshear marriage Charles Miller


The quality of this photo is amazing and so many people we think we can identify.

Note Miller family viewed to left and Lankshear on right - John Erwin knows the beard to the left would be his great grand father Johnathan.
Now I can place my Aunt and Uncle but which of Edith's brothers and sisters is which. I have labelled lady with black bow as her eldest sister.
Run you cursor across the middle row some labels should appear and maybe clickable.

John Erwin comments

On grass from left - x, Bernard Miller (son of Florence & Frederick Miller (brother), Winifred Miller (daughter of David (brother) and Ethel Miller -
they are not in picture - I suspect he was the photographer), Lucy Jane Miller (sister & one bridesmaid), rest unknown.

Middle row - x,x, Florence Miller (sister in law), Jonathan Miller (father, and my great grandfather), unknown but I feel I should know, Charles Miller,> Edith, Elizabeth Lankshear (brides mother), John Henry Lankshear (brides father), rest of row unknown. I would guess too gentleman on end is also brother of John Henry.

Back row - x,x,x, Frederick Miller (brother), the Minister, obviously a brother of John Henry Lankshear I would guess, rest of row unknown.

My grandparents (Henry (brother) & Emily Miller) are not there because my mother was only a few days old, and my great grandmother, Jane Miller was
also absent - she was ill and confined to a wheelchair - she had tuberculosis of the hip.

Ron also wonders about the bearded man - my grandfather Thomas Sylvester was 4 years younger than John Henry and then the 3rd brother William Alfred was 2 years younger again. The lady next to the bearded man does not look like my grandmother 1907 Picture of Elizabeth Sarah Skeggs  - Ron's Grandmother

Perhaps this is a picture of Thomas Sylvester as a boy Age of Photograph of Woman and Boy - now if anyone has any photos of such historic age PLEASE send me a scan