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Cathnor Road - Shepherds Bush 

my Mum's sister Aunt Tory and Uncle Bill ASHLEY lived at number 55 and an
important date to me was  20/21 Feb 1944  - the night Westville school was destroyed

1944 Westville School

We were at Aunt's that night in the basement when there was a German air raid to destroy St Paul's school at which D-Day was being planned. All the windows were blown in and we were told to leave. All of us left to go our flat at Emlyn Gardens. Some 20 minutes away.
We had to walk back past the school which was blazing. 

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You can walk the route on the map - north up Cathnor - Goodwin - Batson - Haydn Park - across Askew Rd and then along Cobbold Road.

Half way down we went into  the shelters in Wendell Park and then the All Clear again so we continued to our flat at Emlyn
Gardens and were told not to go in front room as an unexploded bomb in the middle courtyard.
What a night. surprising what you can recall from age 6 - must have been trauma.