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Mary Ann RUSSELL and parents and family

from ROBBINS - re 1857 Christopher ROBBINS marriage to Mary Ann RUSSELL

Clear from Mary Ann Robbins that she was born in Northampton around 1836

Marriage shows her father was George and they lived at 2 Dover St - see 1861 census below


Looking for George

FHL fiche 6128176, 2 of 6, #763, chr 20 JUL 1818, George s/o John and Mary

RUSSELL of Horse Market a brewer

Note  Northampton includes * All Saints * St Giles * St Peter * St Sepulchre

full district

for George's mother see ELSTON or ELLSTONE - Northampton per Mary Ellstone marriage John RUSSELL 1815

see 1836 Elizabeth PENN married George RUSSELL


RUSSELL in 1841 census

Looking for Deaths 

This age really fits her per census ages
Deaths Mar 1886 Russell Elizabeth 70 1815/6 Islington 1b 214 

same quarter but seems too old
Deaths Mar 1886 Russell George 77  1809 Islington 1b 298

well for sure Elizabeth would be 70 in 1886 perhaps George undercut his age to same as Elizabeth in census.

He was baptised 1818 but his parents did marry 1804 but his brother John was baptised 1811 and sister 1814

whereas this sounds good

Deaths Dec 1895  Russell George 77 - 1818 Islington 1b 142

but where is he in 1891

I suppose this age also seems right but where is she in 1891

Deaths Dec 1893 Russell Elizabeth 79 1814 Islington 1b 203

Deaths John Russell 1852 Sep Northampton  3b 33 

Burial Mary RUSSELL 34 INFIRMARY 23 Jun 1821 Northampton St. Sepulchre C of E ST GILES


Person 1851 George Russell and family 7 Cornelia Terrace 1861 George Russell and family at at 2 Dover St 1871 George Russell and family at 8 Ellenboro Rd Islington 1881 George Russell and family at 62 Kingsdown Rd  



Baptised 20 Jul 1818

All Saints, Northampton

George Russell abt 1815 Hackleton, Northamptonshire Head 

Shoe maker also shoe maker on Mary Ann's marriage

Charles Russell abt 1816 Northamptonshire,  Head

Now he is Charles and a Marine Store Dealer. 

Could the enumerator have muddled the return and started a record for a Charles and then jumped to George. 

Or was George actually a Dealer - 1871 he is a labourer and then back to shoemaker in 1881

George Russell abt 1816 Brafield, Northamptonshire,  Head

Shows as Lab - not understood as he was a shoe maker


George RUSSELL Head M Male 65 Northampton,  Shoemaker 




Elizabeth PENN

1836 Elizabeth PENN married George RUSSELL

Elizabeth Russell abt 1815 N Wife  Elizabeth Russell abt 1816 Northamptonshire,  Wife Elizabeth Russell abt 1816 Harlestone, Northamptonshire,  Wife Elizabeth RUSSELL Wife M Female 65 Northampton,    


Mary Ann in census could be born 1832-1838 and likely 1835 but parents married 1836 Mary Ann Russell abt 1837 Northamptonshire Daughter  1857 Christopher ROBBINS marriage to Mary Ann RUSSELL ROBBINS - my maternal grandmother's family  




Birth for Lucy it seems but nothing for Eliza! Eliza Russell 7 abt 1844 Northamptonshire Daughter  Elizabeth Russell 19 abt 1842 All Saints, Northamptonshire,  Daughter Elizabeth RUSSELL

is a working page for possible marriages etc





Births Jun 1846 RUSSELL Lucy Northampton 15 313

Certificates obtained

6 April 1846 Woolmonger St All Saints Northampton

George a shoemaker

Mother Elizabeth formerly Penn signed with X

Lucy Russell 5 abt 1846 Northamptonshire Daughter 



Eliza Russell 17 abt 1844 All Saints, Northamptonshire,  Daughter

Just Lucy on BC

Seems confusion over first daughter whether Eliza or Elizabeth 

Lucy Russell abt 1847 All Saints, Northamptonshire,  Daughter Lucy RUSSELL b1846 marriage to John George MEEK 1873  


George Russell George Russell abt 1850 Barnsbury, Middlesex Son  George Russell abt 1850 Islington, Middlesex,  Son George Russell abt 1851 Islington, London,  Son Looking for George RUSSELL b1850 after 1871  


Births Mar 1852  RUSSELL A Harriet Islington 1b 177 Harriet Russell abt 1852 Islington, Middlesex,  Daughter Nothing clear in 1871 for Harriett as she is also at home in 1881 perhaps missed when enumerator started new page Harriet RUSSELL Daur U Female 27 1854 Islington Stay Maker 


1882 Harriet RUSSELL marriage to Fred BRYETT



Births Mar 1855  Russell John James Islington 1b 199 John J Russell abt 1855 Islington, Middlesex,  Son John Russell abt 1855 Islington, London,  Son Looking for John James RUSSELL b1855 after 1871  



Births Mar 1859  RUSSELL William Charles Islington 1b 193 William C Russell abt 1859 Islington, Middlesex,  Son William Russell 13 abt 1858 Islington, London,  Son Looking for William Charles RUSSELL b1859 after 1871  




Thomas Whitham abt 1811 North Hackleton Visitor 

Thomas Whitham abt 1842 London Son 






Frank BRYETT Boarder U Male 24 Islington Painter

1882 Harriet RUSSELL marriage to Fred BRYETT


Sarah BAKER Lodger W Female 29 Shoreditch Dressmaker
C.E. BAKER Daur Female 7 Shoreditch
Edward BAKER Son Male 3 Islington
S.T. BAKER Daur Female 4 m Islington 





1851 George's brother at All Saints Northamptonshire 

John Russell abt 1811 Northamptonshire Lodger Northampton 
Eliza Title abt 1840 Wiltshire Daughter Northampton 
Elizabeth Title abt 1811 Wiltshire Wife Northampton 
George Title abt 1836 Wiltshire Son Northampton 
John Title abt 1815 Irckeston, Northamptonshire Head Northampton 
Joseph Title abt 1845 Wootton Son Northampton 

1861 possible Weekley Northamptonshire 
well 1811 and no other 1811 in 1851
Ellen Russell abt 1860 Weekley, Northamptonshire Daughter 
Emma Russell abt 1853 Weekley, Northamptonshire Daughter 
John Russell abt 1811 Weekley, Northamptonshire Head 
Mary A Russell abt 1855 Weekley, Northamptonshire Daughter 
Rebecca Russell abt 1850 Weekley, Northamptonshire Daughter 
Susanna Russell abt 1827 Weekley, Northamptonshire Wife