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David William EAGLE (1866-1929) who married Elizabeth Robbins. in 1885

David William EAGLE their son  

my Uncle who was in Royal Navy -

David W Eagle - Star, Victory Medal, British War Medal 1914-1920 Europe World War I J 12374

copy Royal Navy of Uncle Dave


Marriages Jun 1915 Eagle David W to Brooks Louie Southwark 1d 324
Death Mary L Eagle Mar 1928 Age at Death: 40 Hammersmith Volume: 1a 344
perhaps Birth Mary Louisa Brooks 1886 Jan-Feb-Mar West Ham 4a 170

1927Electoral register only one with first wife
I did not find a previous marriage for MLBrooks and no Eagle children with mother a Brooks



1890so on basis she was single this could be her baptism but the Marriage cert would confirm perhaps when price comes down




Marriages Jun 1928  Eagle David W to Farthing Florence M Fulham 1a 846


and this is electoral register together








And c1928 an absolute typical Uncle Dave car
up top is Doug ... Flo's son
Dave Daisy and Flo
Grandma. Eileen and Arthur
and WHO the mysteries of old photos