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1657 marriage Robert LANCHASHEARE in Castle Cary, Somerset

as per 1686 baptism Robert LANCHASHEIRE in Castle Cary, Somerset

The only marriage I could find in Castle Cary for a Robert as father of Robert baptised 1686 was in 1657
Could it be a glitch because of the Commonwealth (Cromwell period) and then no other children baptised for Robert near to his marriage>

But there it is the only one................



All Saints (Tr) Castle Cary Somerset

My attempt at a reading

The 8th day of the month of
June 1657 Robert Lancasheare
& Maria Faid (??) Spinster
were married according to the
Act of Parliament made  (and from here I fall apart)
concownoing the same  in the parish of sat
moho named and have sonfo
Finth Gibson Rc (Rector?)

 Now one from an expert friend

md. [married] The 8th daie of this moneth of
June: 1657. Robert Lancasheare &
Maria  _aie ([Waie?] spinster were married
according to the Act of Parlime't [Parliment = Parliament]
made concerning the same
in the p'sence [presence] of we whose
names are heare unto Subscribed
P* [Paull?}
Gibson Re [rector]
If you look at the upper case P in Parliament, it matches well with the first letter of the first name subscribed, albeit the connecting stroke of the second part of the letter doesn't show in the photocopy. After that there are 2 letters then a lower case l repeated and possibly 2 more letters. The 2 letters after capital P could be in or ni (the latter would not make sense in English, after capital P), but there is a suggestion of faint marks on the left of the possible i, which suggest it could be au, rather than in. For this reason, I suggest Paull (Latin Paulus) as the name. That shows my limited imagination, so postulate other names to fit and your guess is as good as mine. If you know the parish in which the marriage took place, check around there for a mayor or magistrate surnamed Gibson and he's likely to be the official before whom they were married. Lists of mayors and magistrated are usually published in County histories, and genuki has links to some.

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