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1829 John EAGLE marriage to Eliza GOWAN

LDS John Eagle to Eliza Gowans 06 Sep 1829 Glasgow,Lanark,Scotland

information as supplied by Eileen

John - married Eliza Gowan in Glasgow 1829 they had twins Mary & Jane, born Cannongate, Edinburgh in 1848, at the age of 3 they were orphans and living in Glasgow, on Jane' s death certificate he was an Army Officer, Mary's marriage cert. says he was a Hair Comb Maker.

Following email 1/2008 from Harry Jack


John Eagle who to me has always been a bit of a mystery man, though I guessed he was related to William, the artist, and Peter Eagle of the "bird shop" in Edinburgh.

John Eagle died in Glasgow on 31/3/1860, widower aged 53 according to his death cert, so presumably born c1806/7; his father is given as William Eagle (dec'd), his mother as Ann Eagle, nee Brand.

The suggestion that he had been an army officer, as stated on his daughter's death certificate in 1922, was I suspect, a bit of invention by her grandson (then aged 17) who reported her death.  On the marriage certificates of two of his daughters he is recorded as a (hair) comb maker and on another he is given as a "bird stuffer" but at the birth of another daughter in 1856 he gives himself as a comb maker and signed with "X - his mark".  Seems unlikely to have been an army officer! 

As to his marriage to Eliza Gowan in 1829 I am a bit perplexed.  His daughter Jane(t) Eagle (my great grandma) gave her mother as Janet Gowans (dec'd) in 1867 on her marriage cert.  Another daughter Mary Eagle gave her mother as Mary Stewart (dec'd) in 1868.  Yet these two are said to have been twins; my grandmother (Jane's daughter-in-law) told me this in 1950, and until I saw the same story on your website I'd written it off as just another legend. 

John Eagle's third (so far as I know) daughter, Agnes Eagle, was born 17/7/1856. Her mother is given as Eliz Eagle nee Frew.  So either he had at least three wives, or there were some mistakes on the 1867/8 certificates, which wouldn't surprise me - John's daughters Jane and Mary both also signed with "X". 

Some comment from Eileen

Jane & Mary were born on the 27 June 1847. their mother Eliza possibly
died in childbirth.
In the 1851 census they were living in Glasgow with their grandmother,
I believe the discrepancies in mothers is because they never knew her.
Mary's descendant's are alive and well in Australia and have a lot of
information about the twins, and some about  the Jack family.

Searches by Ron

1851 census 55 New Street a Lodger with others with the Kelly's

John Eagle 44 Comb Maker
Catharine Kelly 39
John Kelly 40 Head from Ireland
Peter Kelly 6
James McDaugall 17
Ann McKenzie 34
Margaret Murray 26

1851 The girls and this the kind of census I dream about - the grandmother and her sister

Jane (Janet) Eagle abt 1848 Edinburgh, Midlothian Great Grandchild (Grandchild) 
Mary Eagle abt 1848 Edinburgh, Midlothian Great Grandchild (Grandchild)

Charlotte Daney (actually Drury born in Kelso Selkirk)  abt 1787 Kildon, Selkirkshire Head Table Sott Prepaver (Table Salt preparer at nearby salt works)
Mary Wilson abt 1789 Cupar-Fife, Fifeshire Sister     Table Sott Prepaver (Table Salt preparer at nearby salt works)
Parish: Glasgow St Andrew; ED: 18; Line: 19; parish.644/1 
Glasgow St Andrew Lanarkshire 28 St Andrew Street

Above reading supplied by Harry Jack 

LDS FamilySearch has
Agnes Eagle 07 Jul 1856 BRIDGETON,GLASGOW,LANARK,SCOTLAND John Eagle Elizabeth Frew

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