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KING - per Jane KING to EAGLE marriage to Lankshear

William KING - searching for birth and marriage to Ann Stevens

King Family

2/2011 I've re-checked baptism on LMA at Ancestry - some where wrong (Ann 1826) and others I did not have before

But still some of the kids no record of baptism strange  

1841 William King and family 1851 KING family - Ann now Widow 1861 etc

Goldsmith or Jeweller - cannot find him in directories - the WK there do not appear to be him (decidely not the Wm King at 18 Bridgewater Sq)

Dec 2008 found by John Drewell (London list)

1846 London Directory: William King (goldsmith and jeweller) 34 Park Street, Camden Town

so he operated from home


William 40 - 1800 Goldsmith not born county (London)


Found August 2005 but alas William is deceased -

Ann a widow .... well I think it looks like Wid

Too many deaths in St Pancras for Wm KING - wait for DoVe index

William KING - in directories

King in 1822 directory seecopy

Ann Stevens



Ann 35 1805

Ann 35 Rounding rule implies 1801-1806 so 45-49 in 1851 if 47 in 1851 well then 1803/04

Ann Frances from marriage 

47 Surrey ChristChurch presumably Southwark ..... Occupation 

Clear Starcher ?????????

DINSEY - 1852 marriage of Ann King (Stevens) to Fred Disney


Ann Frances King 21 Jul 1826 William King,
Ann King Lambeth St Mary

I had some others from IGI but register shows father as Goldsmith for this Ann - and in 1851 she is Ann F Horner

and they live at St Andrews Holborn

Ann 14 1826

see Stevens - married to KING in EAGLE line

HORNER - marriage of William to Ann KING plus "possible" for Ann birth  Cannot find  Wm or Ann after 1851
Rosina Mary King - IGI  Christening: 27 APR 1828 St Marys, Lambeth, Surrey, Father: William King Family Mother: Ann King


Rosina 13 1827/8 see HORNER - Rosina is visiting newly married sister Ann see Grimmett per marriage to David by Rosina King sister of Jane who maried John Eagle
Lydia 1829/30

Lydia Ann King  Christening: 19 MAR 1830 St Mary'S, Lambeth, Surrey,  Father: William King Family Mother: Ann King


Lydia 11  not at home 
Lydia Ann King  abt 1830  Lambeth, Surrey, England Servant  Hampstead  Middlesex  

working for the Bakewell's 

Lydia King 1859 marriage to Charles Dixon in Australia

Matilda Susannah King

 17 Mar 1833

(born 26 Jan 1832)

William King,
Ann King

St Pancras Camden



Matilda 9 1831/32 age 19 Surrey Lambeth  Occupation Lace Mender 

Opinions were Seam or chair (note needed to be lower case whereas other occupations start with capital letter. 1881 she is a Lace Mender which presumably is linked to Ann's Clear Starcher 

HARDING Family re 1855 marriage

Note  1861 Matilda is at 34 , Park Street,  Pancras - yes King 1851 family 

And Fred Dinsey after Ann's death does live with Matilda






William 7 1833/34  Willm 17 Book Seller Middx St Pancras  1861 census William KING - research so far now the Son born 1833 
Also see original for possible 1871

1881 possible William King (junior) born 1833/34 in London Middx



Thomas 5 1835/36 Thos 15 scholar Middx St Pancras 1881 possible Thomas King's born 1835/36

Most likely one in 1861 is 

Thomas King  abt 1833  St Pancras, Middlesex, England Lodger  Colchester St James  Essex  




John 4 1836/37 John 14  not at home Looked for him in 1851 nothing obvious - several deaths for John King 1837 onwards in St Pancras - I hopefully DOVE will give ages

1881 possible John King's born 1836/37 - note John was not at home in 1851 



Jane 8 months 1840

Jane Eagle (formerly KING) birth Jane born 1840 1b James St Camden Town 

(Ron's great grand mother)

Jane 10 scholar  Middx St Pancras John EAGLE (c1832-1904) and Jane KING (1840-1902 who married in 1861
Susannah no clear birth c1842/3 on BMD so perhaps 1841 girl but too close to Jane's birth found 1851


Susannah 8 1843 scholar  Middx St Pancras but I think she is 9  1861 Possibles

Susan King abt 1843 Hackney, Middlesex, England Servant Hackney 

Susana King abt 1841 London, Middlesex, England Visitor Birkenhead Cheshire 

Susanna King abt 1847 Marylebone, Middlesex, England Apprentice St Marylebone 

Samuel  King

Births Sep 1842   St Pancras  1 284 






DINSEY - 1852 marriage of Ann King (Stevens) to Fred Disney

Samuel is with Ann and Fred in 1861

Saml King 18 abt 1843 St Pancras, Middlesex Stepson

and see 1861 John EAGLE marriage to Jane KING - Samuel is a witness

Samuel King search



found 1851 Louisa McMurdie Niece 19 Milliner Surrey Lambeth


McMurdie or MacMurdie Family

This provided the evidence to Ann's sister Martha and their parents



found 1851 Fredk W?i/entay? Visitor, U, 34, SchoolMaster, born Middx Marylebone

Wose... Wosebery? Wosetery?

Ancestry has Fredk Wentay and people agree that WENTAY looks correct except only time that surname is known

of course I now know he is 

DINSEY - 1852 marriage of Ann King (Stevens) to Fred Disney