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Mary EAGLE c1825 to 1915 daughter to William Eagle and Elizabeth Sinclair

email 2012 Avis and John contacted me about Mary Eagle an ancestor of Avis
and said Mary was daughter of William the artist.

I had seen Mary age 15 on 1841 census on Glasgow with Wm
and brother John and their two wives both Elizabeth
and concluded Mary was the sister of Wm born 1822
who married John Brand in 1844.

Facts provided by Avis and John show the Mary in 1841
is a daughter of William EAGLE and Elizabeth Sinclair

Now where is his sister Mary in 1841 .................

If you are connected to the family please contact us as opposite
We have not yet found a baptism for Mary - check my analysis of birth year and place




1850 First Marriage of Mary


Mary Eagle to John Coles
Marriage 11 Dec 1850 Lewisham St Mary
Fathers: William Eagle artist &  George Coles gardener
Witness William Eagle and Elizabeth Mills (her mark)
Mary also signed with her mark
Both living at Blackhearh


1826 Birth John Coles per 1841 England census

1851 Immigration to Australia Passenger list €“ Mary Bannatyne 95% certainty - 2 weeks after marriage

1852 Armidale, NSW Birth of Sarah Coles Aus birth index # V18521509 51/1852 - Sarah name of a sister

1854 Death of John Coles per NZ Marriage cert Mary & Sigwart


Note: Australian BDM certificates usually have more data than English certificates. Aust intend to show a mother's children and if alive etc.

1855 Gosford, NSW Birth €“ Isabella E Coles Aus birth index # V18551416 42A - Isabella name of a sister

Mary links up with a Norwegian named Sigvart Christian Harris who remains her partner for over 50 years


Living at Blue Gum Flats Gosford NSW
1856 - 15 Sep Gosford, NSW Birth Harriet M Harris Aus birth index # 4590
and Mary 39 born Temple Bar London


1859 Birth Maria A Harris Aus birth index # 5475 Deceased Re John's 1865 birth certificate

1861 Birth Henry W Harris Aus birth index # 6815

1862 Birth Female Harris Aus birth index # 9988 Deceased Re John's 1865 birth certificate


































They move away from Gosford and head of to Woods Point in Victoria before their departure for NZ in 1867.

1865 18 Aug - Woods Point, Victoria Birth €“ John E Harris Aus birth record index - Mary 27 but says Ireland (?) and Christian 42





Born Ireland let's ignore that perhaps they muddled entries. Cert says she was informant but perhaps they got the people muddled up when asking place born and age. Most of mothers on that page are from Ireland





























































1867 Immigration NZSG CD €œVictoria Outwards to NZ€

21 August 1884 Hokitika Marriage Marriage certificate - OriginalononPConly


Sigvart Christian Harris was 51 and Mary 50 and Mary is a widow from 1854 and she says mother was Elizabeth Gillies
whereas we know Elizabeth Sinclair daughter of THOMAS SINCLAR and MARY GILLIES the Scottish custom was
women to keep their original surnames and it looks like Mary saw her mother as more Gillies than Sinclair......

1908 Hokitika Death €“ Christian Death certificate

1915 - 14 Sep Hokitika Death €“ Mary Death certificate - age 90 - 5 living children - father William Eagle Oil Painter - informant did not know her mother's details - born Strand London





Mary's Year and Place Born per certificates etc

What gives with the Eagle family her brother John my great grand father was an absolute up and down in age across census.

1841 census in Scotland - Mary was born England and age 15 - presumably rounded so could be aged to 19. Brother Wm also age 15 found baptised in London in 1825. Mary shown after him on census and no sign of her in London LMA baptisms. Perhaps then baptised in church not on internet. And born 1826 but still might be older than brother up to 19 so born 1821 to 1826

1841 England age 15 1850 full age living Blackheath

Sep 1856 Mary 39 so 1816/17 (??)  born Temple Bar London. My guess is that Christian was 31 and clerk continued as 39 for Mary but she was more likely 29 ie 1826/27

Aug 1865 Mary 27 so 1837/38 so would be only 3 in 1841 not 15-19. Aug 1884 London age 50 so 1833/34. More guess work as 15-19 in 1841 and 90 in 1915 I think those are reliable ages so 60 in 1884 sounds more likely ie 1823/24

Sep 1915 age 90 so 1824/25

I think 1824 is a likely for Mary's birth

Like John who also said born Strand both of them might have been baptised at The Temple Church, London or even St Clement Danes, Middlesex. Sadly these churches are not on LDS IGI or Ancestry LMA