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1840 Joseph LANKSHEAR marriage to Sarah Fowler - Newington

1809 Joseph Lankshear son of John Lankshear and  Margaret Pearson

This is from gedcom not confirmed yet as at Nov 2003 - finally Jan 2006
Marriages Mar 1840 Newington  4 299   
FOWLER  Sarah 
LAN____AD  Joseph

You can understand why the transcription mess


But also see 1839 Joseph Lankshear marriage Hannah Higham in Kensington but I think this is more likely to be 1st marriage for  1848 Joseph Lankshear marriage Jane Osborn -   Joseph son of William and Elizabeth (Parrott)

Following kindly found by a good friend Judy Lester:

Holy Trinity Newington MARRIAGE 30 Mar 1840
Joseph Lankshear, full, BACHELOR, Cooper, Butlers Buildings. F - John Lankshear, Cooper
Sarah Fowler, full, spinster, 2 Mermaid Court. F - Thomas Fowler, Wheelwright.
Banns Both signed Witnesses: Charles Fowler (brother), Emma Smith [both signed]
Note: Joseph is a bachelor -

I wonder who Emma Smith is? Well Marriage Charles William Fowler to Emma Smith 31 Aug 1851 St Mary, Lambeth MiddlesexLambeth Thomas Fowler Wheelwright Samuel Smith Bottle maker


Charles is shown age 15 a wheelwright in 1841 census of  FOWLER and Joseph Lankshear


1851 Census - Joseph and Sarah Lankshear and family in Southwark

Mermaid Court Southwark.

85 (perhaps55) Long Lane, 
Bermondsey  Piece 325

1861 Census - Joseph and Sarah Lankshear and family in Bermondsey

1809 Joseph Lankshear son of John Lankshear and  Margaret Pearson


1858 Lankshear in Court Case which could be Joseph

Jos'h (Joseph)  LANKSHEAR - head - marr - 41  1809- Cooper - in 1891 
     Place of birth for Joseph is Mark Lane in the City. but in 1861 he had Southwark, St Saviour and Sarah was Mark Lane

 1841 Index There is a Joseph LANKSHEAD age 30 Wine Cooper, born outside Surrey (Mermaid Court, St George Southwark). So right sort of area, but he doesn't appear to have a wife with him. - Then we saw that Joseph was with a family named Fowler and Sarah was shown aged 2- with them. 


Jos'h (Joseph)  LANKSHEAR - head - marr - 51  1809- Dealer - Southwark, St Saviour
    (could read age as 57 ie 1804 but I think it is the top stroke of 5 flowing into the 1 )
    (original gedcom says born 1809 and parents marriage was 1808)


Deaths Sep 1868 Lankshear  Joseph  60  Bermondsey  1d 86 

then Judy found

Nunhead Cemetery
26 Sep 1868
Joseph Lankshear
Bermondsey Union
age 58 yrs

60 at death tends to confuse with Dr Joseph but 58 is clearly my uncle

SARAH FOWLER with 1841 census of her parents and Joseph 
Sarah LANKSHEAR - wife - 33 St George Southwark whoops Sarah was 41 in 1861 and born  Mdx, Mark Lane - now it is Joseph
        Mark Lane Middlesex. Looking at today's map this is off  Fenchurch Street

Sarah LANKSHEAR - wife - 41 1819 - Mdx, Mark Lane (?)
        Mark Lane Middlesex. Looking at today's map this is off  Fenchurch Street but she was clearly baptised in Southwark

1871 see SARAH FOWLER with 1871 census with mother and sister 


This family are so difficult - what happens to Sarah after 1871
GRO Sep 1841 Southwark vol 4-_85

John Thomas Lankshear born  Baptism 18 Jul 1841 John Lankshear (church mistake father is Joseph) Sarah Lankshear Saint George The Martyr Southwark - father is Wine Cooper living Mermaid Court

John LANKSHEAR 9 son scholar St George Southwark - 

Anthony in his research has Fact 1 went to Australia 1858 - Ron has not found anything to support that date or any migration if John except he appears to be there - Julie has a Bible which says 1857

But There is also 

1825 to 1832 John Lankshear in Australia

which is obviously not John b1842


Ron found this and presumably it is man who marries Rebecca

1861 John LANKSHEAR in Australia - Bail Up by Mail robbers

Sept 1861 John working in OZ

1863 John LANKSHEAR marriage to Rebecca WALTERS COOMA - Australia
1870 John Lankshear at Wagga Wagga

His death verifying he is the 1842 John5517/1927 LANKSHEAR JOHN T J JOSEPH SARAH ASHFIELD 
St George the Martyr, Southwark
28 Nov 1845
William Alfred, s. of Joseph and Sarah Lankshear, Mermaid Court, Borough, Wine Cooper
born 18 April 1844
Emma and Wm Alfred baptised on same day


William LANKSHEAR 8 son scholar St George Southwark  not at home 1861 1870 William Alfred Lankshear marriage Emma Mitchell St Saviour - also 1881 and Emma Death 1883
1845 Emma Lankshear birth Southwark daug of  Joseph and Sarah born 7 Nov 1845
Emma and Wm Alfred baptised on same day

Emma Louisa Lankshear Baptism 28 Nov 1845 Joseph Lankshear (wine cooper - Mermaid Court Borough) Sarah Lankshear Saint George The Martyr Southwark
Emma LANKSHEAR - dau - 5  St George Southwark (1861 16 - b. Surrey, St George)

Emma LANKSHEAR - dau - 16 - b. Surrey, St George

1871 see

1870 William Alfred Lankshear marriage Emma Mitchell 

Emma L Lanksheon 22 Southwark Surrey Sister general servant 


1881 Institution "Brookwood Lunatic Asylum"  Woking, Surrey, England
Birth Year <1848/9> Birthplace St Saviours, Surrey, England Age 32
Occupation Servant Marital Status U <Unmarried>

see 1845 Emma Lankshear for rest of her sad history. Dies in 1911

Sarah Ann Lankshear Baptism 16 Oct 1842 Joseph Lankshear, Sarah Lankshear Saint John Horselydown Southwark

Sarah Ann LANKSHEAR Death Mar 1844  St.Olave Vol 4-363


  Joseph LANKSHEAR 3 son  St George Southwark  (gedcom says died 1851)

Joseph Lankshear Death Dec 1851 St. Geo Southk vol 4-368

also Lankshear in Non Conformist registers

Lankshear Joseph 1851 Burial London RG4_4293

Births Mar 1851   LANKSHEAR  Harriet Jane    St Geo Southwark  4 530 


Harriet LANKSHEAR  2 months St George Southwark  (1861 8 - b. Surrey, St George)

Harriet LANKSHEAR - dau - 8 - b. Surrey, St George

Harriet LANKSHEAR searching for
     (TSL and Matilda Emily Alice and Albert not on original gedcom)  
29 Dec 1852 
Thomas Sylvester Lankshear
Father Joseph Lankshear, Cooper
 Mother Sarah Lankshear formerly Fowler
Registered 7 Feb 1853 by J. Lankshear, father, 4 Tennis Place, Southwark
Death 1853 1st
quarter St Geo 1d 108
also Lankshear in Non Conformist registers
Lankshear Thomas 1853 Burial London RG4_4293
1854 Matilda Charlotte Lankshear daug Joseph and Sarah 1854 family at

Tennis Place, King Street, Borough. 

Matilda LANKSHEAR - dau - 6 - b. Surrey, St George - 

1871 for 2 of the girls 
Matilda Lankshear  Age in 1871: 14  born: Bermondsey, Surrey, England 
RG10/797  Epsom  Sub Carshalton  South Metropoliton District Schools  128  23  1 

1872-1874 Matilda and Emily Lankshear in service through South Metropolitan School District

Then I cannot find them anymore - except Emily in 1901

Matilda Lankshear - searching




Emily LANKSHEAR - dau - 4  - b. Surrey, St George

strange not listed on same sheet with Matilda
Emily Lankshear 13 Bermondsey, Surrey, England Sutton Surrey  Age in 1871: 13 
RG10/797  Epsom  Sub Carshalton  South Metropoliton District Schools  127  - see Matilda

see Emily Lankshear searches - found in 1901 census but not 1881 and 1891


Emily Lankshear 72 abt 1857 15 Jan 1929 Parish/Poor Law Union: Southwark Borough: Southwark


Alice Margaret march 1859 Southwark  

Alice LANKSHEAR - dau - 2 - b. Surrey, St George

Deaths Sep 1862   (>99%)

Lankshear  Alice Margaret    Bermondsey  1d 82 

I suppose

Births Mar 1861   (>99%)

Lankshear  Albert Edwin    Bermondsey  1d 1[1_][4_]   


Albert LANKSHEAR - son - 1 or 3 months  - b. Surrey, St George

Age wrong but could be him

Deaths Jun 1869   (>99%)
Lankshear  Albert  6  Bermondsey  1d 72