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ASHLEY - William and Victoria (Eagle) - Bill and Tory

see David William Eagle Family Overview

My Aunt and Uncle - great parties we used to have at their place 

and see Cathnor Road and the night the Bombs fell



Marriages Dec 1925 Hammersmith 1a 575 Ashley William H to Eagle Victoria M

Joyce Births Jun 1926 Ashley May J mother Eagle Hammersmith 1a 267
Joan Births Jun 1928 Ashley Eileen J mother Eagle Hammersmith 1a 250
May Births Sep 1929 Ashley Victoria M mother Eagle Hammersmith 1a 263
Billie Births Sep 1930 Ashley William W mother Eagle Hammersmith 1a 282

May J Ashley to Desmond W Parker Jan-Feb-Mar 1952 Hammersmith 5c 1966
Eileen J Ashley to George I March Jan-Feb-Mar 1955 HammersmithLondon5c1774
Victoria M Ashley to Frederick H T Howard Oct-Nov-Dec 1957 HammersmithLondon5c1298
William W Ashley to Dorothy H E Hudson Jan-Feb-Mar 1957 Surrey Northern


Death : 5/84 VICTORIA MAY ASHLEY Age: 83 Birth Date: 16 JAN 1901 District: Fulham Greater London 12 

Death : 6/88 WILLIAM JAMES ASHLEY Age: 76 Birth Date: 26 JUL 1911 District: Fulham Greater London 12 

1911 census for Uncle Bill's family

RG14; Piece: 00211.

6 Melina Road, Shepherds Bush, W12 it runs off of Cathnor Rd

North Hammersmith

William Ashley 40
Ellen Ashley 34
Nellie Ashley 12
Walter Ashley 10
Emily Ashley 9
Charles Ashley 7
William Ashley 4
George Ashley 1